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Incense, Incensory & Pooja Articles

Our product range comtains a wide range of loban powder, Small Puja Shankh, Brass Pooja Plate, German Silver Bell and Panchpatra Pali

loban powder

Uses: While performing puja burn a Dhoop and offer to deity, upon the completion of puja take dhoop on you and spread it in the entire house.It removes all negative energies that surround you.It is also a pure, good and natural pest repellant. It is also called loban Dhoop. It is the finest energy purifier of atmosphere.Using loban dhoop fumes is a traditional and spiritual secret in India to uplift the energy level. It has been used for centuries by saints and kings. Benzoin is often used in religious ceremonies, and is considered to have a great influence on cleansing and unblocking the human body energy centersmeridians.It is antiseptic, and is wonderful for cleansing, whether you wish to clear a room or simply for cleansing your aura. It is said that benzoin helps bring inspiration and creativity.Benzoin can help attract love, provide psychic protection, wisdom, aids the memory, and helps ease depression. It is also often used in prosperity spells.

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Small Puja Shankh

This Small Puja Shankh is an embodiment of Goddess Lakshmi as it naturally resembles the shape. This shankh use to keep puja plase. It is considered to ward off evil spirits and attract prosperity. This Shankh can be used for the below purposes: Keep near entrance to usher in positive vibes. In locker and safes for attracting abundance. In Centre of home for Vastu correction and for attracting stability and new opportunities In North West Corner for desire fulállment

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Brass Pooja Plate

The beautiful designer pooja thali which made in pure brass metal for daily prayer purpose. Puja plate is used for keeping puja items during puja.The puja items kept in a puja plate include Roli for tilak, Akshat, Ghanti (bell), a small Kalash filled with water, Kalava to tie around the wrist, aarti-diya and some colorful flowers.The puja-thali has special significance for the festivals.Agarbatti, camphor, coconut, belpatra, betel leaves, sandalwood paste, candles, flowers, seasonal fruits and sweets (as Prasad) and silver or gold coins having image of Goddess Lakshmi, Lord Ganesh, Om, Swastika or Shree are also kept in a thali.  

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German Silver Bell

German Silver Bell for Puja Arti or White Metal Ghanti is an Indian bell used in Hindu rituals. These bells are used in mandirs/ temples as well as in home. It is used for worshipping purposes. Ghanta is sounded prior to actual Puja and praise commences. It is often called as Pooja bell or Ghanti. Hand held bells are held in left hand and rung continuously while the various other Puja items are offered to God with right hand. It is considered that the ringing bells wards off evil spirit and is pleasant to God. Producing sharp sound by bell or Ghanti, considered very sacred. There are many types of bells including typical Indian bell and Tibetan bell. When, we use bell during prayers, good feelings along with spirit and faith in God increases. The devotee rings bell as soon as he enters Mandir or temple.Bell is used in all type of pooja.

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Panchpatra Pali

Panchpatra set is one of the most important puja accessories. This is used for Daily Puja. This is use for holy water, charnaamrit, gangajal etc. This is made of copper. The color of this panchpatra is brown. In this panchayat set you will get 1 panchayat lota, 1 panchayat pali and 1 copper plate. A very auspicious thing for gift someone.

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Blowing Shankh

A Original Blowing (bajane wala) Shankh is a conch shell of ritual and religious importance in Hinduism and Buddhism. It is the shell of a large predatory sea snail, Turbinella pyrum, found in the Indian Ocean. Benefits of Blowing Shankh Conch blowing can provide a great exercise for, urinary tract, bladder, lower abdomen, diaphragm, chest and neck muscles. You exercise the rectal muscles in the process of blowing a shankh thus strengthening the rectal muscles and preventing many problems which occur due to the gradual weakening of the rectal muscles. As it also puts pressure on the prostate area, it improves the prostate health and helps prevent prostate enlargement. When you blow the conch, your lung muscles are expanded, improving their aerial capacity. Also, perform these yoga asanas for healthy lungs.  Conch blowing also exercises your thyroid glands and vocal cords and helps in correcting any speech problems. Your face muscles are stretched when you blow a conch, so you’re automatically doing away with fine lines by blowing the conch every day. These 8 Indian traditions are also beneficial for your health.

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