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LED Lamps

Our Complete range of products are and led aviation obstruction lamp.

LED Aviation Obstruction Lamp

Offering LED Aviation Obstruction Lamp. LED AVIATION OBSTRUCTION LIGHT / LAMP Our distinguishing features are: (1) We FULLY meet the ICAO specifications (2) We provide uniform intensity all around as opposed to most lights in market that meet ICAO mandated requirements at certain angles only. (3) We can produce product as per tender / specifications and save costs. Range of Models - We have many versions of Aviation Lights to suit every need. We offer following broad categories : (A) Voltage – 24V DC/48V DC/230V AC (B) Sensor – Internal or External (C) Light intensity – Low intensity Type A or Type B (for stationary low height objects) (D) SMPS – External/Internal (E) Bird Spike – With or without General Features: (a) Each light consists of 135/162 (depends upon model desired) Surface mounted High Powered LEDs sourced from reliable and reputed sources. (b) The LED’s are mounted on special base that places the LEDs in absolutely uniform arrangement.(as demonstrated in subsequent pages) Such an arrangement requires no additional lens or filter is to give UNIFORM light intensity. This also reduces any losses that are usually associated with lens etc. This is a UNIQUE arrangement devised by us. (c) Body is made from Aluminum with bright orange powder coating or as per specs (d) Totally sealed from moisture and dust. (e) Silicon based permanent seals are used that are durable and absorbs the expansion of material in hot weather. (f) Confirms to ICAO Annexure 14 (g) The light produced by LED’s is RED in color and no additional color filters/Lens are required. (The filters / lens absorb part of light and fade after some time) (h) Since the light produced by LED is directional in nature there are no reflectors or obstructions to reduce the dissipation of light. (i) Our External SMPS model has option to bypass external sensor so that in case there is a problem with sensor, it can just be bypassed by flick of a switch. This gives enough time for operations staff to change the light, as and when convenient. Uniform Lighting (All Models) : This is one of the two requirements of ICAO for aviation lights (the other being light intensity). Since the time, LED lights were introduced it was a challenge as to how to produce uniform intensity from directional LEDs, since the PCB’s on which these are mounted are flat. Our engineers have come out with a solution, finally!! Due to the hard nature of PCB on which LEDs are mounted, most the lights in the market have 6 or 8 faces. Since the light from LED’s is directional in nature, the light from such aviation light is not uniform but is a set of 6 or 8 streaks. However, in case of Spaceage lights, the light pattern is uniform on account of the large number of LED’s and special base on which such LEDs are mounted that is perfectly curved. If Light intensity is plotted from the centre of the light (PLAN view), then the light pattern will be as follows: COMMON FEATURES Input Voltage Protection : LEDs are known to be very sensitive to input voltage. A change of even 0.1 V to the LED can effect the performance. If the voltage is low even marginally, the intensity of light reduces exponentially. However, if the voltage is higher even marginally the LED’s life is reduced dramatically. If continuous over voltage is applied the LED turns yellow and then brown with drastic reduction in emitted light. Most of times the LED based Aviation light performs well for few days but then give reduced intensity due to this problem. Most of the manufacturers specify a fixed voltage only for their products. However in real life the voltage changes due to charging surges. In telecom sector, where the voltage is 48V, it is usual to find voltages upto 54V when the batteries are getting charged. To over come this, we supply our light with a voltage regulator that can take voltages from 42V DC to 56V DC without affecting the LED’s in any way. We also have models that work on 24VDC as well as 48V DC without any modification or jumper setting. Note : We reserve the right to revise features and cost at any time, without any prior notice.

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