Sankalp Organics Pvt. Ltd.

Sankalp Organics Pvt. Ltd.

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India


  • Zinc Stearate

    Zinc Stearate

    We are involved in the Manufacturing and Exporting of Zinc Stearate , (Zn(C18H35O2)2) that is a zinc soap that repels water. The Zinc Stearate finds application in areas like plastics and rubber industry where it is used as an easily incorporated releasing agent and lubricant. We offer the Zinc ...

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  • Sodium Stearate

    Sodium Stearate

    We are listed at the apex amidst the list of leading Sodium Stearate Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters from India. Sodium Stearate is sodium salt of stearic acid. Major component of soap, Sodium Stearate finds application in deodorants, rubbers, latex, etc. Also, Sodium Stearate is added to ...

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  • Sodium Based Dry Wire Lubricants

    Sodium Based Dry Wire Lubricants

    Sodium Based Dry Wire Lubricants that we offer can withstand high temperature due to their composition stability. These lubricants can be used as they are and with water as well. Moreover, these lubricants are free from borax and nitrite. We are named among the renowned Manufacturers, Exporters and ...

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  • Potassium Stearate

    Potassium Stearate

    We are a prominent Potassium Stearate Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier based in India. Potassium Stearate is a primary cleansing agent suitable for both water and greasy agents like oil. Also, Potassium Stearate acts as a stabilizer and plasticizer in cosmetic and plastic industry. Clients can ...

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  • One Pack PVC Stabilizer

    One Pack PVC Stabilizer

    We bring forth an extensive range of One Pack PVC Stabilizer that is produced from high quality raw materials. The One Pack PVC Stabilizer gives very good thermostability and adjusted lubrication for extrusion of PVC pipes. We offer the One Pack PVC Stabilizer at market leading rates to the valued ...

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  • Magnesium Stearate

    Magnesium Stearate

    We are involved in the manufacturing of Magnesium Stearate I.P/B.P, also called octadecanoic acid, magnesium salt. The Magnesium Stearate range consists of two equivalents of stearate (the anion of stearic acid) and one magnesium cation (Mg2+). We offer the Magnesium Stearate range at market ...

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  • Magnesium Hydroxide

    Magnesium Hydroxide

    We are involved in providing high quality Magnesium Hydroxide that is extensively used in flame retardants, rubber, plastics, ceramics, glass, effluent treatment and other magnesium salts. The Magnesium Hydroxide offered by us is available in powder and paste form. Our Magnesium Hydroxide range is ...

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  • Lead Stabilizer

    Lead Stabilizer

    We are engaged in providing high quality Lead Stabilizers that are classified as inorganic Lead compound. The Lead Stabilizer range offered by us is stored in dry, ventilating and low temperature environment place and must be away from moisture and fire. Lead Stabilizers are mostly used as PVC ...

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  • Calcium Zinc Stabilizer

    Calcium Zinc Stabilizer

    We are into offering high quality Calcium Zinc Stabilizer is a group of heavy metal free stabilizer-lubricants system (Ca/Zn based Stabilizer/Organic Based Stabilizer). The Calcium Zinc Stabilizer range is extensively used for Pipes, Profiles, Cable, Footwear and Medical applications. We offer the ...

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  • Calcium Stearate

    Calcium Stearate

    We are involved in manufacturing Calcium Stearate that acts as an external lubricant in PVC processing. The Calcium Stearate offered by us promotes fusion and has a reasonable stability to heat. It is also very useful in various industries including chemical and pharmaceutical industries. We offer ...

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  • Calcium Based Dry Wire Lubricants

    Calcium Based Dry Wire Lubricants

    Calcium Based Dry Wire Lubricants find extensive usage in cold forming applications. The lubricants reduce soap consumption, increases chemical compatibility etc. The name of our company surfaces prominently among the trusted Manufacturers, Exporters and Suppliers of Dry Wire Lubricants. The ...

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  • Cadmium Stearate

    Cadmium Stearate

    We provide Cadmium Stearate that is extensively used in PVC soap thermal stabilizer with the least pigmentation, best stability and transparency. The Cadmium Stearate range allows high temparature processings. We offer the Cadmium Stearate range at competitive prices to the valued clients. Today, ...

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  • Barium Stearate

    Barium Stearate

    We are involved in providing Barium Stearate range to the esteemed clients. The Barium Stearate offered by us is used as a lubricant in manufacturing plastics and rubbers as a stabilizer against deterioration caused by heat and light. We offer the Barium Stearate range at competitive prices to ...

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  • Ammonium Stearate

    Ammonium Stearate

    We offer Ammonium Stearate that is produced using only triple pres Stearic Acid. The Ammonium Stearate range is used extensively in the textile Industry, in acrylic latex compounds. The Ammonium Stearate assists in foam generation and bubble control. We offer the Ammonium Stearate at affordable ...

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Mr. Kalpesh M. Shah

13, B Wing, Seva Sadan, 22, D. J. Road, Vile-parle West, Mumbai, Maharashtra - 400056, India

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