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Fresh, Organic & Preserved Vegetables

Our Complete range of products are Organic foods and SOYA.

Organic Foods

  • Cultivation Type Organic
  • Feature Good For Health
  • fresh Yes

We offer an inexplicable assortment of natural organic foods which includes : Orgainc pulses and spices : jowar flour, ragi flour, bajra &maize flour, soya flour, multi grain flour etc. Moringa products : moringa leaf powder, moringa Tab& capsules, moringa soup, moringa tea.soaps. Super green foods : wheatgrass, barley grass, alfalfa grass , cynoden lactylon grass, chlorella, spirulina Herbal tea , green tea, white tea, red tea(ruibos), hibiscus tea, mullen tea gymnema tea, senna tea, Dandelion tea, milk thistle tea, ortho tea, slim tea , anti stress tea. Seeds of health: Flax seeds, alfalfa seeds , seasame seeds , pumpkinseeds , fenugreek seeds , kalongi and sunflower seeds Gluten Free Products : Flour, dalia, sooji, noodles, bakery, pizza, chocolates Cold pressed oil : coconut virgin oil, extra virgin olive oil, mustard oil, black seed oil, canola oil, Flaxseed oil, Kalongi oil, Mustard oil Wellness soups : , moringa soup, spinach soup, fenugreek soup, garden veggie soup, tomato soup. Diabetic products : Antidiabetic Flour, sugarless bakery, noni powder, karela jamun juice and powder, Madhumeh Kusumakar Ras, Basant Kusumakar Ras and Rudhir Ras High fibre bakery and roasted snacks namkeens . Dry Fruits : Almond, Dried Apricot, Raisins, Walnut, Cashew, Pista, Dried Figs, Prunes, Hazelnut, Macademia, Blueberry and Cranberry Japanese foods : Nori, sushi, miso, noodles, soups. Essential oils : lavender, camphor, geranium, tea tree, Argan oil, lemongrass, avocado oil, rose oil Natural skin and hair care products : Bhringraj oil, alovera products, night creams, hair growth gel, Herbal Face Packs, Pure Muds, Natural Hair Color, Natural Handmade Soaps Pure Herbs - Herbs Powders and herbal juices and ras & ayurvedic medicines. Organic Honey : Manuka honey, Kashmir honey , wild flora honey , multi flora honey, Neem honey, jamun honey, mustard honey, acacia honey spl, raw honey Pure herbal swa ras & juices : amla ras , aloe vera juice, cranberry juice, wheat grass juice , giloy ras, Neem ras, bhumi amla ras, punarnava ras , makoy ras , karela ras , jamun ras , jamun vinegar, trifla ras , panch tulsi ras, tulsi ark, kasni ark, ajwain ark , apple cider vinegar Organic Honey : Tulsi honey , Ginger honey , Lemon honey , Cinnamon honey , Forset honey, Acacia honey, Jamun honey, Raw honey, Manuka Honey,   Ginger honey, Propolis honey. Herbal Tea : Pro biotech green tea Pure herbal swa ras & juices : Panch maharas , Rudhir amritras Diabetic Products : DB tone (From Kerala) Essential Oils : Wall nut oil , Apricot oil , Wheat germ oil & Need to add 1 more points under the same category details as mention below Apple Cider Vinegar : Bragg's apple cider vinegar with a mother , Molasses ( Unsulphured ) , Bee pollen , Cow colustrum , Bee propolise , Royal jelly Baby Foods : Ragi malt, soya products Condiments, Spices / Seasonings : Oregano, Parsley, Rosemary, Thyme, Margarine, Basil, Mint, Sage. Ethnic foods, Culinary Herbs : Dandelion Roots, Milk Thistle, Horse Tail, Ginko Bilova, Ginseng, Niranjan Phal, Red Clover, Mulberry Leaves, Echinacea Purpurea, Garcinia Combogia Fiber / Energy Snacks : Bajra, Jawar, Wheat, Amaranth, Corn, Mix Grains, Ragi Malt. Green Foods & Juices : Aloe Drinks, Veg + Beetroot  Drinks, Fruit Drinks, Pomgrenade Juice, Cranberry Juice. Herbal Cosmetics & Personal Care products : Bath Products, Skin Care & Hair Care Products. Herbal coffee : Ashwagandha , Brahmi , Garcinia , Shatavari.

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