Olam Exports (india) Ltd.

Delhi, Delhi, India

  • Almonds

    Olam is now the second largest grower of Almonds globally and the only supplier with origination in Australia and California, USA. This ensures we market a year-round fresh supply of high-quality almonds to our customers worldwide.

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  • coffe

    Olam is one of the worlds largest coffee companies, with over 20 years in the business and a strong presence in almost all of the large coffee-producing regions which is well-supported by an extensive network of marketing offices across the worlds coffee consuming countries.

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  • Dehydrated Vegetables

    We are expertise and experience in providing product innovations and solutions in the dehydrated vegetables space, we offer our customers a unique selection of products which are versatile, convenient and carefully processed for flavour, colour and texture.

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  • edible nuts

    Olam is a leading supplier of edible nuts and nut ingredients, producing and processing in all major global origins and distributing these to our customers worldwide. This distinctive position leverages our solid value chain integration from farm to factory gate, enabling us to offer a reliable ...

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  • Edible Oil

    RBD Palmolien is the largest selling cooking oil in West Africa with an estimated market size of over $2 billion. We sell this edible oil in consumer packs of various sizes, under our brand names Tasty Tom and Festin.

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  • Hazelnuts

    Olam entered the hazelnut business through the acquisition of the Progıda Group in Turkey, at the end of 2011. Progıda was founded by Pisani & Rickertsen GmbH, Hamburg in 1988. This acquisition makes Olam one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of natural and semi-finished hazelnut kernels ...

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  • instant beverages

    We manufacture and sell a range of instant beverages in South Africa under our brand Enrista. Our products include coffee mixes, cappuccino mixes and hot chocolate. We are the largest seller of coffee mixes in South Africa and are also one of the fastest growing among all coffee players.

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  • Instant Noodles

    We manufacture and sell our Cherie brand of instant noodles in Nigeria, one of the highest per capita consumers of instant noodles after Southeast Asia and China. It is also one of the top five fastest growing instant noodles markets in the world.

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  • packaging foods

    Our packaged foods business was set up in 2005 with our launch of retail consumer packs in selected emerging markets, ones where we had strong presence and solid local market knowledge. From a modest start, we have expanded this business across several geographies in Africa, building ...

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  • Palm Oil

    Olam is leveraging our regional experience and partnerships to develop sustainable Oil Palm Plantations in the region. We are building a robust and sustainable upstream business, and plan to harness our food distribution channels and products to build up capabilities in our midstream and downstream ...

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  • Pasta

    Together with rice and bread, it forms one of the major staple diets. We sell pasta under our brands, Tasty Tom and Festin, and are one of the market’s leading brands.

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  • Peanuts

    Olam is the only peanut processor present in each of the worlds major peanut producing and exporting origins, which together account for close to 90% of global trade. To ensure we deliver high quality product at a competitive price to our customers, we have made significant investments across the ...

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  • Pearl Biscuits

    We are the main supplier of this product.

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  • Raw Cashew Nuts

    Olam first began its cashew journey more than twenty five years ago exporting Raw Cashew Nuts (RCN) from Nigeria. Today, we are global leaders in both Raw Cashew nut trade as well as in blanched cashew kernels and ingredients.

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  • Rice

    Olam is one of the leading players in the global rice trade, involved across the entire rice value chain from origination to distribution. Our strong presence in the world’s major importing and exporting regions has enabled us to gain insights into market demand and supply and helped develop ...

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  • Sesame

    Olam has been in the sesame business for more than a decade and enjoys a strong leadership position. We started the business from Nigeria and East Africa, where we had synergies of cost-sharing with other products in our Group portfolio. Over time we have improved our presence across origins and ...

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  • Sugar

    The knowledge and experience we developed in Ghana and Nigeria were vital in helping us extend our sugar distribution business into other African countries including Uganda. Today, Olam’s reach further extends across Asia, the Middle East and South America with milling operations in India and ...

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  • Tomato Paste

    We launched our own tomato paste, Tasty Tom, in Nigeria four years ago and have become the second largest branded tomato paste producer in West Africa. We sell tomato paste under three brands – Tasty Tom, De Rica and Festin.

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  • Wood

    The worldwide activities of the wood products division include the sustainable harvesting of natural and plantation forests, industrial processing, third party sourcing, logistics, trading and marketing. Dedicated employees ensure that our products meet the highest quality standards and are shipped ...

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