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Other Products / Services

We offer the best product range of Nephcure, Diareena, B Plex, Cal Di Phos Clear, Liv Grow, Livito, Vita Plus, Hi Tone and Vitaron, Immu.

Vita Plus, Hi Tone

We are offering vita plus a and hi tone for poultry care.

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Vitaron, Immu

We are offering Vitaron, immu 100 for poultry care.

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Calmin, Crd Check

We are offering calmin and crd check for poultry care.

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Natural C, Natural E

We are offering natural c and natural e for poultry care.

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Nephcure, Diareena

We are offering nephcure, diareena.

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B Plex, Cal Di Phos Clear

We are offering b plex, cal di phos clear.

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Liv Grow, Livito

We are offering liv grow, livito.

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N Choline, Trypto Betaine

We are offering n choline and trypto betane for poultry care.

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natural zeolilite

  • For pond preparation 25-50 kg / acre
  • For water treatment 20-40 kg / acre
  • For culture period 10-25 gm / acre

Zee plus is a perfect natural zeolilite for improving pond water quality in the aqua farming. It contains aqua grade pure zeolite fortifie oxygen releasers, natural gas absorbants and plankton promoters in appropriate quantities. It is derived from natural inorganic salts of   calcium, potassium, silicon etc. with unique spongy characteristics and high binding capacity.  The undigested feed, excreta, dead and decaying organic matters sattle down at the bottom of the pond. This leads to poor pond bottom and water quality.These organic matters   release toxic gases like ammnia, sulphur dioxide, hydrogen sulphide etc. causing adverse effect on growth, health and livability. For the formation of ammonia from proteins, oxygen is consumed and thus dissolved oxygen in the pond is reduced. Methane is directly harmful to aqua species, which deteriorates the water ph and quality. It is essential to reduce the levels of these toxic substances to minimize growth depression, disease incidence and mortality in fish, prawns and shrimps.  Zee plus enables highest adsorption and absorption of polluting toxic gases such as ammonia, hydrogen sulphide,   sulphurdioxide etc. in the pond through its high cation exchange capacity (CEC), even in saline water and thus provides a healthy environment for fish, prawns, and shrimps. Zee plus captures cationic nutrients an control their rapid oxidation by bacteria. Zee plus enhance water quality by maintaining pond water ph by absorbing sodium ions. Zee plus improves retention of food in the gut and increases absorption of nutrients and improving FCR. Zeeplus is also play a very important role in case of ammonia, it reduces excretion of ammonia into the pond. Zeeplus is environmental friendly and cost effective for aqua farming. Benefits It absorbs toxic gases like ammonia, hydrogen sulphide, sulphur dioxide, methane etc. To reduce the level of BOD, COD, toxic gases and stress and to increase the level of dissolved oxygen. It provides sufficient nutrients to plankton growth and develop required level ofplankton. To increase disease resistance in prawn & fish culture by providing healthy atmosphere. To maintain growth, FCR, livability and immuno-competence. Repeat every 20-30 days depending on the condition of the pond or advised by the Aquaculture consultant. PRESENT A TION 5 & 25 kg.

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chicken health tonic

Vitaron (Stress reliever, Immunity booster & Growth promoter) Birds undergo various kinds of stress including transporation, vaccination and climatic stress. Strong Immune system is key to prevention of various diseases. The birds require balanced nutrients to fulfil their demand of energy, protein, essential amino acids, minerals and vitamins failing to which production drops down and mortality increases. This product provides all these nutrients in balanced amount and it is fortified with Phytochemicals to serve Anti- stress and Immunomodulator effects Benefits Provide energy and protein to fulfil high demand of birds Provide essential trace minerals Provide various vitamins essential for growth and production Various Phytochemicals reduce stress and modulate Immune system This scientifically balanced composition reduces early chick mortality, increases growth rate and production.

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Electrol-C (With Betaine) (Superior rehydration drink with benefits of probiotics) Summer management has always been a challenge for poultry industry and it leads to severe losses in terms of mortality, drop in growth rate and egg production. This product contains electrolytes in addition to Vitamin C which help birds to withstand heat and travelling stress and reduces mortality rate. Probiotics help in maintenance of gut health and work as growth promoter. Indications Rehydrates the body against water losses Works as a refreshment drink during summers Providing energy to the body Effective against heat stroke Provides antioxidant activity Usage & Administration Poultry: 1 gm per 2 liter water. Cattle: 500 gm per ton of feed. or as directed by the Veterinarian Packing & Presentation 250 gram, 500 gram and 1 kg polyester pouch.

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calmin powder

Calcium and Phosphorus are macro minerals required by birds for skeleton formation, fat translocation to egg yolk, eggshell formation, clotting mechanisms and muscular contraction Phosphorus plays important role in energy transfer (ATP), bone structure, enzyme systems, DNA and RNA linkages, acid base balance and fat translocation Herbal mixture used in formula are known to positively influence absorption and assimilation of minerals (Ca and P) Prevents hypocalcaemia, lameness, thin shelled eggs, retarded growth and promote health and production Benefits Helps in maintenance of structural and functional integrity of connective tissue and the immune system Helps in cellular differentiation and proliferation, bone growth, testicular and ovarian function and egg development Reduces early chick mortality, debility & emaciation Better growth, carcass quality, FCR index & livability Better quality & quantity of eggs & effective breeding capabilities  Usage & Administration Mixing ratio - 1 kg per tonne of feed Ensure proper mixing in feed for better results Packing & Presentation 25 kg HDPE bag.

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Bio-synergistic Tonic

  • Cattle : 10 m
  • Calf : 5 ml

An unique Immunomodulator consisting of Vitamin A, D3, B12, E, C and Selenium Immune system of an animal is responsible for its fate against various infections and Immunity has a direct relation with health and production. Strong immune system is the best protection against all kind of stress and infections. Indications Bio-synergistic combination of Vitamin E and Selenium boost immune system and acts as strong anti-oxidant Improves fertility and assist in optimum absorption of Calcium and Phosphorus Work as anti-stress agent against various kind of physical and psychological stress encountered during transport, vaccination and deworming Useful as supportive therapy in disease, debility and convalescence.

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pelled feed

Stick plus is a unique natural binding agent and it contains natural protein based feed attractants which ensure smooth consumption and administered powders with pelleted feed for fish, prawns and shrimps. The properties of Stick plus does not affected with different water and pond condition such as varying pH, temperature and salinities Stick plus blends easily with firm grip with all powder formulations, controlling their bio-availibility and preventing wastage. Benefits Stick plus controls the activity and potency of administered power formulations at optimum levels, as it does not allow their dispersion with water. Stick plus helps to promote growth and improve feed conversion efficiency Its provide most efficient binding with pelleted feed or optimum bio- availability. Stick plus is completely safe and eco-friendly and it does not cause pollution or any deterioration in quality of water due to its high stability in water. Dosage Take the required quantity of powder formulation and mix with stick plus to form a gel/ paste and apply the same on feed pellets, shade dry and broadcast. 20 ml to 30 ml of stick plus is recommended per kg of pellet feed or as advised by the aquaculture consultant.

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Vitaron chicken health tonic

  • Brand Name Vitaron
  • Animal Type Pets, Poultry
  • Model Number 1 ltr.
  • Place of Origin Uttarakhand, India
  • Composition Etc
  • Packaging Details 1 Ltr, 5 Ltr and 30 Ltr. HDPE bottle and drum

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