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We offer a complete product range of and Molecular Sieves

Molecular Sieves

  • Size Molecular Sieve 3a, Molecular Sieve 4a, Molecular Sieve 5a,
  • Pack Type Bag
  • Color White
  • Pack Size 1 Kg, 5 Kg,Etc.
  • Form Granules
  • Bulk Density 0.60 g/ml

Molecular Sieve are zeolites that have been designed with specific pore opening to achieve highly selective gas adsorption. Molecular Sieve beads have very high water adsorption capacity and mechanical strength, and at the same time very low attrition loss. Ideally used in olefin drying, gas drying, solvent recovery, separating reactant mixtures like propylene, ethanol, methanol, and hydrocarbons. Properties : Selective adsorption of specific molecules High crush strengths & mechanical strength Regeneration & Reuse possible multiple times Regeneration possible after use Very low residual moisture Application : Dehydration of many kinds of liquids (say ethanol) Ethanol drying, separation, purification and dehydration Oil & Olefin drying Solvent - liquid drying Ammonia Drying Drying polymer plant feed Mercaptan removal Selective Adsorption of branched hydrocarbons Drying of air in insulated widows (double windows) Drying liquid hydrocarbons H 2 S, CO 2 removal Dehydration of air Dehydration and drying of refrigerant Dehydration of natural gas or methane Dehydration of cracked gas, ethylene, ethyne, propylene or butadiene Carbon dioxide removal from water O 2 purification & N2 Removal PRODUCT : Molecular Sieve, Molecular Sieve Desiccant, Molecular Sieves, Molecular Sieve Adsorbent, Molecular Sieve Regenration

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