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  • Thyme Herb

    Thyme Herb

    The clients can avail from us the pure Thyme Herb, which is cultivated in controlled environment under expert supervision. We are a prominent Thyme Herb Manufacturer and Supplier in India. Our Thyme Herb is used in stews, soups, meats, fishes, and other food preparations. Being highly nutritional, ...

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  • Sage Herb

    Sage Herb

    Known as a flavored herb, Sage Herb has same pungency level as of thyme and rosemary. Generally used in homeopathy, our Sage Herb effectively works against gum and mouth infections and excessive perspiration. We are a renowned Sage Herb Manufacturer and Supplier in India. The Sage Herb, offered by ...

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  • Rosemary Herb

    Rosemary Herb

    The company is one of the leading Rosemary Herb Manufacturers and Suppliers in India. Our Rosemary Herb is generally used in skin care products. Rosemary Herb is helpful in improving scalp problems, such as seborrhea, dandruff, excessive oil secretions, etc. Moreover, the Rosemary Herb is also ...

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  • Peeled Baby Corn

    Peeled Baby Corn

    Baby corn ears are hand-picked as soon as the corn silks emerge from the ear tips, or a few days after. Corn generally matures very quickly, so the harvest of baby corn must be timed carefully to avoid ending up with more mature corn ears. Baby corn ears are typically 4.5 cm to 10 cm in length and ...

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  • Marjoram Herb

    Marjoram Herb

    We are chiefly engaged in the manufacturing and supplying Marjoram Herb all across the country. The Marjoram Herb is cold-sensitive perennial herb and undershrub, with flavors of pine and citrus. Used for culinary purposes, the Marjoram Herb can be provided either dry or green.

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  • Jalapeno Red Chili

    Jalapeno Red Chili

    Siddhesh Agro brings forth Jalapeno Red Chilies of world class quality. Being procured from trusted vendors, these Jalapeno Red Chilies are farm fresh. A preferred choice for preparing continental and Mexican preparations, these Jalapeno Red Chilies have a slight burning tang. We provide these Farm ...

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  • Jalapeno Green Chili

    Jalapeno Green Chili

    We are ranked amongst one of the major Suppliers of Jalapeno Green Chili in West Mumbai. The Jalapeno Green Chilies offered by us are organically grown; without the use of any chemicals. Jalapeno Green Chilies that we provide are largely used in preparing savory dishes and different drinks to add a ...

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  • Galangal Roots

    Galangal Roots

    The company is a prime Galangal Roots Manufacturer and Supplier in India. Our Galangal Roots is known for its excellent aroma and natural flavor. These Galangal Roots are used for various culinary and medicinal purposes across the country. Full of nutrients, the Galangal Roots are provided by us in ...

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  • Fresh Yellow Zucchini

    Fresh Yellow Zucchini

    For decorating dishes or using it as toppings, the Fresh Yellow Zucchinis provided by us are the best choices available in the markets. Widely preferred for bright yellow color and great taste, these Fresh Yellow Zucchinis are a favorite vegetable for savory dishes and accompaniments. These Fresh ...

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  • Fresh Yellow Capsicum

    Fresh Yellow Capsicum

    We cater to the demands of the clients by offering them the finest quality v to the clients. Our Fresh Yellow Capsicum is known for its excellent taste and high nutrition value. We offer Fresh Yellow Capsicum in proper packaging so that their freshness remains intact for a long time. Our Fresh ...

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  • Fresh Roquette Lettuce

    Fresh Roquette Lettuce

    We serve the clients with rich in taste Fresh Roquette Lettuce. Our Fresh Roquette Lettuce is cultivated in proper conditions to ensure that is has the desired taste. We offer Fresh Roquette Lettuce in proper packaging to prevent the chances of rot and decay. We supply different quantities of Fresh ...

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  • Fresh Red Romaine Lettuce

    Fresh Red Romaine Lettuce

    We present Fresh Red Romaine Lettuce, which remains fresh for a long time. Our Fresh Red Romaine Lettuce, with a pretty red tinge to the leaves, is free from rot and decay and is healthy to eat. With high nutrition value, our Fresh Red Romaine Lettuce is used in preparation of different cuisines. ...

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  • Fresh Red Capsicum

    Fresh Red Capsicum

    We bring forth high quality Fresh Red Capsicum. Fresh Red Capsicum, offered by us, is packaged in manner that they remain free form rot and decay for a long time. Our Fresh Red Capsicum is cultivated under the guidance of experts in the field, who ensure that the Fresh Red Capsicum is grown free ...

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  • Fresh Red Cabbage

    Fresh Red Cabbage

    Siddhesh Agro is a reliable source when it comes to buy the best quality Fresh Red Cabbage. We are a prime Supplier of Fresh Red Cabbage based in West Mumbai. The Fresh Red Cabbages offered by us is grown on acidic soils and this is the reason why the leaves of these cabbages are red in color. ...

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  • Fresh Peeled Garlic

    Fresh Peeled Garlic

    Situated in Mumbai, we are engaged in offering FFresh Peeled Garlic in different parts of the country. The Fresh Peeled Garlic has a pungent flavor and is used to add flavor in varied dishes. The Peeled Garlic with parchment-like skin is fresh and has rotten free pieces. We offer the Fresh Peeled ...

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  • Fresh Parsley Leaves

    Fresh Parsley Leaves

    Avail from us the Fresh Parsley Leaves that is rich in vitamin C and other nutrients. The Fresh Parsley Leaves are used to garnish various dishes such as fish dishes, sauces as well as for salads & cooked vegetables. The Parsley Leaves are also used for varied medicinal & therapeutic uses and is ...

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  • Fresh Pak Choi

    Fresh Pak Choi

    With our rich experience of this domain, we are engaged in offering Fresh Pak Choi in the market. The Chinese pock Choy, we supply, is a Chinese leaf vegetables. Known for its high nutritional value and pungent taste, the Fresh Pak Choi is used in several Chinese cuisines. We offer the Fresh Pak ...

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  • Fresh Lollo Rosso Red Lettuce

    Fresh Lollo Rosso Red Lettuce

    We offer rich in taste Fresh Lollo Rosso Red Lettuce to the clients. Fresh Lollo Rosso Red Lettuce, offered by us, is cultivated in a proper environment to ensure the fine quality. Our Fresh Lollo Rosso Red Lettuce retains its freshness and nutrition for a long time, as it is hygienically packaged. ...

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  • Fresh Lemongrass

    Fresh Lemongrass

    We are counted amidst the chief Fresh Lemongrass Manufacturer and Supplier in India. Our Fresh Lemongrass is known for its excellent quality and remarkable citrus flavor. The Fresh Lemongrass can be supplied as fresh, powdered, or dried. Majorly used in curries, tea, soups, etc., our Fresh ...

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  • Fresh Leeks

    Fresh Leeks

    Backed by our team of experts, we supply, Fresh Leeks that are also known as Allium Ampeloprasum. The bundle of leaf sheaths is the edible part of the leak vegetable is commonly known as stem or stalk. The Fresh Leeks have mild garlic & onion-like taste and add flavor to varied dishes, soups, etc. ...

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  • Fresh Kangkong

    Fresh Kangkong

    The clients can avail Fresh Kangkong from us that are cultivated under the supervision of the experts under apt atmospheric conditions. The Fresh Kangkong, we supply, is used as an ingredient in various Southeast Asian dishes. The Fresh Kangkong, we offer, is also known as a wartime crop during the ...

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  • Fresh Iceberg Lettuce

    Fresh Iceberg Lettuce

    Hygienically packaged, our Fresh Iceberg Lettuce is known for its high freshness. We make available Fresh Iceberg Lettuce in proper packaging to ensure that it is free form rot and decay. Our Fresh Iceberg Lettuce is high in nutrition value and great in taste. We make available Fresh Iceberg ...

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  • Fresh Green Zucchini

    Fresh Green Zucchini

    Being one of the renowned Manufacturers and Suppliers in West Mumbai, we offer Farm Fresh Green Zucchini. The Green Zucchinis provided by us are largely acknowledged by the clients all over the country and thus, are superior in terms of quality, taste and freshness. Be it phyllo pizza or any other ...

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  • Fresh Green Capsicum

    Fresh Green Capsicum

    We are renowned for offering great in taste Fresh Green Capsicum to the clients. As a prominent Fresh Green Capsicum Supplier in West Mumbai, we make available Fresh Green Capsicum in proper packaging to the clients. Proper packaging of Fresh Green Capsicum ensures that it is free from rot and ...

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  • fresh exotic vegetables

    fresh exotic vegetables

    Our products are the best in the industry, as they are specially manufactured as per international and national quality managements standards. We are Mumbai(India) based organization, involved in providing high quality array of products at competitively low prices.

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  • Fresh Endive Lettuce

    Fresh Endive Lettuce

    We serve the clients by offering them Fresh Endive Lettuce with fresh long leaves bunched in the plant center. We provide different varieties of Fresh Endive Lettuces like Smoother-Leafed Escarole and Frilly Curled Endive with pointy leaves. Our Fresh Endive Lettuce with pointy leaves, buttery ...

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  • Fresh Chinese Cabbage

    Fresh Chinese Cabbage

    We offer Fresh Chinese Cabbage in the market. Fresh Chinese Cabbage offered by us is known for its delicious taste and high nutrition value. Fresh Chinese Cabbage is indigenously found in Japan and other parts of Eastern India and is made available in India by us. Our Fresh Chinese Cabbage is large ...

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  • Fresh Cherry Tomatoes

    Fresh Cherry Tomatoes

    Avail from us the Fresh Cherry Tomatoes that are rich in vitamin and sugar content. The Cherry Tomatoes, we offer, are manually checked and fresh that make us assure the rotten free pieces. The Fresh Cherry Tomatoes, we supply, are bite-sized and are cultivated by the experts. The Fresh Cherry ...

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  • Fresh Celery

    Fresh Celery

    We offer Fresh Celery in the market that is cultivated using quality methods under the strict supervision of the experts. This Fresh Celery is free from preservatives and pesticides and is manually checked before it is delivered. Known for the high nutritional contents such as minerals and ...

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  • Fresh Button Mushroom

    Fresh Button Mushroom

    The company is ranked amidst one of the reliable sources for obtaining Fresh Button Mushrooms based in West Mumbai. Button Mushrooms that we offer are widely used for preparing continental, Italian and different cuisines. Widely known for great taste and freshness, the Fresh Button Mushrooms ...

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  • Fresh Broccoli

    Fresh Broccoli

    We are proud to introduce ourselves as one of the most promising manufacturing and supplying units of Fresh Broccoli based in West Mumbai. The company deals in offering Fresh Broccoli in both small and bulk quantities. Broccoli is a plant from the cabbage family often eaten as a vegetable. A good ...

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  • Fresh Bean Sprout

    Fresh Bean Sprout

    We are a leading Manufacturer and Supplier of Fresh Bean Sprouts based in West Mumbai. The Fresh Bean Sprouts offered by us are especially processed under hygienic conditions thus, assuring of the world class quality. These Fresh Bean Sprouts have perfect crunch and taste great when eaten raw or ...

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  • Fresh Baby Corn

    Fresh Baby Corn

    Be it for cooking purposes or making the dish look more presentable Baby Corns are always a favorite choice. Siddhesh Agro brings forward Fresh Baby Corns that are organically grown. Also known as candle corns, Baby Corns is a very popular ingredient in Asian cuisines. Processed under hygienic ...

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  • Fresh Avocado

    Fresh Avocado

    The Fresh Avocado, provided by us, is available in two varieties; rough-skinned black hass and thin-skinned green. High in nutritional content, the Fresh Avocado is acclaimed for its freshness and excellent flavor. Being a prominent Fresh Avocado Manufacturer and Supplier in India, we make sure ...

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  • Fresh Asparagus

    Fresh Asparagus

    The company has created a strong foothold in the business of manufacturing and supplying Fresh Asparagus of world class quality. We process and pack Fresh Asparagus under hygienic conditions and make sure that it is free from rot and decay. Asparagus is a spring vegetable that is often used for ...

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  • Fennel Roots

    Fennel Roots

    We are ranked amidst the chief Fennel Roots Manufacturers and Suppliers in India. Our Fennel Roots are hardy, perennial, and umbelliferous herbs with yellow flowers and feathery leaves. The Fennel Roots, offered by us, help in digestion, bronchitis, period pain, whooping cough, asthma, etc. These ...

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  • Dried Oyster Mushrooms

    Dried Oyster Mushrooms

    Cultivated with proper care and nourishment in hygienic conditions, the Dry Oyster Mushrooms are used in various culinary uses. We are counted amidst the leading Dry Oyster Mushrooms Manufacturers and Suppliers in India. Our Dry Oyster Mushrooms can be used in food preparations after keeping them ...

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  • Chives


    The Chives are thin and long leaves, generally growing from 6 to 20 inches. The Chives can be chopped and frozen and used in various culinary and medicinal purposes. We are a renowned Chives Manufacturer and Supplier in India. These Chives are generally added in potato dishes, salads, stir fries, ...

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  • Basil Leaves

    Basil Leaves

    We are reckoned as a prime Basil Leaves Manufacturer and Supplier in India. Our Basil Leaves are fresh in nature and high in quality. The Basil Leaves, offered by us, are used as a main ingredient in pesto, an Italian oil and herb sauce. Provided in optimum packaging, our Basil Leaves can also be ...

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