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Our product range comtains a wide range of Anelpi Syrup, Altone Syrup, Alkasyp Syrup and Gynarin Syrup

Anelpi Syrup

Product info : Natural, safe & non sedating cough formulation Effectively resolves stubborn cough Support to strengthen respiratory functions Impressively tackles productive & non productive cough Establishes quality of life Reduces the intensity & frequency of coughing   Dosage : Adults: 1-2 teaspoonful b.i.d Children: 1 teaspoonful b.i.d

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Altone Syrup

The comprehensive natural health tonic for overall health    Product info : Strengthens the body systems Enhances energy levels & Improves debilitated conditions Offers improved energy levels general body weakness & fatigue  Establishes a sense of well being Overcome stress, mental fatigue and restores a healthy equilibrium Restorative & rejuvenative support  Potentiates immunity & reduction in episodes of illness.   Dosage Adults : 2 teaspoonful b.i.d Children : 1 teaspoonful b.i.d Available as 200ml bottle

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Alkasyp Syrup

Details : Maintain physiological urine alkalinity Supports diuretic action in urinary tract infections originated dysuria, Resolves pain due to cystitis, stones, or burning Micturition Decrease the acidity of urine and act as a renal tonic  Balance disturbed urine and blood chemistry  Promote healthy, clear and clean urinary tract  Support healthy renal functions   Dosage :  Adults: 2 teaspoonful b.i.d Children: 1 teaspoonful b.i.d

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Gynarin Syrup

Details : The natural & multifaceted approach to gynaec heath A non Hormonal formulation Corrects hormonal imbalance & Gynaecological disorders Tones up uterus & stimulates ovaries Optimises menstrual flow Improves quality of womenhood Relieves uterine pain & colic Resolves menstrual irregularities, menorrhagia, ieucorrhoe, amenorrhoea, dysmenorrhoe   Dosage : 2 teaspoonful b.i.d

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