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Chemical Reactors & Process Tanks

We offer a complete product range of Agitated Reaction Vessels, Lead Lining Vessels and Rubber Lining Vessel

Agitated Reaction Vessels

You will simply ‘fall in love’ with our ‘Agitated Reaction Vessels’. That’s because: love is primordially attributed to a ‘chemical reaction’ in the brain, and that is perhaps exactly what might happen in your mind when you come across these equipment of ours, which are really the places ‘chemical reactions’ such as love, occur. No reason to get ‘agitated’ of course, especially when we make your choice so simple! We have designed our ‘agitated reaction vessels’ to ensure that the chemical reactions that take place within them happen with only at highest possible speed. Thus they are designed to maximize the value of the reaction that is being ‘contained’ within them, to the highest possible level one can imagine. Our designers at Partha have ensured that only the highest quantum of product is produced within our ‘agitated reaction vessels’, while at the same time minimizing operating costs!

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Lead Lining Vessels

The basic premise for lead lining vessels is simple. The lead forms a protective, airtight lining that prevents the leakage of any chemicals through the vessels that might otherwise occur were it in absentia. That’s because ‘lead’ is absolutely a most wonderful substance. It is corrosion-resistant and also able to withstand high temperatures, shocks and vibrations. And we at Partha have used only the highest quality of lead in our lead lining vessels, which in itself is sufficient reason for you to choose our products over others out there. The reason lead is so effective is because of the insoluble lining that is formed on its surface in varied environments. His goes a long way in ensuring that it is resistant to chemical attack. So it might be about time, if you haven’t already considered using ‘lead’ lining vessels, to use your ‘head’ and do just that!

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Rubber Lining Vessel

Just like ‘lead lining vessels’, rubber - lining vessels also are extremely immune to chemical attack. That’sbecause rubber is far more ‘tough’ than it otherwise seems to the untrained mind. Besides, rubber - lining vessels also provide excellent noise and vibration reduction. Besides that, the thermal and electrical insulation provided by them is really beyond words, thus offering the products that they contain exceptional protection. One of the greatest benefits in having rubber - lining vessels is that you can strip off the rubber entirely at the end of its life and replace it with a brand new one, thus making away with the unnecessary expenditure you would have to otherwise incur in going out there and buying an entirely new vessel of another kind. This gives you an economic benefit that is of course most welcome, giving you all the more reason to choose them!

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