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Our Complete range of products are Mini Vibrating Massager, Multiplex Massager, Sujok Finger Massager, Plastic Hand Massager and Foot Shaped Massager.

Mini Vibrating Massager

Do you feel tired all the time? have you lost energy for work and day to day activities? then do not waste time in taking various medications and affecting your health further. Use the mini vibrating massager that we manufacture for providing total relaxation and get relived from all these problems and more. The mini vibrating massager is a pyramidal ball that provides energy and is useful for maintain overall health. usage : massage special points on hands, foot and affected body parts roll on daily for 5 to 10 minutes for best results, use on fingers and middle part of palm benefits : stimulates acupressure points activates blood circulation reduces tiredness induces freshness excellent for use in effective in shoulder pain price : rs.100- (2 usd)

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Multiplex Massager

Multiplex massager that we offer is a unique tool that can pressurize different parts of the body. Compact, attractive and easy to handle, the multiplex massager has star magnets that are fitted specially for recharging the blood cells. advantages : cleans away dead cells on skin surface layer takes away the accumulated oil secretions, dirt and perspirationopens pores and glandsimproves skin secretion and breathing price : rs.100- (2 usd)

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Sujok Finger Massager

We Manufacture Sujok Finger Massager that is a highly effective tool used by Su-jok practitioners all over the world. perfect for massaging of fingers, the Sujok Finger Massagers reduce different types of discomfort in fingers owing to repetitive straining or other reasons. Specialty : Highly flexible Most useful Creates bearable pressure on fingers Perfect for pressing all Su-jok points Suitable for easy pressing Effective In Reducing : Stresses Pain Numbness Price : Rs.100- (2 USD)

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Plastic Hand Massager

We offer highly effective plastic hand massager that gives freshness in morning and improves total health. The plastic hand massager offered by us can be used on hands, feet and body by rolling for 5to 10 minutes. Usefulness and affordability are the reasons why we are positioned as a plastic hand massager manufacturer, exporter and supplier in the market. specialty : attractive look fast results perfect for people of different ages compact design durable helps in : improving digestive system stimulating acupressure points activating blood circulation reducing muscular pain price : rs.25- (2 usd)

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Foot Shaped Massager

Avail from us Foot Shaped Massager that is highly useful for maintaining good feet and overall health. When tiredness sets in due to walkingsitting or doing any activity for prolonged periods, the Foot Shaped Massagers offered by us can be used on special points on the feet for total relaxation. Foot Shaped Massager can be used for 5 to 10 minutes daily and is effective in revitalizing energy even in convalescents. Benefits : Stimulates acupressure points Activates blood circulation Reduces tiredness and tension in feet Induces a feeling Features : Made with durable materials Resistant to breakage Convenient to store Offers complete relief Price : Rs.100- (2 USD)

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Body Acu Massager

We are offering body acu massager. Choose the body acu massager brought forth by us to say goodbye to many health problems. Specially designed by experts as per the acupressure principles, the body acu massager is made available by us at competitive prices in the market. useful in : stimulation of acupressure pointsreduction of feelings of tirednessactivating blood circulationdecreasing pain in shoulders price : rs.100- (2 usd)

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Magnet Super Duo Massager

Avail from us the magnet super duo massager that combines dual power to give numerous benefits. Based on acupressure therapy, the magnet super duo massager is manufactured using quality materials to serve as a dependable tool for total relaxation. benefits : stimulates acupressure pointsactivates blood circulationreduces tirednesskeeps body freshreduces shoulder pain price : rs.100- (2 usd)

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