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Pressing & Binding Machines

Our offered Product range includes glass engraving machines, granite engraving machine, color printing press, Offset Printing Press and Offset Press.

glass engraving machines

Glass engraving by laser is an advancement to glass etching making the process more convenient , versatile and fast. With the laser engraving equipment we can engrave anything on glass be it company logos, graphical designs, detailed photos, high-quality images etc. The delicate yet powerful nature of glass is well understood by glass laser engraving machine leading to nil shattering or breakage. As the laser system works on computer command, there is no need of stencil or masking techniques used earlier.With flawless complex designs and beautiful matte effect on glass you can create anything to standout in market. Here at prakash we are dedicated to customize one machine according to your industrial needs. Kindly contact us for more information.

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granite engraving machine

Among the stones, Granite with fine and smooth surface is the most accepted raw material for engraving. Many beautiful and creative things like gifts and novelty items, decorative items, photo frames, souvenirs, personalized items etc can be made by laser engraving of stone. Unlike etching in which chemicals are used to engrave the surface, stone laser engraving machine uses laser beam to engrave which is a non-contact process and hence causes little or no coloration. Due to the long-lasting and ageless quality of stone , stone laser engravaing machine remains in high demand in the market. We have many models depending upon the work area, heads, speed etc to provide you with the best option to suit your industrial needs. Kindly contact us to decide which would work best for your company.

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color printing press

PRAKASH NW model high speed offset printing machine a newly produced lateral feeding Commercial press based on advanced foreign technologies manufactured by PRAKASH is available in sizes 14×18, 16×22 and 18×24. Single Double& four colour sheet fed offset printing machine this offset printing machine Is also available with on line numbering and perforation facility.

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Offset Printing Press

Offset printing press in the history of printing is relatively new, but the fact that it is economically practical has resulted in its widespread. For a company that falls between small and large business corporations, using an offset printing press can prove to be ideal for all their printing needs. Offset printing is excellent for booksbooklets, brochures, business cards and forms, calendars, catalogues, flyers, invitations, and more. Within the printing industry, any medium-sized business can gain the best price per piece with offset printing.

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Offset Press

The mono unit is capable of printing one colour on either side of the web. Alternatively, a 2+0 colour combination can also be achieved using direct litho printing. The stack unit is identical to the mono unit but is without the reel stand. It can be mounted without the reel stand. It can be mounted on a 3-colour satellite to print 4+1, on mono unit to print 2+2.

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Wood Engraving Machine

As mentioned earlier, this machine makes use of a laser to carry out the engraving. The laser beam melts and vaporizes the material being engraved leaving behind an imprint. As a norm, an individual has to first create the pattern on a graphics engraving software before transferring it to the laser engraver machine

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