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Smoking Accessories

We are leaders in the market for providing best range of wood hand pipe, Ceramic Hookah, Metal Smoking Pipe, Oil Percolator and Wooden Dug Out Pipe

wood hand pipe

Wood is available in many different sorts. Hardwood is perfectly suited to make a good pipe. Softer wood varieties are only used in stems .  The advantage of wood is that it is not too fragile. For smoking with style, use one of these wooden pipes. They stand for a new hype in the world of smokers.  

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Ceramic Hookah

This CNC machined, lightly textured metal 4-part grinder from Black Leaf has sharp, diamond-shaped shredding teeth to gnash through your bud, plus a pollen screen and kief catcher to filter and collect pollen dust that can be gathered for re-use.   

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Metal Smoking Pipe

The  Sneakavape portable vaporizer  is unlike any other vaporizer that is available on the market today. Sneak A Vape is built to be compact and portable so you can enjoy the best vaporizing experience anywhere you like  

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Oil Percolator

  This colourful scientific glass bubbler from Black Leaf's Oil series features a colored glass silted 8-arm tree perk and hollow base to filter and cool smoke.  

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Wooden Dug Out Pipe

A dugout system aka One Hitter system, is a very small portable smoking instrument at the size of a flat lighter. In this section you find a broad selection of beautifully decorated dug out systems.  

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hand pipe

Pop the cork! Here's a unique way to present champagne, or ice. This bucket looks like a crumpled plastic cup but with a difference. Put it in the freezer and it holds a cold temperature unlike most champagne buckets.  

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Acrylic Hand Pipe

The unique designs impart pleasing and perfectly brilliant look to the acrylic Hand pipe. These pipes are beautifully designed in slender shape blending traditional art with latest styles that attract the buyers. These pipes are perfect combination of design and functionality.

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acrylic hookah

Certainly a one stop junction of the largest range of smoking pipes and smoking accessories made of high quality ceramic, colour chan t is a reverse hookhah made of fine quality acrylic tube. This artistically handbloum hookah ensure great pleasured of smoking & available in various shapes and sizes. ging glass, acrylic, wood, stone and metal- all at fabulous prices. 

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Acrylic Bong

The bongs made of acrylic are used for smoking favorite blend. This is mostly used for smoking herb and not . Using acrylic bong one gets pure herbal ingredients directly into lungs creating a wonderful feeling. The water in the bong filters toxins from the herbs.   Offering the classic Acrylic handblown bongs. This is heavy wall cast acrylic tube which is air blown , finely handpainted and ensures old smoking flavor with its modified design. It is certainly a must have for any stockist of smoking . Available in 40, 45, 50and60 cm height.  Sizes:  5X30CM

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Color Glass Hand Pipe

Certainly a one stop junction of the largest range of smoking pipes and smoking accessories made of high quality ceramic, color changing glass, acrylic, wood, stone and metal- all at faboulous prices. 

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Colour Glass Water Pipes

Made of thick colored glass these are artistically hand blown with art on top. The heavy wall water pipe with lots of marbles around its neck, is often fumed with pure silver and worked with shapes in the middle.

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Brass Ash Tray

Available in a multitude of shapes like round, oval, square etc. Ash trays are highly useful smoking accessories made of variety of mediums like Brass, ceramic etc.The brass ash tray in antique and matt finish look remarkable. his is a set of large collection of ash trays made of brass, ceramic, glass etc., Easy to clean and carry, these ash trays are surely an elegant addition in our smoking range.  

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Smoking Bubbler, a smoking pipe gives out a particular sound that is very much like traditional Indian Hookah. Smoking Bubblers are made of heavy wall borosilicate glass tube and often fumed with pure silver or gold. Few smoking bubblers are provided with glass stem that goes deep into the bulb filled of water to give out a peculiar sound

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Acrylic Waterpipe

  Acrylic Waterpipe Size:  Pipe diameter : 4cm          Height : 30cm Description:  This is high quality acrylic water pipe for great smoking pleasure . Our acrylic smoking pipes & bongs are made of thick acrylic / plastic tube & hand polished for high gloss & luster

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Hand Painted Ceramic Water Bong

This hand-painted ceramic water bong is glazed with multi colors and handpainted leaf, comes with an easily accessible carb on its front.  

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Rasta Color Ceramic Water Bong

This Rasta color ceramic water bong features a grip handle and thumb carb that gives you a smooth puff filtered through water. Colors and designs may vary.  

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Vibrant Ceramic Water Bong

Finely hand-painted and glazed with vibrant colors, this ceramic water bong, with its handpainted leaf, ensures quality smoke with its readily approachable carb.  

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Ceramic Bongs

Made of high quality Ceramic, this Happy Face water pipe is a perfect choice of millions of smokers, for its unique shape and design.  

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Smiley Ceramic Bong

This smiley ceramic bong is offered in a lovely shade of Smiley Yellow. It is light- weighted and easily portable.  

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Ultimate Smoking Pipe

Name:  Ultimate Smoking Pipe Description This anodised smoking pipe is exclusively designed for an ultimate experience that is ceraintly the first choice of the hard smoker. Easily detachable for cleaning purpose.

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Nickle And Chrome Handpipes

Name:  Nickle And Chrome Handpipes Description A style that is so exclusive, so artistic, this anodised pipe comes with brass accessories and can be easily assembled and cleaned. This pipe is also available in nickle and chrome finishes. Colors may vary slighly.

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Hand painted Hookah Pipe

This highly decorative traditional Indian hookah is made of pure brass and is hand painted using green color. The extensive zari gota work adds to the beauty and elegance. Also available in 2, 3 and 4 hoses for community smoking.  

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Brass Hookahs

  Offering the classic brass hookah with truly olden Indian semblance. This hookah is finely hand painted and ensures same old smoking flavor with its modified design. It is certainly a must have for any stockiest of smoking .

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