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  • Womens Footwear

    Womens Footwear

    A wide range of Womens Footwear is available with us. They are known to durable and wear and tear free. We supply these in bulk and mediums sized quantities to all our clients. The rates at which we supply are fairly reasonable considering the high grade quality that we provide. Our sales ...

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  • Wheat Seeds

    Wheat Seeds

    We are among the most trusted and loved suppliers and exporters of Wheat Seeds in the markets today. We supply to all local markets and many foreign markets as well. These are of fine quality, harvested from the best organic farms that use absolutely no chemicals to increase the produce. Our ...

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  • Table Cloths

    Table Cloths

    Table Cloths of standard sizes are available with us in different materials. They are designed to be attractive and also do no stain easily. The ones that we provide add an attractive appeal to the entire dacor. They can be availed from us at fairly nominal and affordable rates, relatively lower ...

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  • White Sugar

    White Sugar

    White Sugar adds a sweet flavour to various desserts and beverages. Pure sugar is obtained from some of the best manufacturers and supplied to our clients. We are into the exporting of this product as well. Our delivery services are well reputed for their timely services each and every time. Client ...

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  • Indian Spices

    Indian Spices

    Indian Spices are popular for the exquisite taste and aroma they give to food. All kinds of spices that are fresh and organically harvested can be obtained from us in bulk or marginal quantities. They are securely packed and transported to prevent loss in quality or quantity during the process of ...

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  • Non Basmati Rice

    Non Basmati Rice

    Non Basmati Rice is one among our most famed and loved products. The rice that we supply is easy to cook and is free from chemicals and pests as well. It is renowned to be delicious and safe as it is completely organic. We are wholesale dealers and deal in marginal and bulk sized quantities only. ...

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  • Mens Footwear

    Mens Footwear

    Mens Footwear is among our top selling products in the market today. It is obtained from some of the best manufacturers in the nation. All sizes, colours and designs are available with us. Client satisfaction is our top priority and we ensure that in each and every deal that we process. Our client ...

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  • Leather Executive Bags

    Leather Executive Bags

    Made from high quality leather, the Leather Executive Bags that we supply and export are obtained from some of the best manufacturers in the nation. We offer a wide range of designs and stylish bags with different colors to the customer. Laminated design bag can be customised too. They are classic ...

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  • Kids Footwear

    Kids Footwear

    Durable and sturdy Kids Footwear is among our most popular products. They are available in all sizes and colours. The designs are different for boys and girls, each captivating in their own way. Our clients appreciate this product owing to the high grade quality and reliability. Since our client ...

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  • Hardware Fittings

    Hardware Fittings

    A huge variety of Hardware Fittings for all applications are provided by us. Our clients for this are from different parts of the world to whom we promptly supply on time. Client satisfaction is our top priority and thus we ensure that there is no dip in the quality of the goods or services that we ...

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  • Handicrafts Bags

    Handicrafts Bags

    Among all the products that we supply, Handicrafts Bags hold a special place among our clients. These are obtained from authentic manufacturers who are known for their quality fabrics and unique designs. They are available with us in different colours and sizes in order to satisfy all the needs of ...

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  • Dry Fruits

    Dry Fruits

    Dry Fruits are a rich source of various nutrients. They are known to give good stamina and strength of consumed regularly. We supply and also export this product to many of our national and international clients. We are wholesale dealers and primarily entertain only bulk sized deals. Marginal ...

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  • Door Fittings

    Door Fittings

    Door Fittings of premium quality are available with us. They are obtained from authentic and reputed vendors who are well known for their quality of goods. We supply and also export these fittings as we have quite a few number of clients in the foreign markets as well. Our rates are relatively ...

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  • Bed Sheets

    Bed Sheets

    We supply as well as export high grade Bed Sheets to our clients. They are made using the finest of fabrics whose colours and designs do not fade even after years of regular usage. We deal only in bulk and marginal quantities as we are primarily wholesale dealers. Our Bed Sheets come in a variety ...

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  • Basmati Rice

    Basmati Rice

    We are among the leading exporters and suppliers of fine quality Basmati Rice in the market today. This slender grained rice is used in a variety of dishes to add an exotic taste and aroma that no other variety possesses. We supply this rice in medium and bulk sized quantities to all our clients ...

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  • Truck Spare Parts

    Truck Spare Parts

    All kinds of Truck Spare Parts are available with us. They are supreme quality and can be fit quite easily. They are durable and reliable as well. We supply and also export these to all our clients who hail from different parts of the globe. All our products are verified for quality by strict ...

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  • Crystal White Sugar

    Crystal White Sugar

    This Indian crystal white sugar is widely used to add flavor in various syrups, honey, sorghum and many other products. These white crystals are very good for health and easily dissolve in water and can be accepted by your digestive system. We ensure you will never feel guilty to choose as a dealer ...

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  • White Refined Sugar

    White Refined Sugar

    This is generally made by refining under deep process of raw sugar. We believe in making long-lasting relationship with our esteem customers and for this we never compromise in the quality of the product.We use only pure raw material and ultra-modern technology while manufacturing this white ...

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  • Beet Sugar

    Beet Sugar

    This is really helpful to add sweetness in various products including food, soft drinks, baked goods, jams, beverages and many other food items. Demand of this organic beet sugar is rapidly increasing in the domestic and the international market because it is very hardy. We provide a hygiene and ...

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  • Organic Sugar

    Organic Sugar

    After sugar beets or sugar cane does not have to go through various synthetic processes such as, it gives out sugar which is known as organic sugar. It is widely used to add flavor in baked goods. It’s a high quality product which contains less chemical or addictives than any other similar ...

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