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Industrial Valves

Our offered Product range includes Globe 2 Way Control Valve, Teflon Lined Globe 2-Way Control Valve, Butterfly Valve, diaphragm control valve and Pressure Control Valve.

Globe 2 Way Control Valve

  • RATING ANSI 150 to 2500 or Equivalents to BS, DIN, etc.
This type of Valve with its classic globe body shape, which reflects its name, uses the variable area generated between the plug and seat to control fluid flow. It is very versatile offering reduced trim options as well as a variety of special trims for severe high pressure drop applications. This style of valve is easily adapted for use on cryogenic tempetatures and for high temperature duties. This valve is preferred for tight shut – off, positioning accuracy, high rangeability and simplified maintenance, satisfy the majority of control valve applications throughout the process and power industries in control of Air, Steam, Water, Gas, Chemicals etc.
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Teflon Lined Globe 2-Way Control Valve

  • VALVE SIZE 20 to 100 mm (3/4” to 4”)
This type of valve is used extensively in the applicatons involving severely corrosive and toxic flowing media. Within its pressure limitations, this type of valve may be applied to most media. The Teflon lined body design provides an economical alternative to alloy valve bodies in wide variety of applications.

The Teflon lined globe valve body has carbon or glass filled PTFE trim parts, push down to close action and positive shutoff.
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Butterfly Valve

  • Size 50 to 900 mm (2” to 36”)
Butterfly Valve design is the most common type of rotary valve and provides low weight to Cv Ratio Combined with simplicity of design and comparatively low cost. It is simple device to control or block the Flow, a single vane or wafer disc pivots in the valve Body and find wide application for throttling or two Position control in the chemical, paper & pulp, sugar Industries, cooling water circulation, water treatment Plants, compressed air, gas plant, flue gas desulphurization plants etc.

Butterfly Valves have been around industry for decades, performing well defined tasks and are Economic alternative to Gate valve, Ball valve, Plug valve etc.
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diaphragm control valve

  • VALVE SIZE 15mm to 300mm ( 1/ 2” to 12” )
The Diaphragm Valve is essentially a simple pinch clamp, closed by pressing a flexible diaphragm against transverse weir, when fully closed, the diaphragm seats against the weir providing a leak tight closure.

The diaphragm valves are recommended for handling sticky and viscous fluids, slurries and highly corrosive and hazardous substances and other hard to handle mediums or where tight closure is prime factor. It is the most ideal valve to handle fluids that require high purity and should remain free from contamination.

The Diaphragm Valve is a simple pinch type valve and of low pressure type because of large area of diaphragm and is extensively used for both OnOff and throttling services and finds its application in Waste & Water Treatment Plants, Filtration Plants, Chlorination Plants etc
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Pressure Control Valve

The Series 700 upstream Pressure regulating valve is a throttling pressure control device that opens and closes to ensure the upstream pressure does not rise above a predetermined pressure. The need for constant pressure and control of the media is the most essential part of various process industries size fertilizers, petrochemicals, Refineries, Pharmaceutical Chemicals & food processing Plants.
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Pressure Regulating Valve

  • SERIES Series-600
Downstream Pressure regulating valve is self contained, self Operated control devices, maintaing a desired reduced outlet pressure, while providing the required fluid flow to satisfy a variable downstream demand. The valve at which the reduced pressure is maintained is the outlet pressure setting of the regulator. It utilizes energy from the controlled system.The pressure reducing regulators are manufactured in a variety to manage downstream system pressures in low, medium, high flow applications; model features a diaphragm piston type or combination of both to suit different applications.
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Flush Bottom Valves

The Valves are designed to open directly in the tank, reactor for 100% Flushing or discharging the material.
Easy Operation even under high pressures.
Full circular passages.
Easily replaceable PTFE seats & Packing.
The design is featured with inclined bonnet which allows the automation OR manual operation to be free from fouling with the reactor disc end.
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Pneumatic Valves

The positioner is used to operate a valve with 3-15 psi spring range when controller signal is other than 3 –15 psi.
The positioner is used to operate valves Having non standard actuator spring ranges by controllers having the standard 3-15 psi Signal pressure.
When air operated control valves are located far from control Instrument, positioners will reduce lag, thereby speeding up valve operation.
Some processes require the dual or sequential operation of two to three Control valves by a single controller with a 3-15 psi output signal range.
When process lags necessitate the use of wide Controller proportional band, the positioner provides an exact means of making the control Valve responsive to infinitely small changes in controller output pressure.
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Pneumatic Control Valves

High flow capacity and rangeability.
Large variety of Trim design.
Top opening for easy trim inspection without disturbing insulation or piping connection.
Tight closing for reliable control even when changes in pressure temperature are sudden
and extreme.
Bolts located outside of the piping stress area to eliminate gasket crush problems,
reducing downtime.
Wide selection of actuators to meet most system requirement.
Rigorously proven on-site performance.
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Pressure Regulating Valves

We are offering pressure regulating valves. Over the years of experience in the industry, we have been able to provide the customers with a commendable range of pressure regulating valves.
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Butterfly Valves

We provide a wide range of butterfly valves.
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Control Valves

We have gained expertise in retailing and wholesaling a wide range of control valves.
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Diaphragm Valves

We are a company which is engaged in the supply of diaphragm valves.
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Globe Valves

Owing to our expertise in this domain, we are indulged in offering a broad spectrum of globe valves.
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