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Other Products / Services

We offer the best product range of Tonometer Schiotz, Tripod Stick, DISPOSABLE SURGEON KIT, BABY WEIGHT SCALE HANGING and AUTOCLAVE HORIZONTAL RECTANGULAR.

Tonometer Schiotz

rajas manufacture and supply first rate schiotz tonometer for the appropriate measurement of intraocular pressure. Our ophthalmic schiotz tonometer is highly apposite for complex and critical eye surgery. Our schiotz tonometer is available in superior quality brass parts and is also chrome plated. It has a red needle attached to it for the clear reading of the measured scale. We also make them available with conversion table in blue presentation case. So the schiotz tonometer for ophthalmologist is the most appropriate surgical equipment for the serious medical case related to the eyes. In addition to this, we are also one of the largest schiotz tonometer suppliers in india. tonometer according to prof. Schiotz for measuring the intraocular pressure. All main parts are made of high quality brass and are chrome plated. Red needle enables easy reading of the scale. The instrument comes complete with 3 weights (5.5 gram, 7.5gram, 10 gram) and conversion table in presentation case.

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Tripod Stick

Construction made of aluminum pipe duly anodized light weight provided with PVC/ wooden hand grip for better grip, height of the tripod stick adjustable with little affords just to push the lock, easy to handle, provided with PVC non static shoes to avoid the slipping on the floor. The base of the stick is tripod type for easy walking for the patient.  

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Disposable surgeon kit presented with one surgeon gown, one set of shoe cover, one face mask, one disposable cap, one set of gloves for the keeping high sterilization and hygienic condition for the patient to avoid any infection or epidemic conditions.  

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Baby Weight Scale Hanging machine pocket model easy to carry provided with weighing cloth with strips capacity of the machine up to 20 kegs, upper and lower hinges provided with the machine to hang the weighing cloth comfortable way, upper hing to hold the machine in the hand of user or to hang with nail on the stand.  

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Our Autoclave Horizontal Rectangular High Pressure. This is a triple walled autoclave used to sterilize the medical and testing equipment at specific temperature. Our high pressure steam sterilizers are highly effective in cleaning hospital appliances from the infectious organisms and chemicals. The entire array is made of premium grades raw materials supplied to us by the prominent vendors of the industry. We supply our comprehensive array at affordable rates.  

  • Construction Sterilizer has inner and outer wall made of 304 grade stainless steel, middle jacket made of stainless steel or brass and gun metal.
    Technical Data Steam Working Pressure 1.26 kgf/cm2 (2.2 kgf/cm2 in case High speed sterilizer
    Working Temperature 121oC
    Operating Voltage 240 volts single phase, AC supply, 50 Hz.
    Sterilization Period 45 to 50 minutes
    Components Radiant locking system, cold water drainage system
    Steam Exhaust 5 to 7 provided with timer from 1 to 60 Min with double safety valve, steam releasing valve, pressure gauge for the pressure inside the chamber, and one pressure gauge to show the pressure of outer chamber both the chamber made of stainless steel lid of the unit made of heavy duty gun metal piece for extra safety, gasket, water level indicator to see the water inside, heavy duty power plug with socket provided with the unit
    Accessories One spare element, and two gasket , our Regular sizes are 900X500, and 1050X750. Other sizes also available on request.
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Power Line 220 VAC range (220-240 VAC), 0.5 Ampere, 50/60 Hz., external voltage selector switch. Gauge: Use 3-conductor harmonized cord only; up to 49′ use 18 gauge cord; up to 99′, use 16 gauge cord; up to 200′, use 14 gauge cord. External Battery: 12 VDC, 5 Amperes. Approximately 20 hrs. operation with 75-80 Amp-hour 12 VDC deep-cycle, gel-cell battery. Approximately 10 hrs operation with 35-40 Amp-hour 12 VDC deep-cycle, gel-cell battery. Internal Battery: Approximately 1 hour operation. Type: Volume ventilator. Motor Brushless induction. Pump: Piston, 100 to 2200 ml tidal volume capability. Front Panel Controls: Alarm Silence/Reset: Push button to silence alarms during events or reset after events; used with Battery Test button to read machine operating hours on Patient Pressure meter Battery Test: Push button to show battery charge level on the lower window of Patient Pressure meter. Mode: Rotary switches to set ventilator operating mode: Standby, Assist/Control, SIMV, or Pressure Cycle. Low Alarm: Rotary switch to set limit for Low Pressure alarm: 2 to 32 cmH2O/hPa in increments of 2 cmH2O/hPa High Alarm Limit: Rotary switch to set limit for High Pressure alarm {Assist/Control, SIMV modes} or limit for Pressure Cycle mode: 15 to 90 cmH2O/hPa in increments of 5 cmH2O/hPa Volume: Push-to-turn knob to set volume: continuously adjustable from 100 to 2200 ml. Breath Rate: Rotary switch to set breathing rate: 120 BPM in increments of 1 BPM and 2238 BPM in increments of 2 BPM. Inspiratory Time: Rotary switch to set time for delivery of set volume: 0.5 to 1.0 sec. in increments of 0.1 sec.; 1.2 sec.; and 1.5 to 5.5 sec. in increments of 0.5 sec. Breathing Effort: Push-to-turn knob to set pressure level for detecting breathing effort; continuously adjustable from -10 to +10 cmH2O/hPa Pressure Limit (LP10 Only): Locking knob sets pressure limit level from 15 to 50 cmH2O/hPa or closes off the pressure limit feature. Input Patient Pressure: Port for connection to the proximal pressure line of the patient circuit. Outputs Patient Air: 22 mm tube for connection to the bacteria filter. Exhalation Valve: Port for connection to the exhalation valve of the patient circuit. Indicators Normal Events Patient Pressure Meter: Displays patient pressure, -10 to +100 cmH2O/hPa; also displays battery charge and machine hours of operation when appropriate buttons are pressed. Breathing Effort: Green LED activated by adequate patient breathing effort. Power: LEDs indicate operating power source: green AC Pwr/Batt Charge, amber External Battery, flashing amber Internal Battery. Alarms: Flashing red LEDs: Low pressure /Apnea, Low Power, High Pressure, Setting Error, Power Switchover. Audible Alarms Pulsating Tone: Low Pressure/Apnea, Low Power, High Pressure, Setting Error, Power Switchover. Steady Tone: Loss of microprocessor control. Reminder Tone: Every five minutes when powered by Internal battery, each time accessory printer generates a report. Rear Panel Controls AC Circuit Breaker Internal to the AC Power Switch (1 for ON; 0 for OFF), 1 Ampere Inputs Inlet Filter: Intake for patient air. Screw off cap for filter change. External Battery: Connection for 12 VDC battery. Communications Port Calibration information during service procedure. Outputs Vent: Cooling vent for internal ventilator components Remote Alarm Connection for optional alarm accessories. Communications Port Connector for optional printer  

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All chrome plated tubular steel construction mounted on the wooden platform and fitted with wall bracket at the top wall mounting comes with adjustable swivel pulley block a set of joking weight and two handles with nylon ropes suitable for all shoulder elbow and chest exercises confirming ISI specification. Rehabilitation machines are used for physical rehabilitation therapy.  

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Elbow Stick

Elbow stick made from aluminum frame duly anodized in golden colour very light weight provided with rubber foamed or wooden well fabricated grip handle , PVC rubber shoe provided on the slipping action on the floor, height of the stick totally adjustable with little affords and duly locked properly.  

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Vacuum Extractor manual with Silicone Cup bottle made of Glass or Polyproplene with vaccum tight lid , vaccum gauge provided on the bottle and one set of tubeing of silicone, three stainless steel cup with chain and one vaccum pump hand operated provided with the unit to creat the vaccum in the jar, complete vaccum extractor manual hand operated supplied in Box.   Cup made of silicone Vaccum Gauge up to 600 mmhg Vaccum created piston made of steel Silicone tube set Cup made of stainless steel Glass Bottle to create the vaccum

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Ankle exerciser rehab frame made of M.S. duly powder coated paint finish, heavy duty spring metal made with high strength give the ankle full flexible movement, rubber grip provided on the frame to ensure better grip on the floor, velcro stripps to grip the shoe on the exerciser during exercise.  

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Rotary Wrist Machine

Rotary Wrist Machine also called “Supinator-pronator” and used effectively to promote pronation and supination of the wrist. Grip Unit: Unit have single grip hold, precision machined Cast Iron drum, fitted with brake shoes for resistance and smooth plastic handle to grip. The resistance level measurable. Drum also be fitted with a d dial protractor to measure the range of motion. Wall Fixing: Unit have wall-fixing arrangements with a 20mm chrome plated square tube of 50cm length to adjust the height of grip unit according to the need of patient. Finish: Grip unit have oven baked black finish with working parts in bright chrome plated finish  

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Vertical Foot Suction Machine Manual foot operated Powder Coated Heavy MS Base 1500 ml Polycarbonate Jar with ABS Lid powder coated Metal Components ABS (Plastic) Piston Pump Aluminium Carrying Handle Non-Collapsible Suction Tubing unit provided with Pressure gauge, easy to clean jar and easy to sterile if needed hany unit can be used in indoor or out door like medical campus , ambulances etc.   Specifications: Portable and non string pedal operation Open end glass jar of about 1500 ml. Piston type pump Out right vacuum 600 mm Hg. Self sealing rubber lids

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Hospital Bed fowler

Hospital Bed flower that are designed in accordance with High standards. We have designed a strong framework using strong and high quality steel tubes that are mounted on 10 cms diameter on rotating castors for these beds. The top of the perforated CRCA sheets have four sections and are suitably bent with duly machine. Two separate screws are used for the movement of knee rest and backrest. Vertical tubes support is given to the tabular head and foot that are unequal in height. These beds are provided with safe side railings and four saline locations. Furthermore, the finishing is done with epoxy powder coated. Features: High strength Sturdy construction Size: 198L x 90W x 60H cms

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Hydroculator with three fold fixed upholstered traction table is idle for horizontal cervical and lumbar traction purpose. The lumbar section rolls freely on ball bearing roller for friction free lumbar pull. Cervical traction angle is controlled by vertical adjustment of machine mounting board. Complete with flexion stool. The modifies cushioned top traction table is totally folding, which can be dismantled for transportation. Operates in static or intermittent mode. Digital display for hold time and rest time. Feather touch selection for treatment time with digital display. Feather touch selection for treatment time with digital display. Patient safety switch with audio visual alarm. Alarm at the end of treatment comes up and traction force released. Accessories cervical collar, cervical spreader bar, pelvic belt, thoracic belt, traction doubler, main cord.   Technical details: Power Consumption : 100 watt(approx. ) Input voltage : 220 volts a. C. 50 hz. Hold time : 20, 40, 60, 80(second) Release time : 1, 5, 10, 20(second)

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Defbrilator with monochrome LCD screen and synchronizing facility. In its kind,  the first biphasic defibrillator available at lesser price than the traditional monophasic defibrillators. Even today, In addition to the high-quality and life saving technology, we focus on improving patient care without compromising the result due to cost. we launched a colored multipara biphasic defibrillator with details as under; Key Features Offers variable energy level selection (2, 3, 5, 7, 10, 20, 30, 50, 70, 100, 150, and 200 Joules) Battery capacity – 50 shocks on single charge Adult and pediatric paddles support Compact and light weight: 3.5 kg ECG through paddle Printer-optional Parameters-ECG, SpO 2 , and NIBP

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Rajas offers microprocessor-based servo / Manual controlled proper heating over a bed, bassinet or examination table or wherever warming is needed. unit supplied With digital display for skin temperature and set temperature, Product servo and manual control modes for operating the warmer system. You can use product in manual mode which allows the warmer to be kept “baby ready” without any nuisance alarms. Microprocessor-based control panel makes operation quick and easy. It has a manual mode that allows warming without delay. Stainless steel baby tray with transparent slot help in incorporating the facility of under surface phototherapy. Its small heater made of ceramic/quartz makes it easier to work with the baby by providing even heating over the mattress and not of the surrounding environment. It also contains acrylic tray and cushion mattress with head up/down facility. It use focused heating with a Halogen Examination Lamp (12 Volts, 50 Watts) to provide accurate assessment of Infant colour and sufficient illumination during procedures. The self-test mechanism puts off an automatic alarm in case of a failure. The alarm is set for different failure modes which are automatically detected by the incubator. A full complement of alarm provides safety convenience. The set and skin temperature displays are large and have blinking mode. The displays are clearly visible from distance of over 3~5 meters and more, larger than the typical temperature displays. The design of our models allows easy dismantling during cleaning or fumigation. Clear acrylic fold down side panels are useful with acrylic X-ray tray and X-ray guide for positioning the cassette. With a wide set of optional accessories like LED Examination Light, Baby bed made of stainless steel and under surface phototherapy unit, this Infant Radiant Warmer System helps you provide 100%reliable infant warmer at all times. Safety; over temprature cut off device installed, double thermostate for safety of the equipment.  

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A solid-state lightweight, compact and portable unit with microprocessor control. The Ultrasonic Unit waves differ from other electromagnetic radiation (shortwave, microwave etc. ) with the energy being propagated as mechanical vibrations and gives a massaging effect to the deep tender part of muscles. Ultrasonic muscle stimulator is very effective in treatment of neuro muscular and muscular-skeletal diseases including arthritis, sinusitis etc. The sound head minimizes heat and thus eliminates any discomfort to the patient.  Salient features  our physiotherapy equipment ultrasonic unit is microprocessor controlled, digital display for output continuous & pulse modes four select able settings in pulse mode digital timer audio alarm for timer  Technical details   voltage ac 220v probe transmitter freq. 1 mhz.Protection class – i complies with iec 601-1  

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Fumigator (O.T. Care) Stainless Steel available in 1.5 Lt. or 3 Lt. made of all S.S. material. Unpack the equipment and check the functioning by plugging it into a 3 pin 5 Amps 230 V electrical socket. Ascertain the dos’age required for the room to be disinfected. Place ‘OT Fumigator’ inside the operation theatre. Pour in the formation & water into the dish from sides. Close and seal all the windows, ventilators openings and the door of the place to be disinfected. Plug in the unit’s main cord into a 3 pin, 5 Amp, 230V, electrical Sockete or use automatic timer. Switch on the ‘OT Fumigator’ and allow it to run for 30 minutes thens with switch. Which must be provided outside the operation theatr switch it off. Wait for 6 hours and open the room before re-using the room, exhaust remaining fumes if any by switching on the fan / exhaust of the window and airconditioner.  

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Laser Treatment Unit for use of physiotherapy and rehabilitation of the patient who is having post operative illness and injury recovery or trauma, the laser unit is programmable with 20 to 25 programmed totally light weight unit, easy to handle and operate the unit. presented in briefcase for easy handling  

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Traction Machine Electronic

Traction Machine Electronic (Cervical & Lumbar)  Salient Features  : The electrostatic intermittent traction machine is an accurate and sturdy unit. Improved reliability has been achieved using solid state Electronics. The Silent motor is smooth, reliable and lasting. The electronic traction is of solid construction and is easy to use the traction force can be easily adjusted from 5 to 45 kgs. The traction froce can be increased 90 kgs. using traction force doubler. The treatment time is electronically adjusted and displayed by LEDS digitally. At the end of treatment time the alarm comes up and traction stops. Traction Mode Selector : Operates in static (Constant Traction) or in intermittent traction mode. Hold Time/Rest Time : When the traction is in intermittent mode HOLD & REST time can be selected with rotary switch Traction Force Selector : The traction force of 5 to 45 kgs, is selected with a rotary switch, with double upto 90 kgs Treatment Time Selector : Displayed LEDS, switches off the unit after treatment time Mounting : Wall or table mounting Specifications Voltage : 220V, 50 Cycle Force : Doubler upto 90 kgs. Treatment : 1, 5, 10 sec. Mounting : Table or wall mount. Traction : 5 to 45 kgs with Hold Time : 20, 40, 60 sec. Time : Display Standard Accessories Ultrasonic applicator : 1 Pc. Applicator Stand : 1 Pc. Space fuse : 5 Pcs. Machine cover : 1 Pc. Jelly bottle : 1 Pc  

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ECT MACHINES Monitoring Equipment

Our ECT Machines delivers pulsed, bi-directional square wave stimulus. The current is constant at 0. 9 ampere and the voltage varies automatically by a built in microcomputer as per the impedance of the patient. We conceived and designed the rajas keeping three major considerations in mind i. E. Its stimulus parameters had to be chosen on the basis of research data. (Maxwell 1968, weaver teal 1977 wiener 1980). It should have the capacity to produce seizure virtually 100%. It should be safe and easy to operate. Parameters display on LCD. Auto stimulus voltage. Auto impedance check. Output display in joules as well as in milli coulombs. In built rechargeable battery with charger.

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Crash Cart

Crash Cart made of Best quality heavy gauge tubular pipe and metal sheet construction, the unit moves on the four castors in which two are with break and two are without breaks, Top and lower shelves of the unit made of stainless steel, Six number of total drawers provided on the unit three on the each sides made of plastic and the plastic tray of different colors on the frame to keep the emergency medicines the top of the unit covered from all the three sides with the help of the stainless steel rod, the handle provided on the unit to move around. The lower shelves also covered from all the three sides with the help for the stainless steel rods for the safety of the material. I.V rod and cage for oxygen cylinder provided in the trolley.  

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temporal bone lab station set made of m.s. Sheet duly powder coated paint finish and with adjustable feet as per different level of floor, feet allow setting as per floor level, temporal bone lab which consist of temporal bone holder, one complete unit with inbuilt suction machine, wash basin made of stainless steel with drainage pipe arrangement, operating microscope with cctv attachment and monitor lcd for display suction machine has jar of poly carbonate material of 2 liter easy to sterile and clean when needed, maximum suction up to 760 mmhg, motor of 1/4 hp fitted with the suction unit which allow best suction, connection for micro motor has been provided with the unit with its hand piece of straight type.speed of micro motor is 35, 000 rpm operated with control box which is inbuilt with the temporal bone lab unit, hand piece of straight type which is compatible with the micro motor is also provided with the unit, a set of consumable like suction canula 50 pcs micro motor burrs 10 pcs gloves 25 pairs, face mask 100 pcs , provided with the unit to make the product ready to use. The microscope has optical head eye pieces 12.5 x wide field diopter distance adjustable from 52 mm to 75 mm by knob working distance 175 mm or 200 mm magnification – manual 5 step 0.4 x, 0.6 x, 1.0 x, 1.6 x, 2.5 x adjustment from +6 to -6 inclination to vertical 450 off vertical interplanetary field of view (with 175 mm objective) 56, 36, 22, 14, 9 mm diameter (with 200 mm objective) 80, 51, 31, 19, 12 mm diameter total magnification (with 175 mm objectives) 5, 7, 11, 18, 28 (with 200 mm objectives) 3, 5, 8, 13, 20 fine focusing 50 mm manually adjustable/ optional motorized foot control illumination system illumination standard 60 illumination coupled with -20 illuminations for bright red reflex maximum intensity 75, 000 lux brightness continuously variable filters built in heat absorbing filter and uv, green & blue filter with switchable facility light transmission by fiber optic cable light source twin outlet 15 v/ 150 w halogen lamp with cold reflector arms counterbalanced spring arms horizontal length of arms 850 mm vertical.

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Human Torso Female

We are one of the noted manufacturers & suppliers of Various Human Models such as Human Torso female which is Fabricated from premium Fiberglass, our human organ models are used in Medical research laboratories, Clinics and Medical colleges. Our human Models are acknowledged for the properties like non breakable, light weight, portable structure and well Painted & polished in natural color. These models can be easily mounted on the wooden board with Key Chart.  

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Rajas offers Round Bottom Flask Grounded Neck Made of Borosilicate 3.3 wide range flask available in different capacity starting from 10 ml, 25 ml, 50 ml, 100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml, 1000, ml 2000 ml available neck size is from NS 10/12 to 34/35 for 10 ml NS 10/12 for 25 ml NS 10/12 and 14/23 from 50 ml to 2000 ml the NS available from 14/23 to 29/32 follow DIN standard drawing. NS 24/40 is also available on request as per US standards.  

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Glass Stopper Hollow is frequently used to put on the mouth of reagent bottles to prevent the leakage. Clients can avail this stopper glass in many sizes as per requirements.  

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Human Torso Male

We are one of the noted manufacturers & suppliers of Various Human Models such as Human Torso Male which is Fabricated from premium Fiberglass, our human organ models are used in Medical research laboratories, Clinics and Medical colleges. Our human Models are acknowledged for the properties like non breakable, light weight, portable structure and well Painted & polished in natural color. These models can be easily mounted on the wooden board with Key Chart. The Torso is presented with 10-12 part which are disectable.  

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Basin on stand Double. Frame made of steel construction duly powder coated paint finish, two rings fixed on the top of the steel rod duly supported with steel strip, two basin of stainless steel duly bended from corners, Base made of Poly urethane material with five castors Black in colour mobile unit.  

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Ever since our establishment, we are engaged in the industry as the prominent manufacturer and exporter of Solid Stopper. Our offered stoppers are wisely made using high quality materials sourced from certified market vendors. All our products are ISO certified and hence extensively used in many research related industries. The range of stopper is used to close the mouth of the flasks to avoid leakage and entry of moisture. Further, our clients can avail the collection of Solid Stopper from us in different sizes.   Features : Highly durable Ensure leak proof seal Supreme finish

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Examination and diagnostic set scratch less, smooth and excellently suited to purpose. Top quality instruments yet economical. The choice of ‘c’ or ‘d’ handles. Supplied with one spare bulb of each instrument. Set of otoscope, throat illuminator, laryngeal mirror, nasal speculum, tongue depressor, +c handle in case set of otoscope, throat illuminator, laryngeal mirror, nasal speculum, tongue depressor +c handle in case reflex.  

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Sarvang vash yantra hardwood constructed, with three acrylic windows, on each side. Steam is generator with safety devices. The steam passes in sarvang yash yantra from one sides & can be controlled by controller. A special moving trolley with perforated bed, where patient lies, is an integral part of the unit. Fitted with digital temperature controller device for temperature visibility. Stainless steel tray under the perforated bed for waste water collection and drainage system must be provided, all the unit must be coated by polyurethane coating for protection from moisture, over all size is 84″ x 36″ x 24″.  

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Mixing Cylinder  with Hexagonal Base Manufactured from Borosilicate 3.3 which is resistant to heat & almost many chemicals. Class A with individually certificate. Supplied with polypropylene/ Glass Hollow Stopper.  

  • Cat. No. Cap. ml. Sub. Div. ml. Tolerance (±Ml.) Neck Size
      R121.010 10 0.2 0.1 10/19
    R121.025 25 0.5 0.2 14/23
    R121.050 50 1.0 0.5 19/26
    R121.100 100 1.0 0.5 24/29
    R121.250 250 2.0 1.0 29/32
    R121.500 500 5.0 2.5 34/35
    R121.1000 1000 10.0 5.0 45/40
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Mixing Cylinder  with  Hexagonal Base (Amber Colour)  Manufactured from Borosilicate 3.3 which is resistant to heat & almost many chemicals. Class A with individually certificate. Supplied with polypropylene/ Glass Hollow Stopper.  

    Cat. No. Cap. ml. Sub. Div. ml. Tolerance (±Ml.) Neck Size
      R119.010 10 0.2 0.1 10/19
    R119.025 25 0.5 0.2 14/23
    R119.050 50 1.0 0.5 19/26
    R119.100 100 1.0 0.5 24/29
    R119.250 250 2.0 1.0 29/32
    R119.500 500 5.0 2.5 34/35
    R119.1000 1000 10.0 5.0 45/40
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Crystallisation Dishes  Manufactured from Borosilicate 3.3 meeting the highest quality standards according to DIN 12338. These flat bottom dishes are used for growing crystals and any application. Height between petri dishes and glass beakers.  

  • Cat. No. External (Dia) Height (mm) Volume(ml.)
      R57.0050.60 60 mm 35 60
    R57.0100.100 70 mm 40 100
    R57.0250.150 80 mm 45 150
    R57.0500.300 95 mm 55 300
    R57.1000.900 140 mm 75 900
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Sterilizer Non Electric Seamless shell , control excessive steam escape and restricts condensate within the shell. Incredible synchronized maneuverability of lid, due to statistically perforated tray for flushing & entry of water. Highly adoptable of your growing needs. Configuration design & material our medical sterilizer, hospital sterilizer available in different sizes: 510 x 200 x 150 mm, 430 x 200 x 150 mm, 300 x 150 x 125 mm. Heating with kerosene stove or gas burner.

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