Pallishree Limited

Pallishree Limited

West Bengal, India
Pallishree Limited
Formed in 1948, Pallishree’s early business was agricultural farming & distribution of inorganic fertilizers. Pallishree was appointed exclusive distributor by the Govt. of West Bengal for distribution of inorganic fertilizers. On one hand, teams of expert marketing personnel created a vast network of dealers, sub dealers and stocking points in the region, on the other hand, teams of agricultural scientists and extension workers promoted the use of fertilizers and held demonstration trials in the farmer’s field. Since then for over 50 years Pallishree has been supplying initially imported, then subsequently indigenous fertilizers like Nitrogenous (Urea, Sulphate of Ammonia) Phosphate (DAP, ANP, Superphosphate) Potassic (Mineral of potash) to the nook and corner of the State.

In agricultural farming Pallishree promoted the use of scientific methods in cultivation. Pallishree was the pioneer in the field of modern irrigation systems. It had over 500 acres of land under cultivation where River Lift Irrigation, Shallow bore-well Irrigation were introduced. Paddy was grown twice a year and in between potatoes, vegetables, and fibre crops like jute.

In the early 60s cold storage of 5000 MT capacity was constructed for storage of perishable agricultural products like potatoes and vegetables.

Today, West Bengal is one of the highest paddy producing States in the country. With only 78000 sq.kms. of land area of which only 50% is available for cultivation, and 86 million countrymen to feed (the highest density in the country) it is indeed a pride, and no mean achievement at that, West Bengal is a surplus agricultural State.

Rice goes all over the eastern region of the country and is exported to neighboring countries of Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan and Sikkim. Potatoes are sent all over the country.

Out of the total cultivable land 60% have two crops a year of which 20% of these have a further third crop.

Pallishree has been a key player in the growth and development of the agricultural activities of the State.

With the need for more productivity and yield, the requirement of the modern hybrid and HYV seeds became acute. From a principally trading activity Pallishree entered into the business of seed farming, multiplication and marketing primarily for paddy seeds, under a World Bank aided National Seed Programme of the Central & State Govt. Pallishree built up an infrastructure :
To multiply Paddy Breeder Seeds to Foundation Seeds in its own farm

To contract grow the Foundation Seeds into Certified Seeds.

To process the seeds in its processing plants.

To market the Seeds through its existing network.

Today Pallishree Ltd. and sister concern Birbhum Chemical and Fertilisers Ltd. produce over 20000 M. tones of Certified Paddy Seeds for marketing to the farmers of Eastern India.

Pallishree also opened a Nursery and Horticulture in the late eighties. By grafting technique the company produces fruit bearing plants; flower plants & ornamented plants. Social forestry is an upcoming activity.

Pallishree now has an array of nursery plants which it imports as well as produces Recently it also provides landscaping solutions to different projects.

Company Facts

Business Type : Manufacturer / Exporters / Wholesale Suppliers / Retailer
Year of Estd : 1948
No. of Employee : 800 - 850
Ownership : Corporation/Limited Liability Company

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