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Our Complete range of products are Banana Chips and organic banana chips.

Banana Chips

Our company is amongst the prominent Banana Chips Manufacturers, Exporters, and Suppliers in India. We offer a wide variety of flavored and dried Banana Chips, made from unripe bananas. The bananas are deep-fried or dried to give a crunchy texture and make crispy Banana Chips. The Banana Chips which we offer serve as a popular snack for every occasion. Production Of Banana Chips Good large size green cooking bananas slices are cut cross wise to give circular shape. Bigger size fruits are preferred to produce large size slices. Different varieties give products of different color, flavor and taste. Crosswise slicing gives uniform, circular, attractive, product and is universally adopted for commercial production. This way as the slicing is faster the production 'increases. The steps involved in Banana Chips processing are : Selection : Good quality, green cooking bananas is preferred. Nenthran - variety is considered suitable for making chips Cutting and Peeling : Using a knife, banana bunches are separated from the main stem and individual bananas are separated from bunch. Using a hand peeler, bananas are peeled and immediately sliced cross wise into thin, round slices. (Note: As some varieties with latex cause itching or irritation during handling, it is always preferable to rub the hands with salt before peeling and slicing) Immersion in salt water : Immediately after slicing the slices are placed in salt water @ 3 to 5% of salt to the water. Added salt gets in to the slices and improves taste arid acceptability of the product. If slices are not placed in water, they turn Brown and later give an unacceptable dark product Frying : Keep a large shallow Frying Pan or wok over a suitable stove (with adjustments for flame/heat control). The frying pan should be thick bottomed and with side rings for easy handling. Good edible vegetable cooking oil is used for frying. Bring the oil to fuming hot temperature. The long spoon or ladle used for taking out the fried chips from the wok can be either a big perforated one, of 8 to 12 inches in diameter and with long handle or of a large diameter wire mesh spoon with bamboo handle. The salt soaked slices are then dropped one by one manually into the hot oil in the frying pan. Never put the slices together in clusters into the oil as the slices being starchy stick to each other and are difficult to separate later. The normal practice followed is : Holding slices in left hand and dropping in rapid succession the separated slices one by one into the hot oil, or Slices taken out from the salt solution, separated and arranged either on a cheese cloth or on the dry big spoon itself and then carefully dropped into the hot oil The frying temperature is maintained around 150 to 160'C (just fuming) and frying time around 3 - 5 minutes depending on the slice thickness. Slices are deep-fried to golden yellow color (till the bubbles seize) and taken out immediately using big perforated spoon. Over frying turns the chips dark and this will be considered an unattractive product Draining of oil : Deep fried chips are put into perforated Colander for the excess oil to drain out and later transferred to a wide plastic or aluminum tray lined with craft paper or kitchen towel which absorbs/removes excess oil in chips and product is allowed to cool Packing : Chips should never be packed while hot since hot air inside the pack condenses into water, which moistens the crisps resulting in soft, soggy chips. After cooling, chips are packed manually in plastic pouches and scaled airtight using either Hacksaw blade over candle flame or an electric impulse plastic sealer

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Banana Chips

  • Min. Order (MOQ) 500 Kilogram
  • Type Banana chips(Salt & Sweet)
  • Brand Name SRP
  • Shelf Life 4 Months
  • Color Fresh Yellow
  • Certification EIC
  • Place of Origin INDIA
  • Flavor Sweet & Salt

We offer banana chips: we have to prepare banana chips in major two varieties 1. Ripped banana 2. Unripe banana about varieties of banana chips: we have 3 major varieties of banana chips 1. Banana chips fried in coconut oil 2. Banana chips fried in palm oil 3. Sweet banana chips

Additional Information:

Payment Terms : L/C, T/T

Packaging Details : As per customer requirement

Delivery Time : 1 week

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