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Industrial Valves

We offer the best product range of Plug Valve, Gate Valve, Swing Check Valve, Butterfly Valve and Globe Valve.

Plug Valve

Get from us Inverted Pressure Balance Lubricated Plug Valve (manufactured in confirmation to the ANSI). We can also deliver bespoke solutions in terms of these Plug Valves. These Plug Valves allow hassle-free connection and cutting of pipeline medium. These Plug Valves are used in several industries such as chemical, petroleum, fertilizer production, electric power generation, pharmacy, among others. Details : Design manufacture: API 6D, API 608, ANSI B16. 34, or DIN, JIS Face to face (end to end): ANSIB16.10, API6D End flange dimensions: ANSI B16. 5 JB78, DIN, JIS Main body material: PN1. 0 PN1. 6 150LB and 300LB WCB, CF8, CF8M, CF3, CF3M Lining Material: PFA and FEP Works Under Nominal Pressure of CLASS 150-900 lbs Working temperature of -29ºC to 180ºC Features : It has logical structure, reliable seal, excellent performance and nice design It has the structure of flip-chip balanceable pressure and light on/off operation An oil groove is set between valve body and seal surface, which may infuse the seal grease to increase the seal capability The part material and flange dimension may be selected according to current operating condition and userâs requirement; hence, this product meets the requirements of various engineering applications

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Gate Valve

Catering to even the most demanding of requirements of applications, these Gate Valves are manufactured in confirmation to the set industrial standards. Also, this Gate Valve can work in an environment supporting a wide range of temperatures. We are a credible name to get Premium Gate Valve. Details : Design and Manufacture : ANSIB16.34, API600 API6D, API603 and BS1414 Face to Face (End to End) : ANSI B16.10 and API6D Flanged connection : 2"~24"to ANSIB16.5, 22", 26"~36"to MSS-SP-44 to API605 on Request Butt welded end : ANSI B16.5 Main body material : ASTM A216 WCB, A217 WC6, A351 CF8, A351 CF8M, A351 CF3, A351 CF3M and A351 CN7M Test and inspection : API598 Description : Valve manufacture and acceptance standard Design standard : API 600 Face to face : API B16.10 Flange standard : API B16.15 Test standard : API 598

  • Name of parts Materials
    BodyASTM A-216 GR-WCB
    BonnetASTM A-216 GR-WCB
    StemASTM A-182 GR-F6a
    Yoke nut ASTM A-439 GR-D2
    Seal sealing fale Stellite HF
    Wedge sealingfale AWS AS.9 E410
    Bonnet bolt ASTM A-193 GR·BT
    PalkingLnconel Wire Asbestos
    Hand wheel ASTM A-197
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Butterfly Valve

This Butterfly Valve is best suited for performing a large number of closing and opening operations in a time-efficient manner. Also, the advanced design of these Butterfly Valves ensures hassle-free on-off operations. Also, this Butterfly Valve is acclaimed for being leak-proof even at even a high pressure. Details : Design manufacture: API609, ISO5208, BS5155, MSS SP-67 and MS SP-68 Connect the size of the end : Flange, wafer end size according to ANSI16.5 Main body material NPS 1/2"~72" ANSI CLASS 150~300, WCB, LCB, WC6, WC9, C5, CF8, CF8M, CF3 and CF3M We can offer the valve according to clientsâ requests

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Globe Valve

All the set API Standards are adhered while designing, manufacturing and checking the Globe Valve . The compact design of this Globe Valve ensures its leak-proof working and ease-of-operations. Be it chemical, electric power, textile, metallurgy or petroleum, this Globe Valve is used in several industries. We also offer bespoke Globe Valves to clients. Details : Design and Manufacture: ANSI B16.34, BS1873 Face to face(end to end): ANSI B16.10 Flanged connection: to ANSI B16.5 Butt welded end: ANSI B16.25 Main body material :ASTM A216 WCB, A217 WC6, A351 CF8, A351 CF8M, A351 CF3, A351 CF3M, A351 CN7M Test and inspection: API598 Descriptions : Test Pressure o Design standard API 600 Flange standard ANSI B16.5 Face to face ANSI 16.10 Test standard API 598 Material For Main Parts Main external and connecting dimensions

  • Material Formain Parts
    BodyCarbon Steel DiseCarbon Steel-Stellite
    BonnetCarbon Steel Yoke nut Copper Alloy
    StemStainless Steel Hand wheel Ductile lron
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Swing Check Valve

Complying with several industrial standards, these Swing Check Valves are known for delivering hassle-free performance. We are among the respected names to get first-rate Swing Check Valve at rates that will never burn a hole in clientâs pocket. In general, this Swing Check Valve is installed in network of pipelines to prevent pressure induced by water hammer during adverse flow. Description : Design and Manufacture: ANSIB16.34, API6D and BS11868 Face to face (end to end): ANSIB16.10 and API6D Flanged connection : to 2~~24~to ANSIB16.5, 22~, 26~~36~to MSS-SP-44 Butt welded end : ANSI B16.25 Main Body Material : ASTM A216 WCB, A217 WC6, A351 CF8, A351 CF8M, A351 CF3, A351 CF3M and A351 CN7M Test and inspection: API598

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