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SanjeevaniI Vastra

Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India

SanjeevaniI Vastra
We would like to take this opportunity of briefly introducing
M/s. Sanjeevani Vastra, Which is a well-established organization that provide livelihood to people through Herbal Clothings or Madeups , with business transactions being carried out in India as well as International. The company deals with innovative product – Herbal [medicinal value] dye fabric and their related garments.

The name and business strength that has been earned by our organization today, is due to the professionally equipped and able staff, who have a varied experience of the Indian and International market and good knowledge of serving the customers to their satisfaction. This is further enhanced by the innovative ideas of the management, who strive from time to time in creating awareness and keeping the company at par to the latest development of today's world.

A concise summary of our visions are mentioned here with this letter as attachment, which are for your perusal. It would be highly appreciated if you could write few words for the brief wishing for the future, so as to render our services to esteemed society in the foreseeable future.


Ayurveda is not only a system of medicine, but also a way of living. It is used to both prevent and cure diseases. In today world the spread of synthetic chemicals in natural resources like air, water, land had created may health problems to living organism, it is very hard to get clean water, good food, fresh air, this lead to new diseases and social problems.

In Ayurveda for healthy life three dosha (Vaata, Pitta, Kapha) should be balanced, if any dosha is imbalanced will lead to diseases, to balance dosha and to have healthy living we need good food, shelter, clothing. Sanjeevani Vastra concept is to give a good clothing in natural way without, synthetic chemicals, the environment surround our body plays a vital role in preventing mental and physical health, when herbal dyed cloth surrounds your body it can gives wellness to body and mind.

Sanjeevani Vastra cloth

is completely free of synthetic chemicals and toxic irritants and is totally organic, sustainable and biodegradable. The color of the Sanjeevani Vastra is gained from the medicinal preparation only and no other colorants are used. Resultantly, its property will last as long as the colour is there. The roots, flowers, leaves, seeds and barks of around 200 herbs are used to make the dyes. Since the natural herbs are generally found in very beautiful shades, Sanjeevani vastra is also becoming very popular for its colour properties. It has been proved that certain synthetic dyes used in garments are harmful to the human body. So garments carrying herbal property will be beneficial to the human body.

Herbs and Textile Industry

Globally, as many countries have been enforcing a ban on textiles that have been colored using chemical dyes, this had been a body blow to the hand loom industry.

At the same time, textiles dyed using natural vegetable dyes, especially medicinal plants, have been commanding a huge market due to their obvious advantages. Nowadays much of the stress in textile industry is given on Herbal dyes that uses only natural plants and minerals for all steps of the production process. The advantages of the dyes extracted from the medicinal plants origin from renewable resources, limited chemical reactions involved in their preparation, Biodegradable properties, health curing properties, and harmony with nature.

The traditional cotton dyeing embedded with innumerable hazardous chemicals and pesticides pose a serious threat to the human skin and environment. A liberal use of dangerous chemicals in the textile industry leads to severe health problems that affect the nervous system. Alternatively, organic cotton prohibits the use of such chemicals, with a gentle attitude towards environment and skin. The word 'organic' denotes agricultural products that use no synthetic chemicals or pesticides. Herbal dyeing is famous for its Eco friendly and herbs integrated in a fabric. In this process, natural textiles are dyed with herbs like Turmeric, Henna, Aloe vera, Indigo etc. In the whole process, no chemicals are used; the textiles are 100% safe and 100% chemical free.

Company Facts

Business Type : Manufacturer / Exporters / Service Providers / Wholesale Suppliers
Year of Estd : 2015
Company Turnover : Below Rs. 0.5 Crore Approx.
No. of Employee : 20 - 50
Ownership : Corporation/Limited Liability Company
Business Markets : ALL COUNTRIES


Contact Details

Mr. Manoj Jain

8, Professor Colony, Behind Bombay Children Hospital, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh - 462002, India

Mobile Phone : +91-8889995177, +91-7773857772, +91-7552666694