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Other Products / Services

Our offered Product range includes Gluten Free Products, Detoxification Products, Weight Loss Food Products, Diabetes Care Products and Antioxidant Products.

Gluten Free Products

The company is a highly acclaimed Exporter & Supplier of Gluten Free Products . The wide range of the Gluten Free Products, offered by the company, is inclusive of Gluten Free Flours, Cereals, Namkeens & Snacks as well as Bakery Products and Breads & Chocolates. The company procures the Gluten Free Products from trusted sources and offers the range at the best prices. List of Products : Biscuits, chocolate, chocochips , coconut, butter, cream biscuits , Zeera biscuits Dalia Sooji Hi protein flour. Healthy flour Noodles & pasta Mathari, namak paara, alu bhujia, mixed Namkeens Bread & pizza Cakes & pastry, muffins, buns Chocolates Besan Laddu & pinni sweets

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Detoxification Products

Be it Milk Thistle, Dandalion Roots, Wheat Grass, Barley Grass, Giloy, Moringa Leafs, Braggs Apple Cider, Manuka Honey or Bee pollen; they all fall under the category of Detoxification Products , which we offer. Types of Detoxification Products Super green foods : Wheat grass, moringa leaf, barley grass, alfalfa grass, cynoden lactylonn grass, papaya leaf powder, Pure Herbs : Milk thisle, dandelion roots, giloy, kesar, horse tail, chandrashoor, punarnava, bhumi amalaki ( phyllanthes niruri). Others : apple cider with mother, shudh shila jeet, kalongi oil, noni powder, red clover flowers, cranberry juice, alfalfa sprouts, saffron

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Weight Loss Food Products

Weight loss has been a major woe that has troubled mankind since time immemorial. We make sure that each and every of our Weight Loss Food Product is processed using the finest of materials. Also, our range of Weight Loss Food Products consists of different Ayurvedic Medicines like Fatese, Slim Trim, B-slim, Lipidex, Flax Seeds and Chia Seeds. Types Of Weight Loss Food Products : Whole Fiber Dalias Porridges Multigrain Diets Sprouted Dalias of Barley Dalia and oats Gomutra Ark Wheat germ Shudh Guggals Garcinia Combogia (Vriksh Amla ) Mushroom Powder Dried Mushrooms Green tea and its variants Red Tea White Tea Obeslim Tea Sugar free juices Bakery Chia Seeds Flax Seeds Acai berry , Goji berry Apple Cider Vinegar with a Mother Roasted Namkeens and snacks

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Diabetes Care Products

These Diabetes Care Products are processed using the best-care herbs and other natural ingredients. We are among the reliable Suppliers and Exporters of a wide range of Diabetes Care Products. These Diabetes Care Products are grown under the guidance of experts. Types Of Diabetes Care Products, Which We Offer : Herbal Powders D.B.Tone (Mix of Karela, Jamun, Neem and Methi) Juices Sugarless Bakery Anti-diabetic Flour Natural sweeteners Stevia in tablets, powder and liquid forms Sugar-free Amla Murabba 9 grain flours Ayurvedic medicines Noni juice (Noni has been described to have a range of health benefits for colds, cancer, diabetes, asthma, hypertension, pain, skin infection, high blood pressure, mental depression, atherosclerosis and arthritis.as a whole great energizer and memory booster) Aloevera juice Passion Fruit Juice Seabuckthorn juice Blackberry Juice Cranberry juice All natural fruit and vegetable juices Sugar free bakery and sugar free drinks Wheat grass powder and juice Sugar free honey Madhumeh Kusumakar Ras Basant Kusumakar Ras Rudhir Ras Apple Cider Vinegar with a Mothe

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Antioxidant Products

Array of Antioxidant Products , which we offer, consists of Green Tea, Red Tea (Ruibos Tea) White Tea, Mullen Tea, Mulberry Tea, Pumpkin Seeds, Sunflower Seeds, Alfa-Alfa Seeds, Flax Seeds, Wheat Grass, Barley Grass, Alfa-Alfa Grass, Wheat Germ and Cartanoids. We are among the reliable Suppliers and Exporters of Antioxidant Products (Food's). These Antioxidant Products (Food's) are tested for their safe use against diverse parameters of quality. List of Prodcuts : Fruits : Gooseberry, cherries , raspberry, blue berry, straw berry, black berry, Acai berry, Goji berry Spices : Dried parsley, kale, thyme , celery, mustard, oregano, cinnamom Nuts : Almond, macademia , hazelnut, walnut, roasted peanuts Seeds : Sunflower seeds, alfalfa seeds sprouts, Pumpkin Seeds. Cereals : Millets, oats, barley, rice bran, capers Super green  foods : Wheat grass, barley grass, alfa-alfa leafs, moringa leafs Herbal  Tea : White tea, Green tea, Immunis  tea (blend of six herbs)    Herbal coffee : Ashwangandha, Brahmi, Garcinia, Shatavari.

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Horse Tail

Horse Tail is a plant. The above ground parts are used to make medicine. Horsetail is used for “fluid retention” (edema), kidney and bladder stones, urinary tract infections, the inability to control urination (incontinence), and general disturbances of the kidney and bladder. It is also used for balding, tuberculosis, jaundice, hepatitis, brittle fingernails, joint diseases, gout, osteoarthritis, weak bones (osteoporosis), frostbite, weight loss, heavy menstrual periods, and uncontrolled bleeding (hemorrhage) of the nose, lung, orstomach. Horsetail is applied directly to the skin to treat wounds and burns.   How does it work? The chemicals in horsetail may have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. Plants related to horsetail contain chemicals that work like "water pills" (diuretics) and increase urine output. But it isn't clear whether horsetail has this effect.

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Yarsa Bajikar

Nepal is a country having geographical diversity where thousands of precious herbs and health promoting natural substances can be found. Such herbs have been used since long time in the Ayurved. Among the herbs, Yarsa Bajikar (Cardiceph Sinesis) is a valuable herb that can be found in Himalayan belt of Northern Nepal and China. Specially, Yarsa Bajikar is known as the herb that ensures the overall health and particularly sexual wellbeing. Yarsa Bajikar is an ayurvedic preparation in the form of bati or round tablets, which contains yarsagumba, ashwagandha, silajit, keshar, panch aaunle etc. This preparation not only increases sexual power but also helps for overall health. It decreases the possibility of degeneration because it increases the number and quality of sperm, bringing satisfaction in marital life. Yarsa Bajikar  guarantees happy sexual life , so  it is useful for adults and aged people alike. It roots out the physical weaknesses and brings enthusiasm with energy assuring the feeling of youthfulness. To solve the problems related to sex without side effects, Yarsa Bajikar is alternative herb or medicine that has brought significant satisfaction for those people who were unable to obtain sexually satisfied life in the post.   "Yarsa Bajikar bati" contains processed yarsagumba, ashwagandha, silazit, keshar, panch aaunle etc. It not only increases sexual power and enhances satisfied sexual life but also helps for energetic and healthy life. It helps  all types of sexual disorders . For eg. erectile disfunction, quick fall, infertility (due to lack of sperm), improper development and immaturity of sex organs.

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Ayurveda Panchkarma

Panchkarma is a part of the purification therapies of Ayurveda. ‘Panch’ means five and ‘Karma’ means actions so literally translated, it is a set of five systematic actions used for purification of the body. It is used to bring the aggravated doshas into balance and to flush out the accumulated ‘ama’ toxins from the body using the normal modes of elimination like the intestines, sweat glands and the urinary tract. Elimination is a natural body instinct but over a period of time, and in cases of dosha imbalance these wastes are not effectively eliminated from the body. These wastes tend to stick into the minute channels of the body known as the ‘srotas’ and start producing disease. Panchkarma is considered to be the most radical way to cleanse the body and thereby eliminate, once and for all the disease causing doshas and the toxins. Ayurveda recommends that everyone needs the Panchkarma. ideally it should be done three times a year, at the turn of spring, fall and winter so that body should remain detoxified. Panchkarma : The five steps are as follows: 1.Vamana – use of emetics – artificial vomiting is induced using herbs like, strong teas of locorice, salt, calamus. It is usually indicated for people and disorders of ‘Kapha’(phlegm). 2.Virechan – use of laxatives – A strong purgative like senna or rhubarb is given. It is normally used to eliminate high Pitta(fire) from its site in the small intestines. 3.Basti – use of medicated enemas – cleaning enemas are used primarily to dispel high Vata(air) from the colon. 4.Nasya – Nasal administration – medicinal oils or herbal mixtures are inhaled or used as drops(mixed with oils or ghee) to clear the congestion in the sinuses. It is also good for balancing the ‘prana vata’. 5.Rakta Mokshana – blood letting – this is not much in use these a days except in oriental systems of medicine There are treatments given before and after the panchkarma. These specility therapies are advocated in the ancient textbooks of Ayurveda and practised by Ayurvedacharyas since time immemorial, for the management of various disorders. These therapies are extremely beneficial for various chronic disorders of the body. We have our own panchkarma clinic in delhi.our associated clinics are in trivendrum, goa and Bangalore and palampur(H.P). You are welcome to book your programme of treatment in 15 days advance .we have three programmes for the treatments 1-Normal body cleansing programme - 7 days 2- intensive body cleansing programme - 15days 3- Complete body cleansing programme - 30 days 4- instant treatments (as per requirement) - 1 to 3 hours Since the mythological age, when the concept of Sanjeevani herb had been laid down, natural pure herb products in the form of powders, tablets, capsules, tinctures and ras have continued to be the resort of the people for curing diseases when other allopathic medicines fail. To help you out in such situations, we stand supreme as one of the leading herbal paroducts suppliers based in India. These medicinal herbal treatments rejuvenate your body by eliminating the root cause of your troubles. They are effective against many diseases and psychological problems like depression, indigestion and gastric trouble, liver, anemia, cough and bronchitis, longevity, paralysis, cancerous ulcers and for general well being.

  • English NameLatin NameParts Available
    Absinthe, WormwoodArtemisia Absinthin-
    AchilleaAchillea MillefoliumFlowers, Herb
    Arrow rootMaranta ArundinaceaArrow root powder
    AsfoetidaFerula AsafoetidaResin of root
    Bamboo camphorPhyllostachys BambusoidesSeed, Wood
    BarberryBerberis Vulgaris/AristataBark, wood, powder
    Bay LeafCinnamomum TamalaLeaves
    Bead TreeAbrus precatorius-
    Bee WaxBee WaxWax
    Beetroot powderBeta Vulgaris,Fruit, powder
    Berginia ligulataBerginia ligulataStem
    Bitter Melon, Bitter GourdMomordica CharantiaFruit, seeds
    Black Cumin, Small FennelNigella SativaSeeds
    Black saltBlack saltSalt powder
    BoswelliaBoswellia SerrataResin
    ButeoButea monosperma-
    Cedar, Himalayan Cedar, DeodarCedrus DeodaraWood, Bark, Oil
    CeleryApium GraveolensLeaves
    ChammomileMatricaria ChamomillaFlower
    Chicory, endive, succoryCichorium IntybusWhole plant
    CinnamonCinnamomum Verum / ZeylanicumBark, oil
    ColeousColeus ForskohliiRoots
    Creat, KariyatAndrographis PaniculataStem, Leaves
    CucumberCucumis SativusFruit, seeds
    Curry LeafKoenigii MurrayaLeaves
    Dandelion, Dandelion rootTaraxacum OfficinaleRoots, bark, fruit
    Dill Anethum GraveolensWhole plant, seeds
    Eleephant creeperArgyreia Nervosaseeds
    FigFicus Carica-
    Flame of the forestButea Superba, Butea MenospermaFlower
    Fullers clay, French clayBitumenPowder
    GarlicAlluvium Sativum-
    GlalangalAlpinia GalangalRhizomes
    Glory lillyGlorisa SuperbaFlower
    GymnemaGymnema SylvestreLeaves
    Hibiscus, Red hibiscus, Rose of ChinaHibiscus Rosa- sinensisFlower, Leaves
    Indian gum treeAcacia arabica-
    Jatropha, Purging nut, Physic nutJatropha CurcasSeeds, Leaves, Plant
    LavenderLavandula AngustifoliaFlower
    LeadwortPlumbago zeylanica-
    Lichen moss, Stone lichenParmelia LichenMoss
    Lotus FlowerNelumbo NuciferaFlower, Bud, stem
    MallowSida CordifoliaWhole plant
    Moringa, Horse Radish, DrumstickMoringa oleiferaSeeds, Leaf, Roots, Oil
    MulbarriMorus AlbaSeeds
    Nettle leavesUrtica DiociaLeaves
    Night Shade plantSolanum NigrumFruit
    NutmegMyristica FragransFruit
    Orchid Tree, BauhiniaBauhinia varuegataFlowers
    PapayaCarica PapayaLeaves, Seeds
    Pellitory rootsAnacyclus pyrethrum-
    PhyllanthusPhyllanthus Amarus, Phyllanthus NiruriLeaves, Whole Plant
    PicrohizaPicrohiza KurroaDried Rhizomes
    PomegranatePunica GranatumSeeds, Flower, Rind (peal)
    Pumpkin SeedCucurbita PepoSeeds
    Purgative croton, Trailing crotonCroton TigliumFruit, Powder
    Purple tephrosiaTephrosia purpurea-
    RoseRosa DamascenaPetals, Oil, Water
    SafflowerCarthamus TinctoriusFlower, Seed
    SaffronCrocus SativusStamens, Stigmas, Style Tops
    Shilajit, Mineral pitchAsphaltumStone, purified
    Spreding hogwoodBoerhaavia diffusa-
    SteviaStevia rebaudianaLeaves, Powder
    Sweet violetViola OdorataLeaves
    TamarindIndica tamarindusFruit, Seed
    TeaCamellia SinensisLeaf
    TriphalaAmla, Terminalia Chebula, T. BelericaMix of fruit powders
    Umbrella Tree, Screw PinePandanus OdoratissimusRoots, Leaves, Flower
    VetiverVetiveria ZizanoidesRoots, Grass
    VitexVitex NegundoRoots
    Water cressLepidium sativumRoot, Leaves, Seed
    grapeVitis ViniferaFruit
    Winter Cherry, AshwagandhaWithania SomniferaRoots
    YewTaxus BaccataLeaves, Whole plant
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NBLC Leather Division

We have a leather tannery at karnal.(Haryana) . we are importers of wet blue skins(sheep and goat ) from UAE, MOROCCO, IRAN, IRAQ, CIS COUNTRIES AND NEWZEALAND and bolivia. We do costomised supplies of all kinds of finish leathers and wet blue leathers (goat , sheep, cow , buff) . all of our clients are exporters of leather garments and leather goods. We have our own fully equipped tannery in the name of ms sanjay leathers , village kunjpura , karnal, ( Haryana) under the professional leadership of our partner mr .svs chandel (l.tech) and in Chennai also we are working in joint operation with mr G.S.RAJU (l.tech) at sar overseas , chromepet chennai for specialized category of garments suedes leathers and split suedes in semi chrome and full chrome leathers. We are exporters of leather garments and leather accessories.you are free to contact us for any enquiry in leather garments and goods .

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