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Other Products / Services

We offer the best product range of Magnet Power Supplies, Solar Array Simulator Photovoltaic Power Profile Emulation, LCR Meters SMD Probe, Bi-directional Power Supplies and Voltage Interruption Simulator.

Magnet Power Supplies

  • Maximum Voltage up to 50V
  • Maximum current up to 340A

Magnet Power Supplies Modular system, parallel operation to increase output power possible, Controller configurationload balancing possible, Trigger input for measurements signals, Output short-circuit and open-circuit proof, Various voltagecurrent combinations.

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Solar Array Simulator Photovoltaic Power Profile Emulation

Solar Array Simulator Photovoltaic Power Profile Emulation There are three methods to generate a power profi le in the PPPE software: Automatic voltage current profi le calculation from reference parameters.

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LCR Meters SMD Probe

SMD Probe for LCR Meters very difficult to handle and make any measurements. Scientific offers SMD Probes for LCR Meters, these are uniquely designed to be used with SMD components & single hand operations.

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Bi-directional Power Supplies

  • Maximum Voltage 500V
  • Maximum Current 90A to +90A

Bi-directional Power Supplies Maximum Power : 15kW (Sink Power is not dissipated but fed back into the grid), Efficiency : >95% (Very low heat dissipation), Protection : Overload & Short Circuit condition, Excellent dynamic response to load changes, Large LCD display, menu driven operations.

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Voltage Interruption Simulator

Voltage Interruption Simulator Inrush current measurement at any phase position 0° - 360 ° Automatic AC + DC ramp function, DC-Test: IEC EN 61000-4-29, Voltage interruption simulator AC + DC ramp function.

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Pre-Selectors Installation and operation is completely automatic, and the filters will synchronise with the analyser scan without any operator intervention. A front panel switch allows manual operation if required.

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Line Impedance Stabilization Network

Line Impedance Stabilization Network The unit complies with VDE0876 and CISPR Pu41.16 (band A and B) regulations. And can be operated manually or PC controlled via the built in RS232 interface. It is designed and built using air core inductors to avoid saturation at peak current loads. The unit comprises an artificial hand simulation per ANSIC6.3.4, as well as a PE simulation network (50mH II 50W) which can be bypassed For the protection of sensitive inputs the output signal can be for limited by a switchable transient limiter.

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Programmable AC Power Sources

  • Phase Single Phase
  • Output Power 6kVA

Programmable AC Power Sources Fast Switch on Time: Proprietary Design, DC+AC Output: DC-1kHz (10 kHz small signal bandwidth), Pre Set Waveforms: Stored in hardware for Fast Recall, Custom Arbitrary Waveform, Sequencing and more, Compact Design, High Power Density.

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Conducted RF Immunity Test Equpiments

  • Frequency range 150 KHz to 230 MHz

Conducted RF Immunity Test Equpiments Computer-based system (controlled by USB): - Unequalled flexibility, easy operation, fully expandable for future standards modification. Easy integration in automated measurement and test systems, RF-generator, amplifier and RF-voltmeter may as well be used as stand-alone devices, Calibration of coupling decoupling devices is performed automatically:- A mounting plate with 50150 Ohm passage and a calibration adaptor are necessary, depending of the used CDN.

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Radiated RF Immunity Test Equpiment LETIS

Radiated RF Immunity Test Equpiment LETIS This means that if the test requirement extends both sides of this 1GHz point, the power amplifier needs to be changed over. Generally, this involves three connections. Software issued with the Laplace Synthesisers automatically detects the presence of a LETIS and handles the switching automatically.

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rack mount kits

Rack Mount Kits to suit varios instruments in oscilloscopes, power supplies, function generators etc. By selecting appropriate 19" Rack Mount Kit , one can easily assemble and use it as and when needed. No special tooling of efforts needed.

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Near Field Probe

Near Field Probe of a passive E field probe and H field probe, BNC adaptor and carry case. The output is via a BNC socket. These are general purpose probes which are ideal for use in conjunction with an EMC measuring system. They are sensitive to sources in close proximity, but are insensitive to background signals. This makes them ideal for the identification of emission frequencies in noisy environments... thus making measurements easier and quicker. The proximity requirement also enables sources to be located and the exit route identified.

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Ancilaries can be enhanced by the use of appropriate filters. In particular, broadband noise below the frequencies of interest can cause limiting (compression) in spectrum analysers, distorting the measurements. RF800 pass band filter covers the band B (150KHz - 30MHz), rejecting other frequencies. The pass band attenuation is only 2dB, but the key requirement to attenuate the strong low frequency noise often found in industrial sites exceeds 30dB.

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High Precision Power Supplies

  • Stability < 0.001% over 8h
  • Residual ripple < 0.001% pp

High Precision Power Supplies Double-stabilized linear control power supply with highest precision, Output voltage up to 600 Volt (for higher voltage see PHN series), Setting of output voltage & current with ten-turn potentiometers, 3.5-digit digital displays for voltage and current, 4.5digit displays on request .

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RF Synthesiser

RF Synthesiser The frequency coverage extends from 100 kHz to 230 MHz for conducted tests and 30 MHz - 3 GHz for radiated tests. They are all controlled from the users PC via a USB link, and powerful Windows software is included to enable the user to control all the parameters of the test, to monitor the test in progress, and to view the results.Includes PC (Windows) software to enable very simple operation

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MegaPulse Antenna Surge

  • output voltage. ISO 17025

MegaPulse Antenna Surge including the 4M ohm load resistor required by IEC 60065. Designed specifically for testing to IEC 60065 Fig. 7, IEC 60950 Annex N and IEC 62368-1 Annex D. The IEC 60065, Fig. 7a, switch S is our IER design, designed and built in compliance with IEC 60065, Fig. 7b. External interlock is supplied as standard equipment.

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Active Differential Probes

Active Differential Probes are floated or isolated specially power electronics, circuits with mains floated. To analyze such thpe of signals Differential probes are used. Scientific offers range of Differenetial Probes from Testec Germany to suit your applicaitons.

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rf synthesizers

Rf synthesizers to choose from 1hz to 3 ghz, accuracy ±5x10-7 (optional ±5x10-8), resolution 1hz, amfmpmgatefskpsk modulations.

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Modular System Series 8000

We are offering modular system series 8000 the blank module hm800 is available for your own designs to be integrated with the other measuring instruments. The power supply voltages necessary are availab­le from the mainframe. Especially for schools and training centers the modular system series 8000 offers a cost effective flexible alternative to conventional measuring equipments. As the mainframe hm8001-2 allows the simultaneous operation of two modules in any combination most often a single such basic unit will be all that is needed for a student in a laboratory. The modules necessary will be issued to the students depending on the requirements of the specific exercise. The modular system series 8000 offers, in addition to the mainframe hm8001-2 and the blank module hm800, the 4¾-digit programmable multimeter hm8012, the lcr-meter hm8018, the 1.6 ghz universal counter hm8021-4, the 10 mhz function generator hm8030-6 and the triple power supply hm8040-3

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Harmonics Analysis

Harmonics & Flicker Analysis do cause these 'harmonics' and even though the amount created by each product may be small, the overall effect of many 1, 000s on the local electricity supply network causes problems. This same instrument, also includes flicker measurements as required by IEC61000-3-3, to include inrush current measurement. The Harmonics standard includes a requirement for the incoming mains to be itself free from harmonic content (

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High Voltage Capacitor Charger

We offer high voltage capacitor charger. The capacitor charger (ccr) can be considered as a current generator (norton model). He’s suitable for all applications that need very fast regulation with big voltage amplitudes and repeated charging and discharging (total or more than 50% of the max). The ccr has a very low stored energy and may hold a shoting rate up to 1khz*. Ccr machine must operate with an essentially capacitive load. Its regulation mode differs from a sr and prevent from any overshot.

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