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Our product range contains a wide range of EA 5 LINEAR GLASS ENCODER, Magnetic Linear Encoder, MLS 02 Magnetic Linear Encoder and MLS 01 Magnetic Linear Encoder


11,000 /Piece
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  • Min. Order (MOQ) 01 Piece(s)
  • Brand Name BUDDY
  • Length 100 MM TO 950 MM
  • Voltage 5VTTL
  • Resolution 0.005MM
  • Model Number EA-5
  • Place of Origin MOHALI
â¢EA5 optical linear encoder
Using the techniques of optical glass moire fringe and photovoltatic conversion, and a half seal designing, grating linear scale has certain waterproof and dustproof function , mainly used for lathe , milling machine, grinding machine, EDM, W-EDM. It works with D100 Digital Readout.

1. Long-distance transmission: over 100 meters. There is no need to add any interface between.
2. Multi-layer isolating graticule and medal soft shell are adopted to protect sliding part from water and interference.
3. Aluminum alloy is adopted for ruler body, and handled by anodization. Die casting zinc alloy is adopted for ruler head part, and plated with chromium, which is corrosion resistance.
4. Special type of plastic adhesive is adopted for dust -proof strip, with the performance of corrosion resistance, scuffing resistance and small friction resistance.
5. Certain performance of dust proof and water proof.
6. The grating linear scale adopts optical glass as measuring standard, therefore the accuracy of grating scale with short distance of run is comparatively high.

Specification parameters:
Effective travel: EA1/EA5:50mm-1200mm, ES1/ES5:1300mm-3000mm
Precision:EA1/EA5: precision level: ±(3+3L0/1000) um, standard level: ±(5+3L0/1000) um
Resolution: 0.001mm/0.005mm
Distance between gratings: 0.02mm
Working speed: EA5/ES5 60m/min, EA1/ES1 20m/min
Output signal: TTL , RS422

Plugs of grating linear scale
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Magnetic Linear TAPE B5 + Aluminium profile

7,000 /Meter
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Non Contacting Incremental system
Very small measuring head (metal enclosure)
Protection class IP67
Measuring length are up to 100 meter
Resistant to humidity
Wide mounting tolerance
Robust to humidity
Incremental out put A. /A, B, /B, and Z Reference signal (without or one reset signal by start or every 5 mm
Output signal Push-pull, TTL or RS422 line driver

Application uses
1. milling machine
2.Lathe machine
3. Horizontal Boring machine
4. Planner machine
5. Floor Boring machine
6. V.T.L
7. SPM Machine
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MLS 02 Magnetic Linear Encoder

  • Measuring length Up to 100 m
  • Connection cable Up to 20 m
  • High resolution up to 0.001 mm
  • Voltage 10-30VDC
  • Stroke More Than 750 mm
  • Repeatability +1 Pulse

Having shielded metal enclosure, high resistance to wear and tear and contact-less system make this Magnetic Linear Encoder (MLS 02) the best and easy to mount. Manufactured using the cutting-edge technology, this Magnetic Linear Encoder has a compact design, having trusted reading transducer.

Highlights :

  • Protection class IP67
  • Use with MLS 1 Sensor Head
  • Tape in flat and rugged aluminum profile
  • Stainless steel cover protect
  • High vibration and knock resistance
  • Resistant to humidity
  • Highly accurate
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MLS 01 Magnetic Linear Encoder

  • High resolution Up to 0.001 mm
  • Protection class IP67
  • Measuring lengths Up to 100 m
  • Connection cable Up to 20 m
  • Working temperature 0 to 40 Degree C
  • Width Up to 10 Inch

This Magnetic Linear Encoder (MLS 01) is suited for measuring linear displacements that occur on automation systems and industrial machinery. Having high accuracy and exceptional resistance to humidity, this Magnetic Linear Encoder is manufactured using advanced technology. The sturdy metal case and shielded metal enclose of this Magnetic Linear Encoder make it durable.

Specialty :

  • Best technology in compact size
  • Easy to mount by gluing
  • Contact-less and wear free system
  • High resistance to vibrations and knocks
  • Reliable reading transducer
  • Single processing as standard with encoders
  • Technical Specifications
    Resolution Type 5 m, 10 m, 25 m 62.5 m or on request
    Output Circuit Push-Pull or TLL Rs 422 Line Driver
    Output Signals A, / A, B, / B, Z, / Z
    Input Current Max. 40 m A per Channel
    Power supply 10. 30 VDC  - or 5 VCD±%5
    Dimension See drawing
    Housing Material Aluminium
    Connections Up to 100 m cable length on request
    Gap between tape and sensor Up to 2.5mm (Depend on Pole Pitch)
    Travel Speed 15m / s
    Magnetic Tape Type B5 nitrite rubber temperature magnetic tape
    Measure Accuracy 1 increment
    Repeatability 1 increment
    Operating temperature range -25.+85
    Protection Class IP67
  • Technical Specifications (BS Magnetic Tape)
    Operating Temperature -40oC+120oC
    Storage Temperature -40oC+120oC
    Water Protection CrNl 17.7 stainless steel camera rubber high temperature magnetic tape
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