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Customized Software Solution

We are leaders in the market for providing best range of Account Management Software Services, B2B Travel Software Services, Flight Booking Software Services, construction software services and Builder Management Software Services

Account Management Software Services

Account Management Software enables sales professionals to build a deep understanding of target accounts with a complete history of all the interactions that your sales organization or even your partners' sales organizations have had in that account. With Account Management Software, sales professionals can schedule and track account related activities, track product and service delivery, and establish new business opportunities with existing accounts. Account Management Software enhances long-term supply-oriented sales processes including those typically found in the consumer goods industry, the chemical and energy industries, the communications and utility industries, and the financial services industry. Account Management Software enables account teams to: Understand the customer's business drivers Align with the customer's business objectives Estimate the revenue potential for the account Create and uncover new opportunities Prioritize efforts around the best long and short-term opportunities Proactively plan the role of partners

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B2B Travel Software Services

Looking for scalable and reliable b2b travel software? we have it for you. Our state of art b2b online reservation software is the core of modern travel acumen and it forms the central point wherein the travel players viz. Hotel chains, tour operators, tour wholesalers, travel associations and other market players formulate and weave their activities. Our state of art online reservation software is not restricted to just booking alone. Instead it enables to perform the following operations: intellectually adjusts the pricing and mark up policies. Display the availability in the real time mode promote special offers and incorporate discounts effectively manages cancelling of trips and tickets easily provide best offer package of available travel products. Can handle large data volumes in a much better way.

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Flight Booking Software Services

Feel the ease of booking the flight with our new Online flight booking software. It is a comprehensive and integrated technology which provides user friendly online booking to the tourists who want to have instant booking with the help of internet. Our portal on flight booking provides complete online solution for booking your tickets. Travel industry has reached sky rocketed heights and there has been great need to ease the system and easy online booking is one step in this direction. With our innovative web application system you get to know the best flights available in just a single click. One can book the tickets directly from the site in tandem to the date, time and destination required and that too at the most affordable price. You get the complete list of all the flight details with corresponding booking prices in flash of the seconds which will enable you to select the best deal. Following are the features of our state of art flight booking system.

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construction software services

Construction Management is a complex and complicated process that requires the right kind of tools to manage tight schedules, disorganized operations and distributed entities and stakeholders. Pointer Soft Technologies Pvt. Ltd. brings a flexible, well integrated, web based Construction Management System for builders and construction companies, of all kinds; from residential housing construction, commercial building construction, and specialized industrial construction to infrastructure construction.

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Builder Management Software Services

Our builders' management software Pointer Soft Technologies Pvt. Ltd. offers a total co-ordination of all the key processes involved in buyer registration, allotment and recieving installments for companies involved in Building and construction management. This Builders Management Software ERP application manages almost all activities of an organization, be it Project Management, Employing Manpower and even delivering S-Curver, Pert Chart and Daily Progress Report etc. It is capable of maintaining multi projects on different locations/city based on a very large data-base .It offers multi module functions to support easy usability department-wise / work-wise. It will enhance overall performance of the company by having complete control over the manpower, appropriate flow of records, managed costing, least chances of errors, organized accounting and reporting.

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hotel management software services

This sophisticated hotel management system has been constantly improved and developed over five years and is currently being used to run hundreds of hotels of all sizes across the India. Pointer Soft Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Hotel Management Software helps you to maintain Hotel automation and total customer services. Speed up your work and unleash the potential of your hotel services to accelerate the performance and goodwill by providing your guests swift online details and billings. This software will help you to monitor manpower performance and enhance your service levels. Pointer Soft Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Hotel Management Software is integrated with three other software packages to provide our customers with a complete software suit.

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Travel Booking Software Services

Travel is not to just roam around but it is to explore new ideas and new visions. In order to ease your zeal and zest of travel, Pointer soft technologies Pvt. Ltd. a travel domain specialist who have mastered themselves in fabricating solutions in the field of travel and tourism acumen. We provide state of art online travel solutions at your finger tips. With out of the box and scientific travel software we have carved a niche in the travel acumen. Our user friendly travel web portal speaks about everything pertaining to your travel queries. It has Our travel search engines will corner you the best flights instantly to the destination you desire, the date you want to and your budget needs. You can get complete list of the agencies through which you can book your tickets with the help of ourtravel agency software. Our internet booking engine aids you easy and quick bookings of tickets for any means. We architect best travel portal development for domestic and international air ticket booking, rail booking, bus ticket booking and cab booking.

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Biometric Attendance Software Services

Pointer Soft technologies Pvt. Ltd. the flagship company in India has carved a bench mark for itself in the Software development arena by crafting out of the box web solutions and strategies. After carving a niche in the matters related to the real-time attendance, the company has come out with state of art finger based attendance system delhi. Biometric attendance System is not the traditional attendance system But Now a days it is incorporated in every government and private sector. Our presidium of assiduous software professionals architect Biometric Attendance machine Delhi that enables attendance Software With out of the box technology and innovative approach our cloud based cloud.

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B2C Travel Software Services

Customers are the king in any industry and where the travel industry is concerned the satisfaction of the customer is the vital point. Keeping this in mind we have developed out of the box B2C travel software that includes spectrum of travel related activities like travel planning, flight booking, rail booking, tour booking etc. Our software escalates your business to new heights of success. It catapults the customer rate to new level. Our software provides perfect podium enables showcasing B2C travel offers on the company's website in a much profitable way. Here's how it aids the customers: It enables to compare and book the best flight options Locate hotel rooms at economical rates Car renting from global and local car suppliers It provides XML connection to many travel wholesalers at your choice Controls on commissions No duplicate search results and provides travel content mapping

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Election Management Software Services

Power to the people is the core potential in elections, but how do you get it there when the election process and rules can be complicated and difficult. We create and freely distribute the Election Campaign Management Software, System to make it easier for people to run for office in India. we will encourage younger people to enter the political process as candidates. Software and the willing efforts of our programmers can be a way to hack the political system and make it easier for regular people to negotiate the often election statutes and get elected. It gives you more power. We also provide Bulk Voice Solution, Bulk SMS, election campaign Management software, Election Systems & Software, Election software Solutions, Election Campaign Management, Election Campaign Software, and Election Software for Data Management, Software for Politicians, and Software for Election. You can use this software in small and big election like MLA Election, MP election, election committee management software. We provide Top Political Campaign Software Products, Software for Political Campaigns.

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Voter Management Software Services

To win elections, candidates need to make connections with voters at the most fundamental level. Volunteers knock on doors, hand out literature and win the battle on the ground for hearts, minds and yard signs. Organizing a good field operation can produce a win for your candidate, but it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information needed to get the job done. Our software for politicinas has developed powerful voter management software to help campaigns process that mountain of data and turn it into something useful, allowing them to target their messages more effectively and to easily track who they’ve talked to and when. Campaigns have tight budgets and need to choose how and when to spend money. Voter management software allows you to create highly-targeted field programs that match your campaign's message with the interests and histories of voters. By targeting your voters more accurately, you use those limited campaign resources more effectively, making voter management software something your campaign can’t afford to do without. You can break down your voter list by any number of criteria: Demographics Voter Data Party affiliation Voting history Precinct and Ward information

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Volunteers Management Software Services

Volunteers are an essential part of any campaign. Whether they are your friends and family helping out, or hundreds of passionate volunteers going door to door, you need to be able to attract, coordinate and communicate with these volunteers. In addition to streamlining your nonprofit's operations, your volunteers will also appreciate the Volunteer management software From the comfort of their home or office, volunteers can register for events and/or create a user account. Such flexibility gives your prospective participants a convenient, secure portal, thus increasing loyalty to your nonprofit. Ourvolunteer management software also sends automatic confirmation, reminder, and thank-you emails, which helps participants remember their upcoming shifts and feel valued.

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school management software services

In olden days, educational institutions were completely depending on hard copies for documentation and storing data. This was quite time consuming process and required lot of man power. It was very difficult to get back up of the data in case of data lost. As the technology improved and computer era started, different type of automated softwares has been designed for the 21st century students. School management software is one among them. School management software system is a web-based global application, which helps in managing student data in schools, colleges and/or universities located in multiple cities. Now-a-days, usage of this software has been drastically increased because of the fact that this tool can be used from anywhere and at any time by various systems for multi purposes. School management software services are online admission, data storage, grade book, E-learning, attendance, schedule management, student performance track, accounting and reporting.

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Bus Booking Software Services

Ease your work with our innovative B2B bus booking software. This online software aids the bus operators to book and manage seats effectively. This is web based application which provides full control to the user all the time with just internet service. Our comprehensive B2B bus booking software enables the bus operator to get a clear picture at a glance pertaining to the size of the fleet and the inventory. All in all our B2B bus software provides reliable and scalable solutions to all the bus operators. Save your bus expenses with our B2C bus booking software that allows the customers to book the bus tickets from online with great ease. It is online portal that aids in ticket booking.

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Train Booking Software Services

Augment your revenues by selling directly from your website with the help of our out of the box B2B train booking software. Our portal showcases software that is the fastest B2B website which facilitates swift and hassle free online rail ticket bookings. This system is online web application system providing full control of the business in the hands of the rail booking agentswho can book tickets online for their clients. It provides the agents crystal clear picture of the number of seats available, cancellation list and aid in doing reservations against cancellations instantly. This software is a boon for all the railway tickers booking agents and other affiliates as it provides reliable and scalable solutions to all.

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Mobile Recharge API Software Services

Do instant recharge of your mobile with our encyclopaedic mobile recharge API software. It is highly innovative software that provides recharge software solutions in tune to the requirements of the customers. Pointer Soft technologies Pvt. Ltd. has architected this software that offers recharge services for both GSM and CDMA cell phones. With the help of our recharge API the business persons can get full account and recharge solutions for their mobile recharge business. It also aids in providing easy, convenient and volatile way to facilitate your customer with auto generated recharge and instant SMS text message thereafter. To process recharge requests from the Mobile recharge software, Mobile recharge API is the main requirement. We are the ace developer of Mobile recharge API in the town and our services includes: System integration Provides instant and automatic message on recharge and registration services Can handle and create multiple retailers and distributors network effectively User friendly software and thus easy to manage Supports multiple recharge API in single recharge software

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