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Leading Manufacturer, Supplier & Retailer of Sanvil Injection, Sangan Injection, Sanvect-LA Injection, Diclosan-NP Injection and Diclosan-P Injection.

Sanvil Injection

  • Packaging Size 30ml, 100ml
  • Each ml Contains Pheniramine Meleate IP 22.75 mg
  • Each ml Contains Methyl Parahydroxy Benzoate IP 0.135% w/v
  • Each ml Contains Propyl Parahydroxy Benzoate IP 0.015% w/v
  • Water for Injection q.s


  • SANVIL provides immediate relief from all type of allergic manifestations.
  • SANVIL decreases The side effect or reactions of other drugs.
  • SANVIL is used in dermatitis.
  • SANVIL reduces capillary permeability and Oedema formation,
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Sangan Injection

  • Packaging Size 30ml, 100ml
  • Each Ml Contains Nimesulide 100mg
  • Each Ml Contains Pitofenone HCL 2.0mg
  • Each Ml Contains Fenpiverinium Bromide 0.02mg
  • Each Ml Contains Benzyl Alcohol IP 4.0% v/v
  • Each Ml Contains Water for Injection Q.s

Pitofenone Acts by powerful muscle relaxant action. Fenpiverinium Controls smooth muscles contractions. Nimesulide Potentiates the action of antispasmodic drug & provides relief from pain & fever.

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Sanvect-LA Injection

  • Packaging Size 10ml & 100ml
  • Packaging Type Bottle
  • Brand Name Sanvect Power
  • Composition Ivermectin injection(Vet)
  • Strength 1 ml for 50 kg body weight
  • Application Clinical
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Diclosan-NP Injection

  • Packaging Size 30 ml & 100ml
  • Each ml Contains Nimesulide BP 100mg
  • Each ml Contains Paracetamol BP 150mg
  • Each ml Contains Propylene Glycol IP Q.S


  • Musculoskeletal Disorder
  • Mastitis
  • Pyrexia of unknown origin
  • Lameness
  • Fever and Other Pyrexinc conditions
  • Myositis
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Diclosan-P Injection

  • Packaging Size 30 ml & 100ml
  • Each ml contains Meloxicam IP 5 mg
  • Each ml contains Paracetamol IP 150 mg
  • Each ml contains Benzyl Alcohol IP 1% w/v
  • Each ml contains Lignocaine HCL IP 1% w/v


  • DICLOSAN-P INJ. is having propylene glycol, which adsorbs the water from tissue due to that bacteria kill.
  • DICLOSAN-P INJ. also makes maximum contact with tissue.
  • DICLOSAN-P INJ. convenient and least painful intramuscular administration due to local anaesthetic i.e. lignocaine
  • DICLOSAN-P INJ. the synergistic combination of Meloxicam and Paracetamol, provides Excellent Antipyretic anti-inflammatory and Analgesic Effects without unwanted side effects on G.I. Renal and Circulatory System.
  • DICLOSAN-P INJ. the sharp decline in temperature in just two hours along with excellent anti-inflammation and Analgesic.
  • DICLOSAN-P INJ. safe in pregnant and young animals also.
  • DICLOSAN-P INJ. long-acting Anti-Inflammatory analgesic with an outstanding antipyretic response.
  • DICLOSAN-P INJ. excellent anti-inflammatory action. Rapid onset of action
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Sanvect Injection

  • Dose 1ml./50mg per Body Weight
  • Packaging Size 10ml, 50ml, 100ml
  • Each ml contains IP 100mg
  • Benzyl Alcohol IP 1.5% w/v
  • Propylene Glycol IP Q.s
  • Benefits Senvect for Treatment and Control of Internal & External Parasites
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Sancef-S 4.5gm Injetion

  • Packaging Size 4.5 gm with Syringe & Needle
  • Storage Keep in Cool & Dry Place
  • Each Vial Contains Ceftriaxone Sodium Ip(sterile) Eq. to Anhydrous Ceftriaxone 3 gm
  • Sulbactam Sodium Usp(sterile) Eq to Anhydrous Sulbactam 1.5 gm
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Soxel S 3gm or 4.5gm Injection

  • Packaging Size 3 gm
  • Form Injection
  • Each Vial Contains Sterile Amoxicillin Sodium IP eq to Amoxicillin 3 gm or 2gm
  • Each Vial Contains Sterile Sulbactam Sodium Usp Eq to Sulbactam 1.5 gm or 1gm
  • Form Dry


  • Soxel S (3 g. or 4.5 g) is a supreme combination to combat stubborn bacteria
  • Soxel S (3 g. or 4.5 g) is a potent combination of two drugs Amoxycillin & Sulbactam.
  • Soxel S (3 g. or 4.5 g) which contains Sulbactam added to Amoxycillin overcome the bacterial resistance.
  • Soxel S (3 g. or 4.5 g) is a highly potent bactericidal antibiotic and kill 99% of pathogenic bacteria in tissue in single exposer.
  • Soxel S (3 g. or 4.5 g) has broad-spectrum activity against, Gm-ve and also effective against Beta-lactamases producing bacteria. Sulbactam in SOXEL-S (3 g. or 4.5 g) is a potent Beta-lactamases inhibitor shows the synergistic effect with Amoxycillin and able to inhibit all types of bacteria, therefore, SOXEL-S (3 g. or 4.5 g) shows higher penetration and spread in mastitis udder.
  • SOXEL-S (3 g. or 4.5 g) penetrates mastitis udder is deeper and higher thus
  • SOXEL-S (3 g. or 4.5 g) able to reach upto orgasm hidden in udder in alveoli.
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Livson Injection

  • Packaging Size 30ml, 100ml
  • Each ml Contains Thiamine Hydrochloride IP 10 gm
  • Each ml Contains Riboflavin IP 3 gm
  • Each ml Contains Niacinamide IP 100mg
  • Each ml Contains Vitamin B12 IP 20 mcg
  • Phenol IP 0.5% w/v
  • Each ml Contains Water for Injection IP Q.s

LIVSON Injection

  • LIVSON INJ Protects the liver or liver disorder & improves Body resistance.

  • LIVSON INJ corrects anorexia & treats G.I. stony & tatty liver.

  • LIVSON INJ improves appetite & reduces weakness & dability.

  • LIVSON INJ promotes carbohydrate, protein, energy metabolism & glucose.

  • LIVSON INJ improves feed conversion, milk meat & egg production.

  • LIVSON INJ promotes amino acid utilization, liver & enzyme function.

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Levosan Injection

  • Packaging Size 30ml, 100ml
  • Dose 1.5mg/BW IM for Large amimal
  • Each ml Contains Levofloxacin Hemihydrate IP 100mg
  • Benzyl Alcohol IP 1.5% W/V


  • LEVOSAN is a 3rd generation floro quniolone antibiotic.
  • LEVOSAN is the only flora quinolone Antibiotic which is recommended by F, D, A. for the treatment of Pneumonia.
  • LEVOSAN for the treatment of proven life-threatening serious bacterial infection like pneumonia, H.S. Chronic Bronchitis.
  • LEVOSAN is highly effective in complicated & uncomplicated U.T.I. infections.
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Sanzole IM Injection

  • Packaging Size 30ml, 100ml
  • Each ml Contains Calcium Levulinate(equivalent to 10mg ionic Calcium) IP 76.4 mg
  • Each ml Contains Cholecalciferol IP 5000 IU
  • Each ml Contains Cyanocobalamin IP 50 mcg
  • Each ml Contains Benzyl Alcohol(as preservative) IP 1.5% w/v
  • Each Ml Contains Water for Injection IP q.s
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ISD- E Injection

  • Packaging Size 10 ml
  • Dosage 10mg, 20mg. Deep Infra Muscular According to the Type Site Severity of the Diseases.


  • Isollupredone Acetate IP (vet) 2 mg.
  • ISD-E (Highly Effective Injectable Glococorticoid Agent with Antiinfalamatory Potency Approx 10 Times Then That of Predisilon So ISD-E is highly Effective in case Of Mastitis Also.
  • ISD-E only Corticosteroid Approved By The U.S. Food and Drug Administration For use Exclusively in Large Animal.
  • ISD-E No Milk with Holding Period Required
  • ISD-E is safe, No Effect On Lactation
  • ISD-E is safe In PREGNANCY. Does Not Induce Abortion.
  • ISD-E Increase Glucose Level Quickly.
  • ISO-E 10 Times More Potent Then Predisilon
  • ISD-E is Provides Long-Acting Effect up to 48 Hours
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Sanofur Injection

  • Packaging Size 1gm (With sterile water and 20ml Syringe & Needle)
  • Storage Keep in Cool & Dry Place
  • Each vial contains Ceftiofur Sodium Sterile IP equivalent to anhydrous Ceftiofur 1 gm
  • Form Dry

Indications: Black quarter, Hemorrhagic Septicemia, Bronco-pneumonia. Nephritis, Cystitis, Endometrititis, Metritis, Pyometra. Mastitis, Actinobacillosis, Osteoarthritis. Bacterial meningitis. Pre-operative prophylaxis, post-operative treatment.

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Killer-M Injection

  • Packaging Size 30 ml & 100ml
  • Storage Keep in Cool & Dry Place
  • Each ml contains Meloxicam IP 5 mg
  • Form Liquid


  • Non-treatogenic
  • No effect on fertility
  • Offers good tolerability
  • Non-carcinogenic and non-mutagenic
  • The repaid onset of action, Ion acting advantage and Usefulness as a logical partner to antibiotic therapy.

DOSE: Cow, Buffalo, Horse, sheep & Goat 1 ml./10 Kg. bwt. (respiratory inflammation & Prolapse) 1 ml./25 Kg. bwt (other condition) sheep. Goat, Dog : 1 ml.;10 kg bwt.

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Flunil-S Syrup

  • Packaging Size 100ml, 500ml, 1 Ltr.
  • Form Liquid
  • Composition Oxyclozanide+Levamisole HCL+Silymarin
  • Dosage 1ml./-4 Kg Body Weight Sheep, 5ml./-20 Kg Body Weight Cattle
  • Storage Keep in Cool & Dry Place

Flunil-S Syrup (Oxyclozanide + Levamisole HCL+ Silymarin )

  • Flunil-S is the synergistic high power combination of Oxyclozanide, Levamisole S Silymarin for the broadest spectrum activity on all the major worms in cattle buffalo, sheep, and goat
  • Flunil-S is not mutagenic or Carcinogenic nor Tertrogenic
  • Flunil-S Complete Protection against all type of worms as well as mature and imature stages of liver fluke.
  • Flunil-S can be given to young, old, week and pregnant animals
  • Flunil-S has Silymarin provides Antiinflarnmatory 8 Antioxidant Effect on liver Flunil-S has Silymarin which at least 10 time more potent in antioxidant activity then Vitamin-E
  • Flunil-S has Silymarin which stimulates protein synthesis in the liver so increase the production of new liver cell.
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Saz Suspenstion

  • Packaging Size Available in 30ml/ 60ml/ 90ml/1000ml pack sizes.
  • Form Liquid
  • Each ml Contains Albendazole 25mg
  • Storage Keep in Cool & Dry Place

Counted under anthelmintic medication, Saz Suspension is effective against Nematodal, Cestodal & Trematodal infestations. Processed in the hygienic manufacturing unit, Saz Suspension has accurate composition and is available in various packaging options. We have carved a niche in manufacturing, exporting and supplying effective Saz Suspension. Clinically certified, Saz Suspension is reasonably priced and delivered to you in the stipulated time frame.


Description :
Saz susp. is an anthelmintic, medication that belongs to the group of benzimidazole-derivatives with activity against a broad range of worms and at a higher dosage level also against adult stages of liver fluke.



  • Kills worms at all stage of its life cycle
  • Protects against the risk of Reinfestation
  • In many cases like Hook Worm, Ascaris & Enterobiasis Offers broader spectrum of activity than Mebendazole.


Dosage :

  • Cattle: 7.5-15 mg/kg body wt
  • Sheep & Goat: 5-7 mg./Kg body wt.


  • Details






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Sancef 4 gm Injection

  • Packaging Size 3 gm or 4 gm Vial with 10ml. Sterile Water
  • Storage Keep in Cool & Dry Place
  • Ceftriaxone Sodium USP(Sterile) E.Q to Ceftriaxone 3 gm or 4 gm
  • Form Dry


  • SANCEF-3 OR 4 is useful in H.S. Pneumonia, Broncho Pneumonia.
  • SANCEF-3 OR 4 is useful in bacterial septicemia serious bone & joint infections, Intraabdominal infections some lower R.T.I & soft tissue infections.
  • SANCEF-3 OR 4 is useful in Metritis, Mastitis, Pyometra Cystitis & many other severe diseases.

Dose & Administration : 5/10mgikg body wt. daily by IWIM or SC route. Dosage also depends upon types, site & seventy of infections

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Taxsan-2 Injection

  • Dose Dosage, mode & frequency of administration depend upon severity of the infection
  • Packaging Size 2 Gm with 10 ml Sterile Water
  • Each Vial Contains Sterile Cefotaxime Sodium Usp Eq to Anhydrous Cefotaxime 2.0 gm
  • Form Dry

TAXSAN-2 Injection

  • TAXSAN-2 is very useful in R.T.I., U.T.I. Skin & soft tissue infection.
  • TAXSAN-2 is a drug of choice in pre & post-surgery cases.
  • TAXSAN-2 is useful in the treatment of mastitis.
  • TAXSAN-2 is useful in sepsis. endocarditis, meningitis prophylaxis, osteomyelitis.
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Santrim Injection

  • Packaging Size 30ml, 100ml
  • Each ml Contains Trimethoprim 40 mg
  • Each ml Contains Sulfadiazine 200mg
  • Each ml Contains Water for Injection Q.s
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