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Orthopedic Equipment & Supplies

Our offered Product range includes reconstruction nail and Steinmann Pins.

Reconstruction Nail

  • Type Reconstruction Nail, Orthopaedic Implants
  • Material Stainless-steel, Stainless Steel
  • Application Orthopedic Trauma Surgery
  • Brand Name NRV Ortho
  • Diameter 9-13mm
  • Size 340 mm to 460 mm (Diff : 20 mm)
  • Features Excellent finish, Optimum strength

Additional Information:

Payment Terms : T/T

  • Technical Specification
    Stainless Steel Titanium
    Size 9mm 10mm 11mm 12mm 9mm 10mm 11mm 12mm
    34cm - - - - TT9.934 TT9.1034 TT9.1134 TT9.1234
    35cm - - - - TT9.935 TT9.1035 TT9.1135 TT9.1235
    36cm SS305.936 SS305.1036 SS305.1136 SS305.1236 TT9.936 TT9.1036 TT9.1136 TT9.1236
    37cm SS305.937 SS305.1037 SS305.1137 SS305.1237 TT9.937 TT9.1037 TT9.1137 TT9.1237
    38cm SS305.938 SS305.1038 SS305.1138 SS305.1238 TT9.938 TT9.1038 TT9.1138 TT9.1238
    39cm SS305.939 SS305.1039 SS305.1139 SS305.1239 TT9.939 TT9.1039 TT9.1139 TT9.1239
    40cm SS305.940 SS305.1040 SS305.1140 SS305.1240 TT9.940 TT9.1040 TT9.1140 TT9.1240
    41cm SS305.941 SS305.1041 SS305.1141 SS305.1241 TT9.941 TT9.1041 TT9.1141 TT9.1241
    42cm SS305.942 SS305.1042 SS305.1142 SS305.1242 TT9.942 TT9.1042 TT9.1142 TT9.1242
    43cm SS305.943 SS305.1043 SS305.1143 SS305.1243 TT9.943 TT9.1043 TT9.1143 TT9.1243
    44cm SS305.944 SS305.1044 SS305.1144 SS305.1244 TT9.944 TT9.1044 TT9.1144 TT9.1244
    45cm SS305.945 SS305.1045 SS305.1145 SS305.1245 TT9.945 TT9.1045 TT9.1145 TT9.1245
    46cm SS305.946 SS305.1046 SS305.1146 SS305.1246 TT9.946 TT9.1046 TT9.1146 TT9.1246
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Steinmann Pins

  • Length 225 mm
  • Material Stainless Steel
  • Surface Treatment Polished
  • Application Orthopedic trauma surgery
  • Feature Excellent finish
  • Supply type Bulk

  • Technical Specification
    Size Stainless Steel
    3.0mm SS405.30
    3.5mm SS405.35
    4.0mm SS405.40
    4.5mm SS405.45
    5.0mm SS405.50
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