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Electrical Cables & Wires

Our product range comtains a wide range of bowden cables, high voltage cable, alarm cables, Aerial Bunched Cables and Flame Retardant Low Smoke Cables

bowden cables

The Bowden experience is not new to you, if you have ever rode a bicycle. Deriving its name from a famous brand that no longer exists, Bowden cables are used in almost all automobiles. Bowden cables are flexible cables which have thin stainless steel stranded wires which aid in transmitting mechanical energy or force with the movement of an inner cable. Designed to replace the complex pulley mechanism used in the earlier bicycles, this cables is now used for controlling a wide range of automobiles. Encased in a plastic sheath, this cable has a hollow outer covering which is constructed with spirally wound steel wires. Used since the late 1800s, the interior wires of this cable offers linear movement which aid in transmitting a push and pull force which is used to operate light devices. The invention of Bowden cables can be credited to Sir Frank Bowden of the Raleigh Bicycle Company. Although, he invented these cables, the first patent for these cables was awarded to an Irishman named Ernest Monnington Bowden in 1896. Originally, Bowden cables were used for supporting the braking device which had a few rubber pads mounted in line along the metal rim of the rear wheel. This braking device was controlled by the Bowden cable which was connected to the lever attached to the handlebars of a bicycle.

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high voltage cable

A high voltage cable HV cables is a cable utilized for electric force transmission at high voltage. A cable incorporates a conductor and protection, and is appropriate for being run underground or submerged. This is as opposed to an overhead line, which does not have protection. High-voltage cables of contrasting sorts have an assortment of utilization in instruments, ignition frameworks, and AC and DC power transmission. In all applications, the protection of the link must not break down because of the high-voltage stress, ozone delivered by electric releases in air, or following.

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alarm cables

  • size 12 AWG-18AWG

In spite of taking endless precautionary measures, accidents do happen. And this is because of sheer negligence and lack of knowledge and it would not be wrong to say, the ignorance of people. People, who invest in quality furnishings for their homes, often fail to allocate resources for implementing safety measures, especially against fires. Even if they do undertake precautionary measures, they often overlook the most important criteria i.e. quality. More than the fire systems it is the wires that are used in the process which makes a huge amount of difference. A quality fire alarm cable transmits clear and appropriate signals to the fire systems, which eventually helps avoid disasters. Fire alarm cables are available both with and without aluminum Mylar Shield. Though both can be used in fire alarm systems, a shield of aluminum Mylar prevents crosstalk and reduces the noise between the signals. Most standard fire alarm cables are capable of bearing up to 300 volts of energy.

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Aerial Bunched Cables

Since the advent of technology, man has been totally dependent on electricity. The more he utilized it, the more he got used to it and this led to some far adverse issues. However, improper distribution of energy gave rise to adversity and there rose a need to find sufficient land to distribute electricity without obstructions. As a medium to counter-attack improper distribution and transmit energy to far-off places aerial cables were invented. Neatly suspended on huge electricity pylons, aerial bunched cables are those cables that cover long distant areas. Superseding overhead power distribution, these cables are more safe and reliable compared to the conventional bare conductors that were previously used to distribute energy. Mostly used in rural areas, these cables are economically effective and can be installed in every terrain. With its flexible built, aerial bunched cables can be used both in urban and rural areas irrespective of the environment.

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Flame Retardant Low Smoke Cables

Fire is one of the most dangerous element’s which results in adverse loss of money and resources. There have been many fire-accidents in the past due to the corrosive fumes and flickering fire of the cables. Electrical engineers involved in generation, transmission and utilization of electricity, observed the behavior of ordinary cables in highly flammable environment and identified the need to create cables that are immune to fire. Usually, all XLPE cables are layered with a protective covering of Polyvinyl Chloride also known as PVC. Although, PVC is immune to flames due to its flame retarding property. With the contact of fire, it does produce highly toxic fumes which are corrosive in nature. Flame Retardant Low Smoke PVC compound ensures low smoke emission compared to ordinary wires with PVC coating. They are less toxic in nature and emit considerably low amount of corrosive fumes. In short, they perform tasks as fire retardants.

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high tension cables

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