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Pulse Jet Bag Filter

The Pulse Jet Bag Filter offered by us comprises of fabric filter with fully automatic bag cleaning device by compressed air pulse. Reverse Pulse Jet Bag Filter serves for dry separation of dust from waste gas. These filters can filter heavy dust burdens and achieve desired collection efficiency at high temperature. Low maintenance cost, minimum power consumption, high filtration efficiency are the salient features of Long Bag Pulse-Jet Bag Filter available with us. Apart from this, we provide availability of Reverse Pulse Jet Bag Filter at the most competitive prices of the industry. We are named as one of the most illustrious Long Bag Pulse-Jet Bag Filter Exporters from India.

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Auto Viscous Filter

We are regarded as one of the most illustrious Automatic Viscous Filter Exporters from India. We offer Auto Viscous Filter that is extensively used in industries for removing abrasive and coarse dust. As Industrial Auto Viscous Filter is rigid as well as tough, they can be operated in stringent operating conditions. This Automatic Viscous Filter is used in assortment of areas like man-made fibre, cotton, textiles, steel and cement plants, fertilizers units, DG set house, Jute/ Mills, etc. These automatic filters are available in various designs and sizes suiting to the needs of clients. Auto Viscous Filter is self-cleaning in nature and there is no requirements of plant shut down for maintenance of these filters, the maintenance cost automatically becomes low.

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Pre Filter

The packaging commences under the strict supervision of experts and other team members; they ensure that the products are packed sternly to circumvent loss during transit. Delivering the orders on time is one of our specialties for which we are highly admired by the clients.
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Electrostatic Precipitator Bag Filter

We are capable of meeting bulk or urgent requirements effortlessly due to our latest inventory management system and automated management. By this, the stocks are piled up safely to ensure delivery without loss. Affordable price and high quality are the major attributes owing to which our electrostatic precipitator bag filter is highly in demand amongst buyers.
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Sharp Dry Fabric Fine Panel Filter

we are offering sharp dry fabric fine panel filter. applicationfor fine filter mainly use in industrial air conditioning ventilation systems & in the middle of pre filter and absolute filter etc.constructionmade synthetic felt polyester stitched & pleated together with metallic wire mesh. folds are sealed with adhesive.performancesharp dry fabric air filter has an efficiency rating of 99% for particles of 5 microns.the filter unit can give the best performance under condition of humidity.model dimension capacity at 4 mm wg pressure drop capacity at 6.5 mm wg pressure drop mm approx cmm cfm cmm cfmsdff - 1 610 x 610 x 150 18 635 22 776sdff - 2 508 x 508 x 150 12 424 15 529sdff - 3 610 x 610 x 50 6 212 7 247sdff - 4 610 x 610 x 300 36 1270 43 1517sdff - 5 610 x 610 x 150 21 741 25 882sdff - 6 508 x 508 x 150 14 494 17 600sdff - 7 610 x 610 x 50 7 247 8 282sdff - 8 610 x 610 x 300 41 1447 50 1764
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HEPA Filter

We are offering hepa filter, absolute filter. Applicationfor hepa absolute filter mainly use in hospital , operation room, computer room, electronic room & precision industry.Constructionmade of al. (0.04 mm 0.03mm)corrugated foil. Fold are separated by hv paper. These are fitted in metallic frame. Fold are sealed with adhesive.Performanceinitial pressure drop : 20 mm wgfinal pressure drop : 70 mm wgefficiency : 99.99% down to 0.3 micron.
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Multi Sack Bag Filter

We are offering multi sack bag filter. These filter bags, formed to wedge shapes and made of fine synthetic fibers, are designed in such a manner that the bags effectively collect dust over their entire depth.Application heavy and metal industry, chemical plants, public areas, pharmaceutical, and food industries, gasturbo, and co-generation utility plants, fertilizer plants, hospitals, computer etc.Filter mediathe bags are constructed form three distinctive filter media, each having a specific duty to perform. The first stage is a glass fibre which acts as a prefilter, and the same time gives a large dust holding capacity for long life. The second stage is a fine filter media which will capture dust particles ranging between 0.5 to 5 microns. Finally there is a cerex backing which will prevent fibre migration.Performancethe four grades are tested eurovent 45 test procedure, at nominal air flows giving the following average dust spot efficiencies, white 90%, orange 95%, pink 98% , yellow 99%. Technical datainitial pressure drop : 14 mm wgfinal pressure drop : 30.0 mm wgefficiency : 99.9% down to 1 micron of particles
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