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We are leaders in the market for providing best range of Frank Hertz Experiment, Hydraulic Manual pressure pump, Hardness Tester Export and Kinetic Super Wire Strippers

Triple Power Supply

  • 2 x 0.32V/0.2A 1 x 0.5.5V/0.5A
  • High-Performance and inexpensive Laboratory Power Supply
  • Floating, overload and short-circuit proof Outputs
  • Separate Voltage and Current Displays for each Output, 4 Digits at Channel 1+3; 3 Digits at Channel 2
  • Display Resolution: 10mV/1mA at Channel 1+3; 10mV/10mA at Channel 2
  • Protection of sensitive Loads by Current Limit or Electronic Fuse
  • Pushbutton for activating/deactivating all Outputs
  • Low Residual Ripple, high Output Power, very good Regulation
  • Parallel (up to 9A) and Series (up to 69.5V) Operation
  • Temperature-controlled Fan
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Circuit Breaker Finder

  • Fully automatic operation
  • Positively identifies circuit breakers and fuses without service interruption
  • Self calibrating
  • Visual and audible indicators
  • Operating Voltage : 100 - 140 VAC
  • Operating Frequency : 47 - 63 Hz
  • Automatically indicates the right breaker for quick & easy breaker identification
  • Verifies presence of power
  • Independently tested to high safety levels
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Analog Multimeter

  • AC Voltage : Upto 1000 V, +/- 4.0% Full Scale
  • DC Voltage : Upto 1000 V, +/- 3.0% Full Scale
  • DC Current : Upto 20A, +/- 3.0% Full Scale
  • Resistance : Upto 10M Full Scale, Upto 50k Mid Scale, +/- 3.0% Arc Length
  • Multi-color analog display with mirrored scale
  • High-impact thermoplastic case
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High Precision Balance

  • Automatic External Calibration
  • Multifunction Weighing Units
  • A built in under hook for below Weighing
  • Easy to read VFD Display
  • Density measurement (Optional)
  • Standard RS 232 C Interface
  • Push button for activating/deactivating all Outputs
  • High Resolution, Quick Weighing, Accurate Result
  • Based on E.M.F.C. Technology
  • Percentage (%) Weighing
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Motorized Magnetic Analytical Balance

  • Motorized Internal Calibration IND / 09/ 08 / 557 with built in weight
  • A built in under hook for below weighing
  • Easy to read Backlight LCD Display
  • Density measurement for solid & liquid (Optional)
  • Calibration with changeable temperature
  • Standard RS 232 C Interface
  • Auto - Timing Calibration
  • Percentage (%) Weighing
  • Based on E.M.F.C. Technology
  • Tare range upto max. Capacity
  • Multiple Weighing Units
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Crane Scale

  • Heavy Duty Designed
  • Build in Rechargeable Battery
  • 200% Safe Overload Protection
  • RED LED Display
  • Optional Remote Control
  • Power Saving Function
  • Automatic Turn off
  • Low Battery Indication
  • Tare, Zero, Auto Zero Tracking, Total, Hold,
  • Overload Warning and Record
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Stainless Steel Platform Balance

  • Stainless Steel Frame & Cover
  • LCD Display with high brightness and contrast
  • Standard RS232 Interface
  • Built in Battery
  • High / ok / low weigh checking function
  • Memory of 100 items for the parts counting function
  • Memory of 20 digital Tare
  • Last weighing memorization
  • Auto off Function
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Hydraulic Pallet Scale

  • Powder Coated Finishing
  • Optional Internal Printer
  • Handling and Weighing at the same time
  • Calibration on Keyboard
  • Build in Rechargeable Battery
  • Tare & Present Tare Weighing
  • Built-in Printer in Indicator (Optional)
  • Standard RS232 Interface (Optional)
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Orbital Shaking Incubator

  • Variable speed 30 to 300 RPM 1 RPM with Digital speed meter. Temp range 5 C above ambient to 60 C 0.5 C with glass window.
  • Universal Platform 51 x 51 cm to accomodate 16 flasks of 500 ml. Capacity = 250 lt.
  • And also with hermetically sealed ISI marked compressor placed below the chamber
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Chlorine Checker

  • Range : 0.00 to 2.50 ppm (mg/L)
  • Resolution : 0.01 ppm (mg/L)
  • Accuracy @ 25C/77F : 0.03 ppm 3% of reading
  • Environment : 0 to 50C (32 to 122F); RH max 95% non-condensing
  • Battery Type : (1) 1.5V AAA
  • Method : Adaptation of USEPA method 330.5, DPD method
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Frank Hertz Experiment

  • Argon filled tetrode
  • Filament Power Supply : 2.6-3.4 V continuously variable
  • Saw tooth waveform for CRO display
  • Scanning Voltage : 0-80 V
  • Scanning Frequency : 11520 Hz
  • Multirange Digital Ammeter
  • Display : 3 digit 7 segment LED
  • Range Multiplier : 10-7, 10-8 & 10-9
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  • 18V DC output to drive SSR
  • Linear DC outputs (0 to 10 V, 0 to 20mA, 4 to 20 mA)
  • Heater Current Monitor and Heater Break Alarm
  • Remote set point input (4 to 20 mA / 0 to 10V)
  • Motorized input (with position feedback)
  • RS485 communication
  • Retransmission output
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Fume Extractor

  • Built In High Efficiency, Low Noise, Brushless Mini Fan.
  • Easy To Replace Activated Carbon Filter Effectively Absorbs Noxious Flux And Lead Fumes.
  • Quickly Removes Smoke And Fumes.
  • Electronic Temperature Controlled Soldering Station with Fume Extractor.
  • Highly Insulated Ceramic Heater.
  • Zero Voltage Switching (Spike Free).
  • Fast Heat Up And Instant Heat Recovery.
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Hydraulic Manual Pressure Pump

  • Manual pressure pump : Hydraulic type
  • Pressure medium : Distilled water and hydraulic oil
  • Pressure adjustment : Via handle
  • Container : Approx. 100 cm3
  • Fine trigger valve with pressure release valve
  • Pressure connection : Reference : G 3/8" female thread
  • Device under test : G 1/4" hose
  • Included accessories : Sealing set made of nylon, plastic case, high pressure hose
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Desoldering Station

  • 80W Digital-Display Lead Free Desoldering
  • Iron assembly : Desolder Iron
  • Part : DIA80
  • Heater output : 32 Va.c.
  • Heater power : 80 W
  • Vacuum pump operating voltage : 115 Va.c. for 100-120 V
  • 230 Va.c. for 220-240 V mains power
  • Temperature range : 300-450 C (572-842 F)
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Online UPS

  • Crystal Controlled Output
  • Frequency 50 Hz 0.01%
  • Output waveform: pure sine wave
  • Double conversion technique, IGBT based design
  • Constant current constant voltage type float cum boost charger
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Servo Controlled Voltage Stabiliser

  • Single Phase
  • Air Cooled, with UV/OV Cutoff
  • Output- 230 V 1%
  • Frequency : 47- 53 Hz
  • Output Adjustable : 220 240 V AC
  • Regulation : 1.0% from No Load to full load
  • Ambient Temperature : 0 to 55 C
  • System Design : As per IS : 9815 : 1994
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Offline Ups

  • Input (Mains opn.) : AVR Window: Range:160-260
  • Frequency: 50 Hz 5%
  • Output (On Batt): Voltage 220-240V AC rms (nom)
  • Transfer Time: 3 m sec.
  • Waveform: Stepped Sinewave
  • Short Circuit: Electronic Shutdown
  • Input Fuse: Fuse protection
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Hardness Tester Export

  • FTM make Hardness Testers model TRSN is manually operated.
  • Machine is having different Taper front look & equipped with Big dial gauge and superior aesthetic look over conventional Rockwell Hardness Tester.
  • The machine is powder quoted & paint shade does not fade over the years of use.
  • Most of the important parts are plated to avoid rusting.
  • An antifriction linear bearing is fixed in Hardened & ground stepped bush which will provide perfect vertical movement of diamond holder. Thus the testing of small pin or ball upto 3mm dia is possible.
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Erichsen Testing Machine

  • The appearance of the material after fracture gives an indication of the grain structure of the material and also of its constitution to same extent.
  • L.C. of micrometer device is 0.01mm
  • This Machine is designed to reveal the cupping qualities of metal sheets and strips.It can be used for testing the adhesion, elasticity and porosity of coats of paints or varnish by way of comparison. The dimensions and tolerances of various machine parts and the test requirements conform to IS: 1956-1974.
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Universal Testing Machine

  • Load and Elongation is continuously displayed on screen.
  • Overtoad protection for machine by electronic control.
  • Tare Load and Reset Elongation facility available.
  • User selectable sample break detect condition
  • load rate and strain rate are also displayed while testing
  • Unlimited load rate and strain rate control steps
  • With Load rate controlier, user can hold the load on specimen for unlimited time.
  • On line display of load and Displacement (Stress, Extension, Strain) etc. while test is conducted
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Kinetic Super Wire Strippers

  • Non-slip Santoprene textured grips
  • Plier nose for holding and twisting wires
  • Slide lock for safety and storage
  • Thumb and finger valley makes stripping easier and more accurate
  • Shear-Cut bolt cutters
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Side Cutting Pliers

  • Drop-forged, high-carbon steel construction withstands toughest applications
  • Knife-to-anvil blades never need resharpening
  • Cuts hardened wire, bolts and ACSR
  • Laser-hardened blades and serrated jaws for long-term durability
  • High-leverage design provides 40% more cutting power
  • Unique reverse rivet protects smooth action of plier movement
  • Vinyl-coated, comfort-grip handles for a secure grip
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Magnetic Tip Measuring Tape

  • 30 length for commercial conduit installation use
  • Measurement marks on both sides of tape
  • Strong magnets on tip for one-person measurement
  • Blade automatically stays out when extended
  • Push button for smooth blade retraction
  • Comfortable, shock-resistant rubber grip
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Adjustable Wrenches

  • Narrow profile head reaches into tight spaces
  • Tight tolerance on thumbscrew wont loosen or wobble with use
  • Extra wide jaw capacity with standard and metric markings
  • Forged steel construction
  • Tempered and hardened for lifetime service
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TUFF Sampling Pumps

  • Comprehensive range of models
  • Robust and reliable design for harsh environments
  • Rubber over-moulded sealed case
  • Digital flow control
  • Convenient drop in charging / storage system
  • Intelligent battery management and diagnostics
  • High intensity status / alarm LED's
  • IEC Ex, ATEX & ANZEx listed intrinsically safe
  • Intrinsically safe models available for mining applications (M1 certified)
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APEX Personal Sampling Pumps

  • Large, reinforced LCD display
  • Rapid drop-in charger, outstanding run times
  • Robust rugged design for use in harsh environments
  • Comprehensive flow range 5ml-5L/min
  • Zero VoltData logging version available (Pro)
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Microdust Pro Real Time Dust Monitor

  • Realtime numerical and graphical display of dust levels
  • 4 fixed ranges or auto ranging scale
  • Handheld rechargeable unit with extendable measuring probe
  • Onboard data logging for up to 32 runs
  • Complete with onsite field calibration kit
  • Range of adaptors and filter available to facilitate sampling for PM10, PM2.5 and respirable fractions.

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