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Petrochemicals & Petroleum Products

Our product range comtains a wide range of and Molecular Sieves

Molecular Sieves

  • Application For Drying Gas and Liquids, Petrochemical and Natural Gases and Oxygen production
  • Beads Size 2-5 mm
  • Color Brown
  • Feature Precisely processed
  • Pack Size 0-10kg
  • Form Balls

The company has carved a niche for itself as Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of Molecular Sieves in Kanpur (India). Molecular Sieves are crystalline metal alumino-silicates having a three dimensional interconnecting network of silica and alumina tetrahedral. Natural water of hydration is removed from this network of Molecular Sieves by heating to produce uniform cavities which selectively adsorb molecules of a specific size. A4 to 8-mesh Molecular Sieves is normally used in gas phase applications, while the 8 to 12 mesh type of the Molecular Sieves is common in liquid phase application. The powder forms of the 3A, 4A, 5A and 13X Molecular Sieves are suitable for specialized applications. Applications Of Molecular Sieves 3 A : Commercial dehydration of unsaturated hydrocarbon streams, including cracked gas, propylene, butadiene, acetylene, drying polar liquids such as methanol and ethanol. Adsorption of molecules such as NH 3 and H 2 O from a N 2 /H 2 flow. 4 A : Preferred for static dehydration in closed liquid or gas system e.g. In packaging of drugs, electric components and perishable chemicals water scavenging in printing and plastics systems and drying saturated hydrocarbon streams. Adsorbed species includes SO 2 , CO 2 , H 2 S, C 2 H 4 , C 2 H 6 and C 3 H 6 . 5 A : Separation of normal paraffin from branched chains and cyclic hydrocarbons, removal of H 2 S, CO 2 and mercaptans from natural gas. 13 X : Commercial gas drying air plant feed purifications (Simultaneous H 2 O and CO 2 removal) and liquid hydrocarbon/Natural gas sweetening (H 2 S and mercaptan removal). Size : Beads and extruded pallets are available 2-5 mm is the common size but can be altered as per customer requirement.

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Packaging Details : 150 160 Kg. Drums, Jumbo Bags

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