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Catalysts and Absorbents

Our product range comtains a wide range of Phenylhydrazine Hydrochloride, Phosphotungstic Acid, Silicotungstic Acid and Phosphomolybdic Acid

Phenylhydrazine Hydrochloride

Phenylhydrazine Hydrochloride is commonly referred as Phenylhydrazinium Chloride. We are one of the largest Manufacturers, Exporters and Suppliers of Phenylhydrazine Hydrochloride in India. We have a large Client base for Phenylhydrazine Hydrochloride in the major markets of India, South Africa and Germany.   Specifications : Molecular Formula : c 6 h 5 nhnh 2 •hcl Molecular weight : 144. 61 Cas no : 59-88-1 Packing : 5 to 50 kg

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Phosphotungstic Acid

Phosphotungstic Acid has been also used to precipitate different types of dyes as "lakes", like basic dyes and triphenylmethane dyes, e.g. pararosaniline derivatives. Phosphotungstic Acid is used in histology for staining specimens, as a component of Phosphotungstic Acid Haematoxylin, PTAH, and “trichrome” reagents, and as a negative stain for imaging by a transmission electron microscope. Specifications : CAS NO. : 12501-23-4      Synonyms : Phosphotungstic acid hydrate; Dode-ca Phosphotungstic acid hydrate Molecular Formula : H 3 PO 4 .12(WO 3 ).H 2 O Molecular Weight : 2898.07 Phosphotungstic Acid Hydrate, Tungstophosphoric acid (TPA), Phosphotungstic acid (PTA, PWA) 12-Phosphotungstic acid, Dodecatungstophosphoric acid Item Code : 7 Packing : HDPE Drum Ranging from 2 kg to 25 kg Or as Customer requirement.         The homogeneous catalysis of the hydrolysis of propene to give 2-propanol The homogeneous catalysis of the Prins reaction The heterogeneous catalysis of the dehydration of 2-propanol to propene and methanol to hydrocarbons

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Silicotungstic Acid

Silicotungstic Acid AR is the most commonly encountered heteropoly acid. Silicotungstic Acid is widely used in heterogeneous catalysts, notably in the showa denko process for the manufacture of acetic acid. We are into manufacturing, exporting and supplying Silicotungstic Acid all over India. Specifications : Other name : tungstosilicic acid Molecular Formula : H4 [W 12 SIO 40 ] Molecular Weight : 2878. 2 Cas no : 12027-38-2 Packing : 1 to 10 kg

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Phosphomolybdic Acid

We are a noted Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of Phosphomolybdic Acid in India. This Phosphomolybdic Acid is also known as Molybdophosphoric acid as well as Dodecamolybdophosphoric acid. We provide this acid in the major markets of India, South Africa and Germany.   Specifications : Molecular Weight : H 3 PMo 12 O 40 Molecular Formula : 1825.25 g/mol CAS NO : 51429-74-4 Packing : HDPE DRUM 2 to 25 kg

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