Nirlesh Foods Private Limited

Maharashtra, India
Nirlesh Foods Private Limited
Nirlesh Foods Private Limited (also known as Navmi) is a leading manufacturer and supplier of nutritional pure and unprocessed foods at the affordable prices. In the backdrop of excessive and harmful usage of pesticides and chemicals, Nirlesh Foods resolved to bring change to our food industry by producing pure, unprocessed and chemical free foods with its nutritional benefits. And going forward we will continue to strive and innovate our products to meet the expectations of our valued customers.

We started the company by keeping in mind to produce and bring natural and chemical free products like Mustard oil, Groundnut oil, Safflower oil, Sesame oil, Coconut oil, Almond oil, Raw Honey, Bee Pollen, Flavored Honey, Desi Cow Ghee and are adding many more natural and organic products soon.

We use ancient techniques for extracting oils (cold process oil extraction) from the various seeds and nuts i.e. WOODEN GHANI. No Chemical is used while Extracting the oil and we do not even filter it using any machine process because it again requires heat above Smoke (Boiling) Point, we perform Manual filter process like fine cloth and just settle down the oil for 12 hours.

Refined oils available in the market may not be necessarily bad but it does not provide us the required nutrients or health benefits either. Because, to refine an oil it needs to be boiled at a 300 to 350 degree temperature and then needs to be cooled down to 40 degree. This heating/boiling process will kill most the nutrients of the oil. But the cold pressed oils (extracted through Ghani) are thick as compared to refined oils and are full of nutrients and the taste, colour, and aroma of these oils are also remains unchanged like a garden fresh. Moreover, we have experienced that the quantity required for cooking is also comparatively very less than refined oil.

The raw material used for oil extraction is of the export quality and garden fresh directly purchased from known farmers to ensure to supply of the best quality product to our end users. Our vision is to provide Pure, Natural, chemical free and superior quality products to all our customers.

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Kaushik Joshi

Navmi Building, Nigdi, Pune-411, Pune, Maharashtra, India

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