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Metal Oxides & Peroxides

We offer the best product range of Acetyl Acetone Peroxide and tertiary butyl perbenzoate.

Acetyl Acetone Peroxide

  • Physical form Clear liquid
  • Active Oxygen 4.0 % - 4.4 %
  • Density at 20°C 1024 g/ml
  • Viscosity at 20°C 19mPas
  • Refractive index at 20°C 14335
  • Flash Point 72°C
  • S.A.D.T 54°C
  • Gel Time 12 Minutes
  • Cure Time 17 Minutes
  • Peak Exothermic 165 °c
  • Hdpe Carboys 25 Litres Drum

Acetyl Acetone Peroxide used for the cure of unsaturated polyester resins at room temperatures in combination with a cobalt accelerator.   Storage and Handling Product can be stored minimum three months after receiving date, if kept in appropriate conditions and below its maximum storage temperature.

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Tertiary Butyl Perbenzoate

  • Appearance Liquid
  • Colour Clear
  • Odour Faint
  • Melting Point/range +8º C Tends to Under Cooling
  • Flash Point 94º C
  • Explosive Properties Yes
  • Vapour Pressure 0.04 kPa (50º C)
  • Density 1040 kg/m3 (20º C)
  • Solubility in Water Immiscible
  • Solubility in other Solvents Soluble in Most Organic Solvents
  • pH Value Neutral Character
  • Viscosity 9.1 mPa.s (15º C), 6.5 Mpa.s (20º C)
  • Active Oxygen Content 8%
  • Peroxide Content 98%
  • SADT 60º C
  • HDPE Carboys 25 Litres Drum

Primarily, TBPB is used as a radical initiator, either in the polymerization of e.g. ethylene (to LDPE), vinyl chloride, styrene or acrylic esters or as so-called unsaturated polyester resins (UP resins).[1] The quantity used for the curing of UP resins is about 1-2%   Properties TBPB is a clear light yellow liquid, which is little soluble in water but well in many organic solvents such as ethanol or phthalate.   Storage and Handling Store TBPB in a cool dry place below 30°C temperature. Avoid direct sunlight, rough handling.

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