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  • Yellow Peas

    Yellow Peas

    Based in Cordoba, Argentina, we are a highly appreciated and trusted supplier, manufacturer, and exporter of Yellow Peas, which are used in a variety of foods as whole peas or mashed to act as thickeners of soups and sauces. With a distinct and unique flavor, the Yellow Peas we offer are popular ...

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  • White Corn

    White Corn

    The White Corn we offer is grown naturally in our high-tech farms and harvested when just right to ensure a longer shelf life. This white corn offered by us is free of harmful chemicals, colorants or any other additives and conforms to international food safety standard. We have over the years ...

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  • White Kidney Beans

    White Kidney Beans

    We are recognized as one of the premium suppliers, exporters and manufacturers of White Kidney Beans, with our head office in Cordoba, Argentina. We offer these naturally grown and processed White Kidney Beans, which are a rich source of dietary proteins and fibers in bulk quantities. We process ...

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  • Split Peas

    Split Peas

    We offer superior quality Split Peas, which are grown naturally and have no harmful pesticides or chemicals added to them. These high in protein healthy split peas can be made into snacks as well as a healthy nutritious meal when eaten with a cereal or rice. Located in Cordoba, Argentina, we are an ...

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  • Split Corn

    Split Corn

    We offer Split Corn that is used in a variety of applications ranging from animal feed, to manufacture of cornstarch, corn flakes and other commercial corn products. The split corn we offer is of high quality and certified for conformation with international food and safety standards. We are a ...

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  • Chana Dal

    Chana Dal

    We offer this Chana Dal or split chickpeas lentil, which is hygienically processed and a rich source of proteins and vitamins. This legume is very tasty and made with a variety of snacks and fritters, also used in soups and gravies and other preparations. The Chana Dal flour is also used as a ...

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  • Sorghum


    We offer sorghum seeds with high purity. We are producers and exporters.All our products have been audited and approved by us fda for export both that country and the european community.Deliver packaging of 1 kg to 1,000 kg (big bag).Interested buyers please contact us for details.

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  • Sesame Seeds

    Sesame Seeds

    Sesame Seeds are used in a variety of cuisines globally for seasoning, as a curry base and commercially also used for extracting sesame oil. We offer these sesame seeds in both black and white variants. We offer these naturally grown sesame seeds which are 100% pure and free from adulteration and ...

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  • Safflower Seeds

    Safflower Seeds

    We offer premium quality Safflower Seeds, which have been tested and found safe for food purposes by all governing bodies as per safety norms. Grown naturally, these safflower seeds we offer are very popular for oil extraction as they safflower seed oil is a healthier option to regular vegetable or ...

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  • Yellow Corn Seeds

    Yellow Corn Seeds

    We offer Yellow Corn Seeds that are popularly used to make one of the most loved global snack  Popcorn. These Yellow Corn Seeds we offer are of premium quality and turn out completely to make tasty and scrumptious popcorn. We offer this in bulk packed in conveniently sized polypropylene bags of 1kg ...

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  • Friesen Seeds

    Friesen Seeds

    We are a highly appreciated and dependable exporter, supplier and manufacturer of Friesen Seeds. Considered very highly for their nutritive value, we offer naturally grown, chemical free friesen seeds. We can supply these friesen seeds in bulk at a very short notice period. Based in Cordoba, ...

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  • Mung Beans

    Mung Beans

    Mung Beans or green lentil beans are a popular food, used in salads, curries, and snacks. Mung Bean Sprouts are rich in healthy nutrients and are considered a very nutrient rich diet food. We can supply these Mung Beans in bulk quantities at a short notice period in convenient and safe ...

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  • Millet Seeds

    Millet Seeds

    We offer premium quality Millet Seeds, which are considered a safer option for people with gluten intolerance while offering high levels of nourishment. A traditional protein rich dietary fiber these millet seeds can be consumed as a bread or porridge. With our head office in Cordoba, Argentina, we ...

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  • Lima Beans

    Lima Beans

    Lima Beans are a popular food across the world, served as baked or boiled with a variety of bread, rice or a meal by themselves. Considered to be a healthy food, which is rich in nutrients and low in carbohydrates and fats, the Lima Beans we offer are known for their purity and high quality. We are ...

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  • Light Red Kidney Beans

    Light Red Kidney Beans

    Located in Cordoba, Argentina, we are a supplier, exporter, and manufacturer of great eminence of Light Red kidney Beans. These light red kidney beans we offer are popular as a breakfast food as baked beans on toast or hash browns. We supply in bulk to the food-processing sector. We also offer ...

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  • Green Peas

    Green Peas

    We are a prominent and reliable supplier, exporter and manufacturer of organically grown Green Peas. These Green Peas we offer are known for their premium quality in terms of their long shelf life and uniformity in size. A rich source of natural nutrients, these green peas offered by us is used in ...

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  • Dark Red Kidney Beans

    Dark Red Kidney Beans

    We are a well-known and valued exporter, supplier and manufacturer of Dark Red Kidney Beans, from Cordoba, Argentina. These Dark Red Kidney Beans offered by us are naturally grown and have been certified safe for consumption by the Food and Drug Administration, USA. Rich in Iron, Calcium, and other ...

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  • Cranberry Beans

    Cranberry Beans

    We offer Cranberry Beans with high purity weights from 180 to 260 grains per 100 grams. We are producers and exporters. All our products have been audited and approved by us fda for export both that country and the european community. Deliver packaging of 1 kg to 1,000 kg (big bag). Interested ...

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  • Coriander Seeds

    Coriander Seeds

    Coriander Seeds are extensively used as a seasoning and spice blend in a variety of cuisines, especially in Asia. We offer premium quality coriander seeds, which are checked for quality and certified for safety by the FDA in the United States. We can supply bulk quantities at a short notice. ...

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  • Sunflower Seeds

    Sunflower Seeds

    The Sunflower Seeds we offer are a popular snack, especially in South-East Asia and also used in the extraction of the extremely popular sunflower oil, which is gradually becoming the cooking medium in a lot of countries. Low in saturated fats and high in protein Sunflower seeds are a very healthy ...

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  • White Chickpeas

    White Chickpeas

    We offer premium quality White Chickpeas, which are protein rich and low in carbohydrate content. These White Chickpeas we offer have global appeal and are used differently across the world, ranging from savoury snacks to curries, to dips and sauces. We are a well-known and highly respected ...

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  • Chia Seeds

    Chia Seeds

    Chia Seeds have gradually achieved the status of a wonder food, due to its multiple health benefits. We offer this premium quality Chia Seeds, which are guaranteed for purity with no chemicals of adulterants. You can avail these Chia Seeds at competitive market rates. Based in Cordoba, Argentina, ...

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  • Black Turtle Beans

    Black Turtle Beans

    A natural source of dietary proteins, vitamins, and minerals like calcium and iron, the Black Turtle Beans offered by us are greatly appreciated for their premium quality, fast cooking, and purity. These black turtle beans are 100% natural and do not have any chemicals or colorings added to them. ...

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  • Bird Seeds

    Bird Seeds

    Located in Cordoba, Argentina, we are one of the most prominent and respected suppliers, manufacturers and exporters of premium quality Bird Seeds. We offer naturally processed and hygienically packed bird seeds in bulk quantities. All the bird seeds we offer are check and tested for quality and ...

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