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Leading Manufacturer, Supplier & Retailer of Polyurethane Primer, Primer, Colored Synthetic Primer and Quick Drying Primers.

Polyurethane Primer

  • Min. Order (MOQ) 5 Litre

We are offering polyurethane products. Scope: a two pack p.u paints are used almost exclusively as they offer excellent uv resistance as well as providing a high gloss and enhances durability. P.u. Primer & paints also tend to become tacky quickly due to solvent leaving the surface. � recommended for use in new construction & maintenance services over properly primed surfaces. � excellent long term durability. � an effective top coat for use in refinery, fertilizer, petrochemical chemical transportation industries etc

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We are offering primer. Scope: epoxy coating is a two part system which are mixed before the application. the two parts consist of 1) an epoxy resin which is cross linked with 2) a co- reactant or hardner. It produces a hard, chemical & solvent resistance finish. a two pack epoxy coating with superb performance in severe marine & industrial environment. The product has excellent resistance to chemicals, solvents, fumes, splash & spillage. Use: recommended for use on offshore platform structural, helideck & accommodation areas as well as underdecks & above water area jackets. the product is also suitable for application on ms & concrete areas of fertilizer plants, chemical units, refineries, petrochemicals etc. Product data: type two pack, cured with polyamide composition catalyzed epoxy resin suitably pigmented. Viscosity (ford cup b4) 70±10 seconds specific gravity 1.05±0.05 mixing ratio base: catalyst(4:1) by volume pot life 4-6 hours application brush conventional airless spray recommended dft 30±5µ per coat theoretical spreading rate 6-7 sq.mtr. Liter drying time 1. surface dry-40 - 50 min 2. tack free- 4 hours 3. hard dry-over night curing time 6-7 days over coating interval min: overnight max: 5 days flash point above 40˚c colour as per is & ral k5 shade cards packing 20 liters thinner pragati make epoxy thinner finish smooth & matt semi glossyglossy after complete curing of paint following tests should be carried. No. examine test specification result 1. adhesion test after 24 hrs. ( no lifting of film form) pass 2. scratch hardness test 1500-2000 gm. pass 3. flexibility to pass ¼ inch mandrel pass 4. salt spray 150-200 hrs. pass 5. humidity test 140 hrs. No blistering rusting & no loss of adhesion

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Colored Synthetic Primer

INR 70 - INR 120 / Litre
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  • Min. Order (MOQ) 4 Litre
  • Type Synthetic
  • Color Available In Many Colors
  • State Liquid
  • Application Brush, Roller
  • Finish Soft Sheen
  • Packaging Size 5-10 L
  • Pack Type Plastic Can & Bucket

We are the leading manufacturer and supplier of synthetic primers, which are used in industries due to its useful features. Our high quality and low cost general purpose synthetic primers are used on interior surfaces. These are economical and give hard various metallic equipments.   Properties : Smooth and hard finish Hard finish Durable Quick drying Anti corrosive   Applications : Auto bodies pumps Valves

  • Specifications :
    Redoxide Primer Redoxide Metal General Purpose Primer for Structural steel
    Redoxide Zinc Chromate Primer
    Redoxide Metal Excellent anticorrosive primer for autobodies,
    pumps, valves & other fabricated parts.
    Redoxide Zinc phospate Primer Redoxide Metal Excellent anticorrosive primer for Exterior Structures
    Zinc Chromate Primer (IS 104) Yellow Metal Excellent anticorrosive primer for bothe ferrous
    & nonferrous metal surfaces
    Zinc Phosphate Primer White / Grey Metal Excellent anticorrosive primer for humid &
    coastal environment
    HB MIO Primer Grey / Reddish / Brown Metal A high build coating with micaceous Iron oxide,
    Imparts resistance to moisture & water vapour
    Quick Drying
    Primer Surfacer
    White / Grey / Black Metal Excellent intermediate coat for autobodies
    pumps, valves & other fabricated parts to
    cover surface irregularities

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Quick Drying Primers

  • Min. Order (MOQ) 4 Litre

We are ranked among renowned Manufacturers & Suppliers of Quick Drying Primers in Pune, Maharashtra, India. Made from premium raw materials and using advanced machines, our Quick Drying Primers are easy to dry, reliable and durable. Our company offers Quick Drying Primers as per requirements in a variety of grades. Buyers can purchase Quick Drying Primers from us at competitive prices. Scope : A quick drying primer/Paints for use on structural steel. Provides a hard drying, Tough, formulated with rust inhibitors to resist corrosion on any metal surface, flows on smooth & covers completely with one easy to apply coat. Recommended for use on bridges, cranes, towers, equipment, tanks etc. Easy to apply. Handlable within 30 minutes. Recoatable when surface must be tack free.

Additional Information:

Packaging Details : 4 / 10/ 20 / 200 LITERS

  • Product Data : (PRIMERS)
    Type Single Pack
    Composition Modified quick drying alkyd medium with suitably pigmented
    Viscosity (Ford Cup B4) 90±10 Seconds
    Specific Gravity 1.25±0.05
    Application Brush/Roller/ Conventional Spray Gun
    Recommended DFT 30±5µ per coat
    Theoretical Spreading Rate 5-6 Sq. Mtr. / Liter
    Drying Time
    • Surface Dry-10-15 min
    • Tack Free- 1-2 hours
    • Hard Dry-over night
    Over coating interval Min: Overnight
    Max: 2 Days
    Flash Point Above 40ËC
    Colour Grey, Red oxide
    Packing 4,10 & 20 Liters
    Thinner Pragati make Q.D Thinner
    Finish Grey-Smooth & Matt
    Red oxide- Smooth & Matt/Glossy

  • Resistance Guide :
    Chemical Resistance
    Exposures Splash & Spillage Mild Fumes/Outdoor Resistance
    Acid N/R N/R Poor Poor
    Alkalis N/R N/R Poor Fair
    Solvents Fair Fair Fair Fair
    Salt Good Good Good Good
    Water Good Very Good Good Good

    Temperature :

    • Continuous- 90Ë C
    • Intermittent- 120Ë C

    Weatherability : Good
    Flexibility :  Good
    Abrasion Resistance : Moderate


    Storage Life : Up to 6 month in intact condition or sealed the containers are kept under cover in a dry place under normal temperature conditions.


    Surface Preparation :
    Steel : remove grease, oil & other contaminants preferably by using degreasing solvent. Blast clean to a minimum of Sa2 ½ Swedish std. SIS 05 5900. For severe corrosion, blast to Sa 3 with a surface profile not exceeding 65 microns.
    If blasting is not practical, make full use of mechanical tools along with manual chipping & wire brushing to remove loose rust & scale to st. 2 Swedish std. SIS 05 5900. Excessive burning of steel is to be avoided. Thoroughly dust down all surfaces. Best results can be achieved if the manually cleaned surface is primed with protectomastic- self-priming surface tolerant coating; otherwise, treatment with metal conditioning solution will also produce satisfactory results.
    The surface should be clean & dry before application of primer coat.


    Application :

    • Mix the contents thoroughly before & during use.
    • Apply with suitable thinner for the recommended dry film thickness.
    • Brush / Roller: add up to 5% thinner if required during application.
    • Conventional spray: add up to 15-20% thinner depending on conditions. Use only standard equipment at an atomizing pressure of 3.5-4.9 Kg/cm2.


    Note :

    • Do not apply when temperature falls below 10Ë C or rises above 50Ë C & when relative humidity rises above 90%. Do not apply during rain Fog or mist.
    • Brushes & Roller should be cleaned with thinner otherwise, equipment is liable to be damaged.
    • Primed steel work should not be exposed with one coat for a long period.

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