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Dyes & Pigments

We offer a complete product range of sunset yellow fcf, inorganic dyes, napthol dyes, Indigo Carmine and fuel dyes

sunset yellow fcf

  • Dye Content (% Min.) 12%, 22%, 28%,38%

STANDARDCON IS is specialised in manufacturing aluminium lakes of food colours to serve growing needs of FOOD, DRUGS and COSMETIC industries. we have well equipped modern laboratory for quality control of lake colours and its raw materials. This helps in meeting specific requirements of customer.Drugs & Cosmetics orange squash, orange jelly, marzipan, Swiss roll, apricot jam, citrus marmalade, lemon curd, sweets, hot chocolate mix and packet soups, trifle mix, breadcrumbs and cheese sauce mix.

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inorganic dyes

  • colors Mars Red, Yellow

Those Pigments that are made up of mineral compounds are known as to be Inorganic Pigments. These minerals are mainly oxides, sulphides of one or more than one metals. To impart colors in different compounds, inorganic pigments are applied. Inorganic pigments are considered better over their organic counterparts. These inorganic pigments can withstand the impact of sunlight and chemical exposure in better way. They have also good opacity and thus these can protect other objects by preventing the light. These pigments also increase rash inhibition, abrasion resistance and rigidity to the molecules. These pigments are available at low cost in respect to the organic pigments. These pigments have more durability. Natural Inorganic Pigments are the earth colors in natural form like ochers, umbers etc. These color pigments are extracted from the earth bed. Iron oxide and hydroxide which are present in the soil. These two compounds are responsible for the coloration of these color pigments. Clay, chalk and silica are also present in these pigments in varying quantity.

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napthol dyes

Azoic Dyes are also called as Azoic or Nepthol Dyes. These AZO Dyes consist a group i.e. called AZO group having two nitrogen atoms and this group (covalent bond) connects atomic ring compounds. The two Nitrogen atoms are bonded with each other and form -N=N- as part of their molecular structure. Azoic Dyes are found mainly in three colors and these are red, brown and yellow. Aromatic amines are the chemicals from which these dyes are manufactured.

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Indigo Carmine

  • Dye Content (% Min.) 12%, 22%, 30%
  • Food Colour No. Blue 1

Drugs & Cosmetics, Baked goods, cereals, snack foods, ice cream, confections, cherries, blancmange, biscuits and sweets. It is also used diagnostically to check for coloured urine in kidney function tests.

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fuel dyes

Fuel dyes are the dyes that are added to the fuels. In some nations specially European it is mandatory to dye a low-tax fuel. This helps in checking its use in applications that are intended for higher-taxed ones. While the untaxed fuels are known as "dyed", those that are taxed are typically referred as "clear". To give an example, in U.K. the "red diesel", gas oil applied for heating purposes is inexpensive than the heavier-taxed diesel fuel, but it has a different fraction, and comes with more sulphur content. Therefore using it in diesel engines is a damaging proposition both environmentally and financially, as less money to the tax collectors. That is the reason authorities want to deter it at any cost and addition of Fuel dye is one of the methods to stop such malpractice.

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