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Nitrogen & Oxygen Gas Plant

Our product range comtains a wide range of PSA Nitrogen Gas Plant, Nitrogen Membrane System, Carbon Molecular Sieves and Argon Gas Purifier

PSA Nitrogen Gas Plant

German Technology from CarboTech AC GmbH. Technology. Delivered by MVS. PSA Nitrogen Generators are the most economical and reliable way of producing high purity Nitrogen gas at your own premises and take control of your gas supply for your process. PSA Nitrogen Generators are suitable for flows from 1 nm3hr to 1500 nm3hr. Higher flows can be reached by using multiple PSA units.

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Nitrogen Membrane System

Membrane Nitrogen Generators are suitable for flows from as low as 1 nm3hr. There is no upper limit to the flow rate and we can design a system as per your flow requirement. Membranes offer a modular architecture and hence we can achieve high flows simply by adding more membranes.

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Carbon Molecular Sieves

Carbon Molecular Sieves (CMS) are used in PSA (pressure swing adsorption) Nitrogen gas generators. CMS also finds use in other separations like Hydrogen refinement from crude sources and also biogas refining.However, in this blog, we specifically referring to CMS for Nitrogen production. CMS operates at a molecular level and under pressure separates oxygen from nitrogen when fed atmospheric air. (Learn more about the PSA process in a descriptive video here)

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Argon Gas Purifier

We offer Hydrogen purification and drying systems where oxygen levels have to be reduced to 1-ppm or less. Our systems are designed to purify Hydrogen from crude Hydrogen-rich streams, Hydrogen from commercial cylinders, among others.In our hydrogen purifier, the first step is to reduce the oxygen content by making the trace oxygen react with the hydrogen, thereby converting it to water vapour. This step takes place in a de-oxo reactor. The second step is to remove the moisture from the purified hydrogen. This step takes place in our twin tower molecular sieve dryer.

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