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Leading Manufacturer, Supplier & Retailer of CO-Moxiclav Dry Syrup, Ceefi - LB Dry Syrup, Doxime - LB Dry Syrup, Enzyme Syrup and Vitamin Syrup.

CO-Moxiclav Dry Syrup

We are identified as one of a prime CO-Moxiclav Dry Syrup Manufacturers and Exporters, based in India. The CO-Moxiclav Dry Syrup, available with us, is a useful chemical composition apt to treat infections due to penicillinase, tonsillitis, otitis media, acute and chronic bronchitis, pyelonephritis, wound infections, Cellulitis, and so on. Each 5 ml Reconstituted Suspension Contains :Amoxicillin Trihydrate USP eq. to Amoxicillin : 200 mgPotassium Clavulanate USP (As Potassium Clavulanate Diluted BP) eq. to Clavulanate Acid : 28.5 mgLactobacillus Sporogenes : 40 x 106 Packing : 30 ml Box of 1 Bottle

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Ceefi - LB Dry Syrup

We are engaged in manufacturing highly effective Ceefi - LB Dry Syrup that has antibiotic and antibacterial properties. This syrup is used for the treatment of infections caused by various organisms in Otitis media, Acute Bronchitis, Pharyngitis and Tonsillitis, biliary tract infections, uncomplicated UTI, and so forth. Each 5 ml Reconstituted Suspension Contains :Cefixime USP As Trihydrate eq. to Anhydrous Cefixime : 50 mgLactobacillus Sporogenes : 40 x 106 Packing : 30 ml Box of 1 Bottle

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Doxime - LB Dry Syrup

We are acknowledged as one of an eminent Doxime - LB Dry Syrup Manufacturers and Exporters in the country. The Doxime - LB Dry Syrup, offered by us, is beneficial against respiratory tract infections, upper and lower, cervical and anorectal gonorrhea, skin infections caused by s. aureus and s. pyogenes, acute uncomplicated urethral, UTI caused by E.coli, K. pneumoniae, and so on. Each 5 ml Reconstituted Suspension Contains :Cefpodoxime proxetil USP eq. to Cefpodoxime : 50 mgLactobacillus Sporogenes : 40 x 106 Packing : 30 ml Box of 1 Bottle

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Enzyme Syrup

We are recognized as one of a chief Enzyme Syrup Manufacturers in the national and international markets. We have solution having different enzymes that are considered as dyspepsia and as appetite stimulants. Mostly, we prefer Diastase and Taka Diastase Enzymes which are procured from Aspergillus Oryzae, ideal for treating pancreatic insufficiency. Brand Name : Vibizyme Syrup Preparation available : Enzymes Carminatives Hepatobiliary Why our Enzyme Syrup? : Highly effective Instant relief Precisely sealed packaging Applications : Medical stores Hospital Research institutions Each 5 ml Contains : Alpha Amylase IP (1:2000) : 18.75 mg(Fungal Diastase Derived From Aspergillus Oryzae Digests not less than 37.5 g of Cooked Starch) Pepsin (1:3000)IP : 12.50 mg (Digests not less than 37.50 g of Coagulated Egg Albumin) Packing : 200 ml

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Vitamin Syrup

We are identified as one of a trusted Vitamin Syrup Manufacturers and Exporters in the global market. The Syrup, manufactured by us, is a result of extensive research work, vast knowledge, and experience. Our Vitamin Syrup is ideal for treating vitamin deficiency. Brand Name : Vytel Plus Syrup Apt for : Vitamin deficiency Causes : Impaired absorption Inadequate dietary intake Risk : Beriberi Night blindness Megaloblastic anemia Pellagra Rickets Scurvy Impaired coagulation Why our Vitamin Syrup? : Highly effective Minimum or no side effects (if taken as per the physician̢۪s suggestion) Precisely sealed to avoid contamination Packing : 200 ml

  • Each 5 Ml Contains :
    Thiamine Monomitrate IP 1.5 mg
    Vitamin B2 IP2 mg
    Vitamin B6 IP1 mg
    Niacinamide IP26 mg
    D - Panthenol IP 2 mg
    L - Lysine USP100 mg
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Brodex Syrup

This Brodex Syrup minimizes viscosity of bronchial secretion that is eased by coughing. This Brodex Syrup is popular in national and international health organization for its antitussives, expectorants, mucolytic & decongestants properties. Each 5 ml Contains :Terbutaline Sulphate IP : 1.25 mgBromhexine HCI IP : 4 mgGuaiphenesin IP : 50 mgMenthol IP : 2.5 mg Packing : 100 ml

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Atuss Cough Syrup

We manufacture Atuss Cough Syrup that reduces the secretion of viscosity. It helps to control the coughing instantly without causing laziness or heaviness. We offer Atuss Cough Syrup in perfectly sealed packaging to avoid any kind of contamination. Each 5 ml Contains :Diphenydramine Hyrochloride IP : 14.08 mgAmmonium Chloride IP : 138 mgSodium Citrate IP : 57.03 mgMenthol IP : 1.14 mgChloroform IP : 0.02 ml Packing : 100 ml, 450 ml

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