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Fresh Fruits

Leading Manufacturer, Supplier & Retailer of Ice Box- Watermelon, F1 Black Diamond Watermelon, F1 Bellissimo Watermelon, F1 Madhuri 901 Muskmelon and F1 Rosa 80 Watermelon.

Ice Box- Watermelon

  • Brand Name Sakura

We offer ice box watermelon- f1 bellissimo-66 70 days deep green blackish skin, oblong, good fruit setting, high yield, very good for long transportation. fruit weight 3-4 kgs.

Additional Information:

Packaging Details : 10gm and 25gm Pouch & 50gm Tin

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F1 Black Diamond Watermelon

The weight of the F1 Black Diamond Watermelon fruit is 5-7 kg and the seed attains maturity in 68-70 days from sowing. The round fruit is dark green to black with a deep red flesh that is firm and sweet, and we are the leading Manufacturer, Exporter, and Supplier of F1 Black Diamond Watermelon. The prolific F1 Black Diamond Watermelon is easy to grow and it is tolerant to hot and wet conditions and long transportation.

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F1 Bellissimo Watermelon

The F1 Bellissimo Watermelon attains maturity in 68-70 days, and the fruit is oblong and black-skinned. The fruit has a firm, crisp, and sweet, and the average weight of the F1 Bellissimo Watermelon fruits is 3-4 kg. The company has carved a niche for itself as a Manufacturer, Exporter, and Supplier of F1 Bellissimo Watermelon.

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F1 Madhuri 901 Muskmelon

The F1 Madhuri 901 Muskmelon offers a round fruit with thick netting and a deep orange flesh. The fruit is known for its good aroma as well as thick and very sweet flesh, with the weight being 1.3-1.6 kg. The F1 Madhuri 901 Muskmelon attains maturity in 75-80 days from sowing. We are a major Manufacturer, Exporter, and Supplier of F1 Madhuri 901 Muskmelon.

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F1 Rosa 80 Watermelon

The company is a highly sought-after Manufacturer, Exporter, and Supplier of F1 Rosa 80 Watermelon , which offers fruits yellow skin that are oblong with a thick rind for long shelf life. The F1 Rosa 80 Watermelon matures early at around 62-65 days; with the fruit flesh is deep red, crisp, and sweet like TSS 13.5ΓΆ€“14 Brix. The juicy fruits of F1 Rosa 80 Watermelon weigh 2.5-3.5 kg with few small seeds. The company offers high yield F1 Rosa 80 Watermelon with excellent keeping quality.

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F1 Ruby 903 Muskmelon

We have come up as a renowned Manufacturer, Exporter, and Supplier of F1 Ruby 903 Muskmelon , with the fruit weight being 1.25-1.5 kg. The F1 Ruby 903 Muskmelon attains maturity after 72-80 days from sowing and its fruit is round with thick netting and orange flesh. The aromatic fruits, offered through F1 Ruby 903 Muskmelon, are thick and sweet with 14.5-15% sugar content.

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  • 1st Picking : 70-75 days
  • Fruit Colour: Light green

High yielding, good fruit quality, good sweetness, good for storage.

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A Watermelon is an extremely popular fruit and is rich source of multivitamin B. A Watermelon needs warm temperature and long growing season. The list of Watermelon, we offer, is inclusive of F1 Black Diamond Watermelon, F1 Carlo 69 Watermelon, F1 Seven Samurai Watermelon, F1 Ten Samurai Watermelon and Sugar Baby Watermelon. A Watermelon contains about 6% sugar and 91% water by weight. Attributes : Watermelon is effective in sharpening memory Watermelon is good source of magnesium Watermelon is good source of energy and calories Helps in combating protein deficiencies

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F1 Seven Samurai Watermelon

The F1 Seven Samurai Watermelon gives a 14-18 kg fruit that is oblong shaped, and has dark green stripes on the light green rind. The flesh of the fruit is bright red and firm, crisp, and sweet, and the F1 Seven Samurai Watermelon attains maturity in 75-80 days from sowing. As a Manufacturer, Exporter, and Supplier of F1 Seven Samurai Watermelon, we offer a seed for vigorous vines that is tolerant to diseases and has excellent keeping quality.

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