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Water Purification Plants

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water filter plant

  Water Media Filter Plant is used in water purification for treating raw water to produce a potable product. They are typically 1 to 2 meters deep, can be rectangular or cylindrical in cross section and are used primarily to treat surface water. Filter is a process for removing suspended and colloidal impurities from water by passing through porous media. Filter with or without pretreatment has been employed for treatment of water to effective removal of turbidity, suspended particles, colloidal particles, microorganism etc.  Currently there are also some good conditioned media available in the market used for iron and manganese removal. Depending upon the application and water treatment requirements, filter systems use a variety of media to remove contaminants. Flirtation system can be classified according to ….. 1. Direction of Flow 2. Types of Filter media or bed 3. Driving Force 4. The method of flow rate control 5. Filter and Loading Rate Depending upon the direction of flow through filter, these are designated as… 1. Down flow,   2. Up flow  3. Bi-flow 4. Radial flow  5. Horizontal flow filters.  Based on filter media and bed, filters has been categorized into 1. Pressure Sand filter or mono-media filter  2. Multi media filter 3. Dual media filter 4. Activated Carbon filter 5. Iron Removal Filter 6. Arsenic Removal Filter 7. Screen Filter System  Based on driving force and pressure filter can be. 1. Slow Sand Filter 2. Rapid Sand Filter 3. Pressure Sand Filter Shubahm provide a wide range of Water Filter Plant for the different applications like Water Pre-treatment, surface water treatment, Tertiary filter, cooling tower side stream filter etc.

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