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Plant Growth Promoters

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Plant Power Enhancer

  • Brand Name Tripple Power

Triple power as the name suggest, gives extra power or energy, resisting power and provide more fertility to soil. It is based on potassium humate and also contains carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, nucleotides and group of amino acids. the above product is made in two parts 1st part, in powder form containing potassium humate, amino acid, vitamins folic acid, co enzymes and 2nd part contains proteins, emulsion, preservatives, enzymes etc. After mixing 1st and 2nd part properly and apply 10ml to 15 ml in 15 ltr water for obtaining better quality soil. Benefits to plants :- gives extra power or energy improves resisting powerprovide more fertility to soil provides nutritional content dose :- 2.5 gm + 10ml liquid per 15 ltr water. size available :- 5 ltr, 1ltr, 500ml, 250ml, 100ml, 50ml.

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Flowering Booster

We are office flowering booster. A powerful bio stimulant that combines amino acid and vitamin for enhanced yield. Triple six when applied either by absorption or by absorption by plant it self . It passes physiological barriers without undergoing any change. The n-acety thgiazolidhive-4 carboxylic (atca) slowly converted into thioproline formal cysteine and this cysteine which in turn activates various physiological and biochemical processes results in increase of functional molecules like enzymes, vitamins etc.which ultimately lead to increased productivity, better quality and growth of plant and produce.

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Plant Growth Promoter

We are offering plant growth promoter. It is based on 14% of humic acid but for the better performance, we have modified it by folic acid 2%, amino acid 5% and combination of co enzyme, vitamins. The initial plant growth promoters spray has to be done within 15 to 20 days by 50 ml per 15 ltr water as the plants want sufficient food for the production of its roots, stem and also for its growth. Plant growth promoters is mainly essential for the development of roots and height of the plants. Trishul gives extra strength to the plant for its faster growth. We suggest trishul spray in every 12 to 15 days, for better strength.

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