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Medical Instruments

BEALES Raspatory

BEALES Raspatory(S.Steel & Titanium) 324

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Forceps Surgical Instruments

An important instrument required in all the surgeries for grasping, manipulating or extracting by the surgeon. We provide forceps made with good quality titanium that can be equipped for various medical procedures. Forceps, an important tool to be used in health care profession are available in different sizes for different usage. At Medelec we provide a variety of high quality forceps, be it a forceps tying straight with platform or a forceps tying curved with platform. The wide variety of forceps provided by our company further includes

  • Forceps tying straight Castroviejo with platform

  • Forceps tying straight Kirby model with platform

  • Forceps tying curved with platform, Castroviejo

  • Forceps tying curved Kirby model with platform

  • Forceps tying colibri with platform

  • Forceps Mcpherson angled 10 mm, with platform

  • Forceps Mcpherson angled 12 mm, Castroviejo with platform

  • Forceps Mcpherson angled 12 mm with platform

  • Forceps capsulorhexis straight

  • Utrata forceps capsulorhexis Castroviejo

Forcepstyingstraightwithplatform, overalllength87mm

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Speculum Surgical Instruments


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Folders Surgical Instruments

We manufacture high quality inserter that can be applied for surgical operations in hospitals and other medical centers. We have got skilled designers who design different variations of inserters to make it easy for medical practitioners to conduct the surgery. The inserters we provide includes Phaco silicon soft lens inserter overall length 108 mm, Phaco silicon soft lens inserter with lock overall length 115 mm, Phaco acrylic lens folder Phaco acrylic lens inserter overall length 108 mm, inserter for folding and holding the shaft IOLS for insertion overall length 100 mm etc.

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Inserter Surgical Instruments


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Prechopper Surgical Instruments

Medelec offers the wide array of pre choppers that can be applied for various medical procedures in hospitals and other healthcare centers. We provide explicit models of Prechopper to meet the surgical requirements of the medical practitioners. Our high quality surgical instruments including titanium Prechopper provide optimum functionality and smooth finish. Pre-chopper angled round handle, Pre-chopper curved round handle, Akakoshi Pre-chopper for cracking the soft or hard nucleus are the high end Pre choppers provide at our company.

Pre-Chopper, AngledRoundHandleoveralllength121mmMP-54

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Repositor Surgical Instruments

We manufacture wide variety of repository required for surgeries and other medical procedures. We provide perfectly shaped surgical instruments that can be easily utilized and renders the best performance such as Repositor single ended malleable overall length 123 mm and Medelec Repositor curved/angled, double ended. The tools we develop are all made up of high quality raw material that can be used for long time without any failure.

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Spatula Surgical Instruments

We develop apex quality surgical tools including titanium spatula that helps in strapping, transferring and applying chemicals in medical procedures. We offer wide range of spatula providing a great way to make it for the medical treatments. We provide flexible design and highly supportiveSpatula Surgical Instrumentswhich is important for the smooth conduct of medical treatments in hospitals and health clinics. Spatula single ended overall length 123 mm and Sinsky hook extra fine single ended overall length 123 mm are the high quality above mentioned surgical instrument we provide.


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Manipulators Surgical Instruments

Medelec deals in latest designs and high quality surgical instruments including manipulators for the easy conduct of any medical treatments. The manipulators we manufacture are all of great standard along with smooth finish that suits even the complex issues. We have got experienced designers to design all the surgical instruments that are accurate and highly functional. No hole IOL manipulator overall length 115 mm, IOL manipulator Ball ended overall length 115 mm are the Manipulators offered by our company.

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Chopper Surgical Instruments

We provide quality chopper that are used by many surgeons and hospitals for various surgical purposes. These choppers are made up of high grade titanium that makes it usable for all. The products we manufacture are all tested for medical usage and are all standardized to use for surgical operations. Some of the great quality choppers we provide are named as Phaco chop sharp 1mm chopping edge single ended, Phaco chop cum Y rotator double ended, Phaco chop blunt 1mm chopping edge single ended, Phaco chop sum spatula double ended etc.

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Irrigating Chopper And Y Rotator

The great expertise of our team enables us to offer you reliable surgical instruments such as irrigating chopper / Y rotator. We provide high quality irrigating chopper made up titanium, making it last longer and perform brilliantly. It provides great comfort to the medical practitioners while assisting them in surgeries. At Medelec you will get the wide variety of choppers and rotators that are utilized for various different purposes.


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Bimanual Surgical Instruments

A two handed crosscut saw used in combination while performing surgeries in human body. Bimanual is a clinical tool which is used with two hands simultaneously in order to perfectly go through the surgical procedures. We offer precisely manufactured surgical instruments to assist in best way to all the surgeons. Bi-manual irrigating hand piece with S.S. 21G 2 irrigating ports and Bi-manual aspiration hand piece S.S. 21G with 0.3mm aspiration port are the species of surgical bimanual we manufacture.


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Retractor Surgical Instruments

Retractor is a surgical instrument used by a medical practitioner at hospitals to separate the edges of wound and to hold back particular organs and tissues in order to access the body parts under incision. We provide high quality titanium retractors that can be successfully adaptable in surgical environment and perform great with accuracy. Desmerres retractor, lid retractor, solid blade small/ medium/ large overall length 140 mm, Catpow retractor etc are some of the best quality retractors we offer.

DesmarresRectractorLidRetractor, soildbladeSmall/Med/Largeoveralllength140mmMR-294

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PVA Instrument WipeMD-33

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Arnold Guarded Speculum

The Blades Of The Speculum Are Guarded To Seclude 90% Of The Lid Margin And Are Smoothly Finished To Allow Relatively Easy Insertion For Greater Patient Comfort. The Blades Are Nom-Reflective And The Screw Mechanism Prevents Lid Squeezing When Opened To The Full Potential Of The Patients Palpebral Fissure.

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Overall Length: 110mm, Tip Length: 16mm. Unique Design Allows For Excellent Apposition To The Inner-Dome Curvature Of The Recipient Cornea, Allowing For Uniform Detachment Of The Host DM Without Damage To The Corneal Stroma. Curvilinear Design Is Effective In Reaching The DM Over All Inner Curvatures Of The Recipient Cornea. Round Handle Permits Rotational Movement Along The Long Axis Of The Instrument.

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MI - 678 Masket Capsulorhexis Forceps

  • Country of Origin India
  • Type Capsulorhexis Forceps
  • Material Stainless Steel
  • Application Surgical Use
  • Color Metallic
  • Feature Disposable
  • Finishing Polished

Masket Capsulorhexis Forceps Very Delicate Tip, Gently Curved Overall Size 104mm

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MI-612 Jayles Fixation Cum Corneal Forceps 1x2 Teeth

  • Country of Origin India

Jayles Fixation Cum Corneal Forceps 1x2 Teeth with 6mm Tying Platform Overall Size 110mm

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Otology Instruments

We manufacture Otology Instruments in various shapes and sizes. They are integrated to the highest level of quality standards in order to impart them with high level of functioning properties. We are one of the preeminent surgical otology instruments exporters and suppliers from India. Otology surgical instruments manufactured by us include micro aural scissor, house dieter malleus, Teflon holding forceps, etc. These otology instruments manufactured by us are reliable to carry various otology surgical functions. We supply these equipments within the stipulated time period.

Micro Aural Scissor

  • 180 Final Straight
  • 183 Left Curved
  • 186 Right Curved
  • 189 Micro Upward
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Blacksley Nasal Forceps

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