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Our offered Product range includes Vissco Silicone Heel Cushion, Heel Cushion Silicon, Star Health Neck Massage Cushion, Gel Knee Cushion Single and Sabar Back Support Lumbar Cushion.

Vissco Silicone Heel Cushion

Can be used right or left • Anatomical shape and long lasting material • Comfortable in any shoe • Non-irritant silicone heel cushion • Designed to deform slowly in a non- linear manner, thus reducing shock and impact to the heel • Made from a medical grade silicone for extra support   Heel pain is very common today in young athletes and in people who cross the age of 40 years. Pain beneath the heel bone is usually caused by continuous impact ot the heel which is three times body weight while running, jogging or playing. This impact is also transmitted to the legs, knee, hips and back. The natural shock absorber in the form of fat cells are given additional shock absorbing support with the use of heel cushion's.When to use: • Plantar Fascitis • Bursitis , any kind of heel pain • To reduce knee and back pain • Ideal for any type of sports activities or daily use Benefits of use: • Reduces impact load on the heel area, leg and spine • Shock absorbing to reduce pain and discomfort The heel cushion is ideal for treatment of plantar fascitis and can be worn to prevent injury to the heel bone. It is recommended for all cases of metatarsalgia, diabetic foot, rheumatoid feet

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Heel Cushion Silicon

Insole full Silicon is super comfortable insole with soft relief zones. It reduces the painful shock waves and lightens the load to feet, knees and the spine. Anatomically designed for better comfort and fitting, it provides even pressure distribution throughout.   Salient featureMade of siliconHigh cushioning coefficient.Next to natural adipose, shock absorption & energy returnLong functional lifeOdourlessEasy to clean and maintainAnatomical and streamlined shapeEnsures better weight distributionReduces peak loadingHelps correct body alignmentReduces strain on ligaments, muscles and tendonsExtra soft spotFocused pain reliefRelieves pressure at the base of the calcaneus.Thin ConstructionCan easily be put into shoesConvenient and comfortable.  

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Star Health Neck Massage Cushion

Star Health Neck Massage Cushion with MP3 Function is an ergonomic neck pillow to massage your neck and shoulders anytime you feel like. Mp3 jack on massager allows you to listen to your favorite music while relaxing. This lightweight and portable massage pillow is great for travel. The material used is a soft velvet fabric filled with micro beads. Can be used as a support cushion. Features: Accelerate muscle recovery Enhance blood circulation Alleviate muscle pain Inspire better sleep Improve flexibility Battery Compartment Built in Massager Power Button Snap lock Tabs Stretchable contour design Requires 2AA batteries (not included) Irresistible comfort fabric Squeezable cushion Massages necks and shoulders with vibrating function Designed to fit necks and shoulders Safety information: Avoid using while taking bath

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Gel Knee Cushion Single

Knit fabric contoured silicone knee cushion. Gel Cushioning System to help absorb shock upon impact. Its wide, thin, flexible.Gel pad helps to cushion the knee upon impact, while still allowing complete range of motion in the knee joint.    

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Sabar Back Support Lumbar Cushion

Lumbocare Cushion minimizes inter-vertebral disc pressure of your spine allowing you to work efficiently more hours in sitting position. Your office chair would be far more comfortable with this cushion. Lumbocare Cushion helps to prevent disco-genic back-pain, spinal stenosis, ruptured dis etc. Lumbocare Cushion maintains your posture and contributes to a good personality appearance.   An orthopedic and ergonomic Lumbocare Cushion scientifically designed to give firm support to lumbar part of the spine. PU Molded Contoured seat ensures Spine curve in correct shape and it maintains in natural or anatomic position. Ideal for use in home, office, car etc.. and it fits on most type of sitting arrangements. Contoured and comfortable design with attractive fabric cover. Horizontal or vertical fixing style suits to most sitting arrangements. Light in weight.

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Improved Silicone Heel Cushion

When to use: • Plantar Fascitis and Calcaneal Spur • To reduce knee and back pain • Ideal for any type of sports activities or daily use Benefits of use: • Reduces impact load on the heel area, leg and spine • Shock absorbing to reduce pain and discomfort   Features: • Can be used right or left • Anatomical shape and long lasting material • Comfortable in any shoe • Non-irritant silicone heel cushion. • The soft zone further reduces impact to the plantar calcaneal tuberosity and related structures. • Made from a medical grade silicone for extra support.

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Xamax Swivel Cushion

Swivel cushion enables the user to get in and our of seats in narrow spaces like cars easily , without twisting and turning and thereby help prevent back strain . it is an ergonomically crafted cushion which helps in making the movement in and out of the car easy providing relief to the back and spine.

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Infrared Mini Massage Cushion

Star Health Multipurpose Infrared Mini Massage Cushion simulates the massager’s techniques, with the infrared therapy and foment, to massage effectively your head, neck, and back. The newly added heating function makes the local apertures fill with blood and accelerates the blood circulation. It can also relieve the waist and neck muscles fatigue due to long time sitting and working in the office. It has a multipurpose use, can be used in the home, office or in the car. Relieves muscle tension and has a long lasting life. Ideal for: Belly Massage Neck Massage Arm Massage Thigh Massage Shank Massage Waist Massage Specifications: Rated Voltage DC 12V Power 36 Watts Operating Current 3A OperatingTime 20Minutes Safety Precautions: The following persons must consult their physician before using the product. - If you have a pacemaker or similar implanted medical device - If you have a heart condition - If you have a strained back - If you have weak or injured bones, especially backbones - After surgery - During pregnancy or shortly after delivery - If you have a malignant tumor - If you have osteoporosis - If you have blood circulation problems or thrombosis - If you have a skin infection - If you are undergoing medical or paramedical treatment - If you have a physical abnormality - If you have a spinal disorder or injury caused by a past accident by a past accident or illness Do not let water spill on or get into the product Water and electricity is a dangerous combination. Do not use the product in wet surroundings (e.g. In the bathroom or near a shower or swimming pool). Use the product only at the designed voltage If the power plug, main cord or the product is damaged, please stop using the product To prevent electricity hazard, do not open the products outer cover This product is not intended to use by person (including children) with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities unless they have been given supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance by a person responsible for their safety Always return the appliance to a service center authorized by STAR for examination or repair if the product or its power cord is broken for safety reason. Do not attempt to repair the appliance yourself, otherwise, your guarantee becomes invalid This appliance is not intended for use by children. Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the appliance If device malfunction, disconnect the power cord and consult STAR or its authorized dealers immediately

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Star Health Massage Cushion

Star Health Massage Cushion stimulates the massager's techniques with the rotating massage mechanism and spot shiatsu for targeted massage relief. Its new added heating function makes the local apertures fill with blood and accelerate the blood circulation. It is perfect for use on your neck, back, shoulders and relax more while the soft plush pillow kneads away muscle tension, pain and fatigue. It has a multipurpose use Can be used in home, office or in car Relieves muscle tension Long lasting life

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