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Our Complete range of products are Lactocal Gel, Calciphos Bolus, Ekkol Liquid, Tonical and Wormokill Bolus.

Lactocal Gel

Unique Liquid feed supplement containing Calcium, Phosphorus, Vitamin D3, Vitamin B12 and Zinc. LACTOCAL GEL is a Unique Calcium tonic with enhanced strength of Calcium, Phosphorus, Vitamin D3, Vitamin B12 and Zinc for more milk and good health.
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Calciphos Bolus

Calciphos is useful in irregular Oestrus cycle, low milk yield and low immunity. It cures under Developed Genitalia, Silent Heat and Weak Calving. It makes the reproductory system stronger. With the high mineral and vitamin content it also makes the mother and child animal stronger and healthier. It helps in activation of ovaries and development of fetus during
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Ekkol Liquid

Ekkol heals the wounds and cures infections and infectious ulcers.
It is also useful for broken horns and the infections arising thereafter.
It works miraculously for infections of the heels and foot rot condition.
It is beneficial in skin diseases of animals, and works against bacteria and fungal infections.
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Tonical is a tonic which boosts up every system of animal. It immunizes the body as well as regulates the digestive system thus it cures the conditions like indigestion, anorexia, dyspepsia etc.
It is highly recommended by the veterans for general debility of animal.
As it contains only herbal ingredients so it is 100 % safe and effective.
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Wormokill Bolus

Wormokill removes harmful worms lying in the stomach such as ringworm, hookworm, roundworm, etc. and thus imparts effects similar to Albendazole.
It acts as Ascericide, Nematocide and Tachicide and Improves digestion and increases appetite
Wormokill is specially recommended in poultry farms for keeping the hens healthy and strong.
Besides being the best anthelmintic, it is tonic and carminative in nature.
It reduces the inflammation and pain of bacterial cause. It is also sedative and analgesic by nature. Reduces pain due to internal bacterial infections.
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Livodin-12 Liquid

Livodin-12 being a hepato stimulant helps to metabolise and utilise feed nutrients as optimal level and also improves FCR, as hepato protective.
Livodin-12 protects liver against hazard of Aflatoxins, Antibiotics, Sulphonomides and Anthelmentics where as being a Antihepatotoxic
Livodin-12 protects the injurious effect on liver cell.
Therefore we rightly claim that our Livodin-12 is a complete liver care formul
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Utrona Bolus

Utrona tab. bolus is a high power polyherbal product in tablet and bolus form and has stimulating and ecbolic effect on uterine musculature.
Utrona being uterine tonic expels the contents of the uterus and placenta completely and safely with no side effect and avoids the possibility of endometritis, metritis and pyometra.
Hence Utrona in used to recommend as preventive immediately after calving and also for timely involution of utrus Being totally herbal, utrona is very safe, nontoxic and it does not decrease the normal milk production compared to urgot and hormonal therapy and thus Utrona is well accepted utrine tonic and ecbolic by veterinarin.
By virture of ecbolic activity, Utrona tab.bolus separates the matrnal and foetal cotyledons and induces a smooth contraction of uterine muscles which regulises lochial discharge to avoid the possibility of utrine infections. Utrona also helps to tone up the uterus and reduces unproductive intercalving period.
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Regulin Capsule

Regulin, a non hormonal herbal preparation in bolus and capsule form, seems to produce a gonadoltrophin like action. Regulin has been formulated from the potent medicinal herbs for stimulating the Ovarian function, ensures Oestrus and timely ovulation in animals.
Regulin is very safe being an Ayurvedic product and is being used increasingly by the veterinarians to activate ovaries, stimulates ovulation and brings animal in heat in time.
Regulin possesses gonadotrophin like activity and causes gonadotrophic response by stimulating the hypothalamus to further bring about release of oestrogen and progesterone. Regulin also stimulates the ovarian function, ensures oestrus and timely ovulation.
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Lactona Tablet

Lactona Bolus is a highly patent tranquilizer, behavior modifier and effective tranquilizer for Agalactia, Hypogalactia and irregular lactation and dairy cattle due to psychological factors of
Among the Lactogenic herbs one of the potent herbs Adiantum Lanulantum (Jatamasi) is an effective drug against psychosis and acts as a potent tranquilizer by inducing lactogenic potentiality of milch cattle for increasing of milk by eradicating the psychological factors along with other lactogenic herbs.
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Meryn is the most effective natural remedy to heal the ligament damage.
It gives faster relief from joint pain without any side effect on liver as most of the allopathic pain killers imparts their side effects on liver.
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Wormishel Tablet

Wormishel controls the parasitic activity in the body and prevents from various bacterial diseases.
It strengthens the immune system by killing and expelling the parasites and makes the system more strong to fight against infestations.
It also works as a preventive by resisting the parasitic attacks of hookworms, roundworms and tapeworms.
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Bijora Ark

A stomach ache usually refers to cramps or a dull ache in the belly (abdomen). It is normally short lived and caused by a minor upset or bug. Bijora balances Tridosha (Vatta, Pita, Kapha) and by this way it cures any blood disorders as well as very useful in abdominal pain and spasm.
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The mucous membrane of mouth is very sensitive and it can be easily disrupted so galsari is the solution for such a condition.
It treats mouth problems very effectively which includes: Ulcers, boils in mouth, fussures on tongue, tonsils in primary conditions etc.
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Livodin-12 Drops

It gives liver protection against hepatic toxicity and viral infections by virture of its herbal ingredients.
It aids the digestion of fat and normalizes protein synthesis. Also increases absorption and metabolism of vital nutrients by the liver.
It improves overall immune status in children, improves digestion and makes them healthier and stronger by its natural care.
It corrects liver insufficiency and protects liver cell efficiency and thus proves to be the best liver tonic
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Diabetone Tablet

Diabetone is an excellent herbal remedy, which fights against diabetes.
It is a herbal Medicine that reduces glucose level in blood by regulating the level of pituitary secretions and controls diabetes.
It can also reduce the intestinal glucose uptake which results into low blood sugar level.
Diabetone improves kidney function, lipid profile and blood pressure for a diabetic.
Highly recommended for a patients suffering from obesity due to diabetes and metabolism related disorders caused by it.
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Majority of the people are suffering from blood pressure disorder. It is the critical issue as it can damage the cardiac system so taking care of mainting blood pressure is very important.
Most of the drugs for hypertension are allopathic which damages the liver as well as kidney on long term use.
Bipinyl is completely safe and herbal remedy which effectively controls blood pressure throught the day.
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B-Kleen Liquid

B-Kleen has all the herbal ingredients carefully selected to eliminate all the toxins and waste materials present in a blood stream leading to blood purification naturally.
It cures all the skin troubles the natural way.
It is an excellent Herbal remedy for conditions like boils, scabies, pimples, abscesses, mouth ulcers etc.
It gives complete hepato-protective effect while removing toxins and waste materials.
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Sheltidin, being an Expectorant and Broncho-dilator, is very effective in cough and acutechronic bronchitis and relaxes the tracheal muscles.
It soothes the respiratory tract and gives protection against allergic Asthmaand other obstructive airway diseases.
As a tonic and anti-inflammatory product, it works more powerfully against bronchial catarrh, bad breath and whooping cold in children.
Anti-bacterial, Anti-fungal and expectorant in nature, Sheltidin prevents pulmonary infections.
It provides sigificant protection against histamine induced bronchospasm. It reduces the elasticity and viscosity of tracheal mucus.
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Stonyl Tablet

Stonyl, having cleansing and rejuvenating properties, is useful in various urinary diseases and to clean up the renal system.
Stonyl soothes the entire urinary tract and helps deformation of renal and gall stones and facilitates smooth urine passage.
Stonyl’s diuretic herbs are found useful in nephritic syndrome and act quickly for kidney and urinary tract infection.
Upon regular use, Stonyl significantly reduces the weight of the stone by 60 to 80% and relieves stomach pain due to kidney stone.
Stonyl also completely inhibits the new stone formation and strengthens the tissues of the kidneys.
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Sherolax Tablets

Sherolax corrects constipation by softening the stool and enhancing intestinal mobility. It increases the frequency of stools and evacuates the bowels completely.
Sherolax prevents digestive upsets, increases digestive enzymes and clears undigested residues. With its herbal rejuvenating and cleansing properties it also works as natural preventive supplement for the digestive system, especially in cases like peptic ulcer and chronic constipation.
Sherolax helps in removing toxins and waste material from the body and reduces their absorption naturally. Sherolax stimulates gastric enzymes which are helps in digestion of food.
The rich fiber contents ingredient of Sherolax regulates the bowel action keeping constipation at bay and thus makes it most NON-HABIT FORMING laxative.
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Lactona Bolus

Lactona Bolus is a highly patent tranquilizer, behavior modifier and effective tranquilizer for Agalactia, Hypogalactia and irregular lactation and dairy cattle due to psychological factors of Agalactia. Among the Lactogenic herbs one of the potent herbs Adiantum Lanulantum (Jatamasi) is an effective drug against psychosis and acts as a potent tranquilizer by inducing lactogenic potentiality of milch cattle for increasing of milk by eradicating the psychological factors along with other lactogenic herbs.
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Vymet Oral supplement

VYMET LIQUID is a concentrated liquid feed supplement containing Vitamin A, D3, E and B12. It acts as a powerful Antistress multivitamin Liquid for better productivity of Livestock and poultry.
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Pudina Ark

Pudina is a best herbal remedy for digestive disorders. It cures all type of tomach troubles like gripping, indigestion, flatulence etc.
It is very effective and gives faster action.
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