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Welding Machinery

Our product range comtains a wide range of Laser Scanning System for Welding (GWM), Laser Handy Welder, Resistance Welding Related System, YAG SHG Green Laser Welder and DDL Welder

Laser Scanning System for Welding (GWM)

Newly-developed digital scanner enables high precision multi spot / seam welding at high speed! The laser scanning system for welding is equipment for realizing high-speed multi-spot / seam welding for work in a processing area by scanning a laser beam transmitted by optical fiber, providing complete control in the X-Y directions. The head unit includes five models; STD (for a fundamental-mode laser), SHG (for SHG green laser), MHP(for high power fiber laser), PFL(for pulsed fiber laser), DDL(for directed diode laser) and is compatible with various laser welders in the ML series. Features * Newly-developed digital scanner is employed. Due to digitalization, repetitive positioning precision is much improved and thermal drift is reduced. * High-speed multi-spot welding of up to 140 points/sec (pulse width: 2ms, travel distance: 1 mm) and up to 1000 spots in an area of 94 x94mm is possible. * Multiple weld schedules can be set to handle different materials or thicknesses of material used in the same work. * High-speed seam welding with a maximum repetitive speed of 5000pps or CW (continuous) oscillation is available. * One controller can control up to three scanner heads.

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Laser Handy Welder

600W FLW-600MT NEW!   400W ML-2550AM NEW!   150W - 400W ML-2450AH, ML-2550AH

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Resistance Welding Related System

Motor Fusing System   Compacting System

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YAG SHG Green Laser Welder

5W ML-8150A   5W+600W MLE-300A

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DDL Welder

120W ML-5120A NEW!

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Laser Welding system

Glovebox Laser Welding Systems manufacturing two different standard Glovebox Laser Welding systems, used in hermetic seal welding applications such as the production of titanium medical implants or the packaging of military grade electronics. The Glovebox Welding systems are similar to our CNC Laser Welding Workstations, using the same software and hardware, but with the added advantage of welding in an inert environment.Our glovebox laser welding systems are usually configured with either a three or four axis CNC controlled motion system. Depending on the accuracies required, servo motors or linear motor driven slides are used.To ensure maximum weld quality we offer special CAM software which generates complete welding programs from CAD files. The weld programs contain tack points, alignment correction routines and weld inspection.

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C16 Compacting Units

AMADA MIYACHI INDIA offers a variety of compacting units which are designed to meet the specific needs of individual applications. The following list of applications and benefits is just a general overview. For more details please consult the Technical Data Sheet which can be downloaded under "More information' or visit the Technologies section of this website. Applications + Automation + High-quality requirements + Copper strand compacting Benefits + Maximum process stability + Excellent reproducibility + Premium reliability + High grade of weld + Outstanding economic efficiency + Minimised maintenance Should you be interested in the compacting unit C 16-D, the following illustration may give you a suitable reference: For more technical specfications, product illustrations and dimensions also refering to C16, C25 and C70 please refer to the Technical Data Sheet which can be downloaded in "More Information"or visit the Technologies section of this website..

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Resistance Welding Systems

Resistance Welding Systems       + Resistance Welding System Capabilities       + Saw Blade Welding Systems       + NOVA3 Resistance Welding Workstations       + Hot Crimping Systems

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Pulsed Fiber Laser Welder

150W - 600W ML-3000 Series NEW!

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YAG Laser Welders

ML-2150A - ML-2050A ML-2051A - ML-2052A YAG Laser Welder   ML-2450A - ML-2350A - ML-2351A - ML2350 AF - ML2351AF YAG Laser Welder   ML-2550A - ML2551A - ML-2552A YAG Laser Welder   ML-2650B - ML2651B YAG Laser Welder   200W ML-2553C NEW!

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laser welding systems

NOVA1 Manual Desktop Workstation   NOVA3 Laser Welding Workstations   NOVA6 CNC Laser Welding Workstations   Glovebox Laser Welding Systems   Turnkey Solutions

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Active Welding System AWS3

  • AWS3 Servo Motorised
  • AWS3 Pneumatic
  • ISQ Series Inverter Power Supply
  • MFP-NC Series - Motor Control
  • MFP60 Low Force Weld Head
  • MFP25 High Precision Weld Head
  • MFP1 and MFP2 AWS3 Weld Heads
  • MFP1-Z and 2-Z AWS3 Weld Pincers
  • AWS3 Touchscreen Panel Weld Monitoring

We are offering active welding system

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Fiber Laser Welders

100-500W Yb Fiber Laser Welders LF Series (UNITEK)   300W Fiber Laser Welder ML-6500C (MIYACHI)   500W Fiber Laser Welder ML-6700B (MIYACHI)   1000-1200W Fiber Laser Welder ML-6810B (MIYACHI)   2000-5000W Fiber Laser Welder ML-69 B Series (MIYACHI)   1kW ML-6810C NEW!   700W ML-6811C NEW!   2kW - 5kW ML-6900 Series   40W ML-6040A

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YAG SHG Green Pulse Laser Welder

The ML-8150A SHG green pulse laser welder is specially designed to weld copper and gold. Copper and gold are materials with high reflectance so that those are known as hard-to-weld materials. Wavelength of SHG laser is 532nm which is a half of fundamental laser (1064nm) and that makes laser absorptance to copper and gold 4.5 to 20 times higher than fundamental laser. Even copper and gold does not reflect SHG laser. + SHG laser increases laser absorptancy of copper and gold! Perfect solution for welding thin copper wires with PCB, welding of bus bars and more. + For solder-less joining of semiconductor substrate SHG laser can weld copper wire directly onto a semiconductor substrate without using solder. +Welding sample Welding of 3 sheet (0.5mm each) overlap of CuSn6 has been performed at a maxium penetration of 1.25mm. Tor more details and specifications on our Green Pulse Laser Welder, download the Technical Datasheet under "More Information".

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resistance welding equipment

fiber laser welder

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