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Online TDS Payment Services

We offer clients competent service support for filing of Online TDS Payment Services. It is submitting TDS through electronics means and has emerged as convenient modes of collection of tax affected at the source from assessed in India. Here, in events where specified income is generated as per the Income-tax Act, the payer of such income needs to deduct stipulated percentage of such income through Income-tax and pay balance amount to the recipient. This dedicated tax is deducted at source by payer and is deposited in Government treasury through the means of eTDS. eTDS is deducted from income of recipient as payment of Income-tax by recipient at time of assessment.

There are several listed income sources that are subjected to tax deduction at source and is presently also used as instrument to enlarge tax base like –

  • Salary
  • Interest/Dividend
  • Interest on securities
  • Winnings from lottery
  • Commission & brokerage
  • Rent
  • Fees for professional & technical services

As a form of Advance tax paid to government, E-TDS returns are prepared in form No. 24, 26 or 27 as per Govt. of India Income Tax Act. Under this act, all Government & Corporate deductors/collectors need to file TDS (Income Tax Deducted at Source) returns on electronic media. Here, our expertise lies in providing services in preparation of e-TDS through –

  • Quarterly returns
  • Annual filings
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Computerized Bookkeeping And Accounting Services

Here’s how it could benefit your business too:

  • Create branded invoices and quotes
  • Quickly generate and customise professional invoices and quotes, then send them by email.
  • Get things done when you are on the go
  • Access real-time customer information and send estimates or invoices from your iPad, iPhone or Android device.
  • Connect to your business bank account
  • Automatically import and reconcile bank account transactions from major banks.

QuickBooks Online is # 1 cloud accounting solution for small business worldwide* 

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Income Tax Return Filing Services

The Ministry of Finance notified new Return Forms for the AY 2020-21, whereby firms who are liable for tax audit under s.44AB of the Income Tax Act 1961 and Corporate taxpayers mandatory to file their return electronically under digital signature. All other categories of taxpayers (other than charitable trusts, institutions, etc.) could file the return in a paper form or electronically, or in a bar-coded return form. Individual and HUF taxpayers were required to furnish only that information with regard to transactions, which were reported through Annual Information Returns (AIR). CBDT Introduces New Series of Forms for Filing of Income Tax Return for the Assessment Year 2020-21 The Forms for Return of Income are assessment year specific. For the assessment year 2020-21, the Central Board of Direct Taxes have introduced the following eight Return Forms under a new series.
Last year, electronic filing was made compulsory for corporate tax-payers. E-filing of corporate returns has been a resounding success. Therefore, it is important to carry forward this successful initiative. In the Budget Speech – 2007, the Finance Minister had announced that electronic filing of returns would be made mandatory for more categories of taxpayers. Accordingly, for assessment year 2009-10, it would be mandatory for firms liable to tax audit under section 44AB to file their returns electronically. Corporate taxpayers and such firms may either file their return electronically under digital signature or may transmit the data of the return electronically and thereafter submit a one page verification Form which contains a summary of the return transmitted electronically.
All other categories of taxpayers (other than charitable trusts, institutions, etc.) will have the option to file the return in a paper form or electronically, as mentioned above, or in a bar-coded return form. Last year, the Government had introduced a cash flow statement for Individuals and HUFs. However, in response to representations against the cash flow statement, the same has been withdrawn. Individual and HUF taxpayers would now be required to furnish only information with regard to transactions which are reported through Annual Information Returns (AIR).


ITR 1 (Sahaj) Return of income for individuals having income from Salary/ Pension/ family pension and interest.


Return of income for individuals and HUFs not having income from business or profession.


Return of income for individuals/HUFs being partners in firms and not carrying out business or profession under any proprietorship.


Return of income for individuals and HUFs having income from a proprietory business or profession.

ITR 4S (Sugam)

Presumptive business income tax return


Combined form for return of income (Including Fringe Benefit Tax Return) For firms, AOPs and BOIs


Combined form for return of income (Including Fringe Benefit Tax Return) for companies other than companies claiming exemption under section 11.


Combined form for return of income and fringe benefits for Charitable / religious trusts, political parties and other non- profit organizations.

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Pan Card Registration Services

We offer clients services for getting Pan (Permanent Account Number). It is required as per the latest requirement of Income Tax Act. PAN is a number that is used by Income Tax Department for identifying a person as well as through this number get complete information about the assessed person. As a 10 digit alphanumeric number, it comes printed on laminated card and features information like PAN number, name of applicant, father’s name, date of birth and also carries passport size photo for identification purposes.

PAN number has replaced General Index Registrar (GIR) Number which is provided by assessing officer to assessed and contains details of assessing officer. Based on the section 139A of Income Tax Act, 1961, PAN is required for the following:

  • For filing income tax returns
  • For undertaking any correspondence with income tax department
  • For submitting challans for payment of tax levied to the department
  • For conducting verification of identity of assessed in income tax department
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TDS Return Filing Services

TDS Filing: Eligibility, Filing Process, Due Dates, Revised TDS Return, TDS refund

Any person or business who deducts TDS needs to file TDS return, It is filed with Government every quarter, the purpose of it is to inform on the TDS deducted on the payments made by deducter and also and the TDS deposited by deducter in particular quarter. TDS return is filed online. TDS refund is possible only id compliance of filing is completed by party deducting TDS. The smart way is to consult your Chartered Accountant to ensure you are complying with TDS law and getting your TDS refund in a correct manner.


TDS Provision compliance

TDS you pay every month, you receive a challan, this Tds paid Challan is useful at the time of return filing, where you give details on tds deducted and paid by you. TDS filing every quarter is mandatory, The Return form of TDS is prescribed by the Government. The filing has to be done as per TDS due dates specified. Non-filing of return as per TDS provisions attracts penalty. Noncompliance to file TDS provisions gets reported to authorities through financial reporting. The objective is to keep a check on TDS payment status and compliance with the provision of TDS also TDS refund is possible only when filing compliances are complete. TDS refund can be claimed through filing ITR only if your tax computation shows that excess tax has been deducted in your case. Consult a Chartered Accountant to get help on TDS matters


How to know if TDS deducted has been deposited after deduction ?

If your tds has been deducted, you can check the same online through form 26AS in income tax India Government website


Types of TDS Return Forms

  • TDS Return Form 24Q : Form 24Q is filed in case TDS is being deducted from salary. An employer files it. TDS return form 24q contains the detail information of salary paid and credited to the account of the employee along with the TDS deducted and payment details of the same.
  • TDS Return Form 26QB : On payment being made for the transfer of immovable property, if tds is being deducted Form 26 Q is filed in that case.
  • TDS Return Form 27Q : If a payment to non-resident required TDS deduction. In this case, TDS filing is done through form 26QB.
  • TDS Return Form 26Q : TDS return form 26Q is filed for any other case like interest payment, commission payment, professional fees payment, contractual payment etc.


Documents Required for filing e-TDS Return

  • PAN card
  • TDS certificates (if TDS has been deducted by other)
  • Payment details like TDS challan date, number, bsr code and tds challan amount
  • In response to a notice received from the Department of Income Tax – You need the details of Original return/details of notice.
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15CA-15CB Certificate Services

Any payment or any remittance is done to a Non-resident is subject to many rules and regulations. Initially, when an individual user to make payment or remittance to Non-Resident, he was bound to furnish a certificate in a standard format specified by RBI. The purpose behind collecting the taxes at the time of the remittance is to avoid a situation where it becomes difficult or impossible to collect the tax from the NRI later.


Now in order to check and track the transactions in a well- manner, re-filling of data in the certificates is introduced.


Section 195 of the Income tax act, 1961 makes it compulsory to deduct the Income-tax from payments made to Non-Resident. The person making payment/ remittance to non – resident holds the responsibility to furnish an undertaking (in form 15CA) attested by a Chartered Accountants Certificate in Form 15CB. So when a person has to make any payment or remit any money to non-resident, the bank will have to verify the payment of tax and act accordingly.


For the deduction of tax, there are certain tax slabs, formed for different specific amounts on which tax is levied and two Forms, Form 15CA, and Form 15CB for two different cases, which has to be submitted online duly filled.


The Form 15CA has to be furnished online by a person making any remittance of foreign nature to a non-resident. The Form 15CB regulates the tax deduction as per the income tax rules and also prohibits the double tax provision. The filing of Form 15CB requires an attestation from a chartered accountant.

In Form 15CB, we are required to mention information like details of the remittee, details of the remitter, nature of remittance including royalty, salary, commission etc, Tax Residency Certificate and Bank details of the remitter from the remitter in the case of DTAA (Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement).


Documents required for Form 15CA and 15 CB:-

Details of Remitter :

  • Remitter’s Name
  • Remitter’s Address
  • Remitter’s PAN Number
  • Principal Place of Business of the Remitter
  • E-Mail Address and Phone No. Of Remitter
  • Status of the Remitter (Firm/Company/Other)


Details of Remittee :

  • Name and Status of the Remittee
  • Address of the Remittee
  • Principal Place of Business
  • Country of the Remittee


Details of the Remittance :

  • Country to Which Remittance Is Made
  • Currency in Which Remittance Is Made
  • Amount of Remittance in Indian Currency
  • Proposed Date of Remittance
  • Nature of Remittance as Per Agreement (Invoice Copy to Be Asked From Client)


Bank Details of the Remitter :

  • Name of Bank of the Remitter
  • Name of Branch of the Bank
  • BSR Code of the Bank


Others :

  • Father’s Name of the Signing Person
  • Designation Of The Signing Person
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ROC Filing Services

According to companies act, it is mandatory for every company to file an annual return. If you are seeking professional assistance for doing the same, look no further than SJ&A. Ours is a Baghpat (Uttar Pradesh, India) based service provider agency and can be trusted for carrying out each and every aspect of your ROC filing needs. We render services in accordance to the stated industry norms. Clients can contact us anytime for further discussion.



ROC filings are the compliances which are to be done by every company under Companies Act. As per The Companies Act, there are sure compliances that are to be documented by the Private Limited Company or any Company besides. The ROC filings are important and cannot be skipped else the ministry can impose high penalty form non-filing.



As every company have to intimate the ROC about the income and expenditure and information regarding its shareholders, meetings, any kind of change in the Company during the Financial year etc. and to make company free from non-compliances, ROC filings are must. If any Company fails to do so then a heavy penalty will be imposed for non-filing.



There are different types of forms for ROC filing which are as follows :

  • ADT-1 : Details for appointment of auditor shall be filed with this form.
  • AOC-4: Financial statements of the Company shall be filed in this form.
  • MGT-7 : Annual Return of the Company shall be filed in this form.



The due date for ROC filing forms is differently described by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. The due dates are:

  • ADT-1: This form is to be filed within 15 days from the date of conclusion of Annual General Meeting.
  • AOC-4: This form is to be filed within 30 days from the date of conclusion of Annual General Meeting.
  • MGT-7: This form is to be filed within 60 days from the date of conclusion of Annual General Meeting.
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Payroll Processing Service

Payroll processing is an important function for any business organization. It requires specialized knowledge and a clear understanding of the laws applicable in payroll processing. We provide a wide-range of payroll services to our clients. Our approach to payroll services involves appropriate planning for salary structure self serviced online access to employees and support to the organization from start to finish. Whether you’re a small business or a mid-sized business owner with payroll processing, tax filing and HR management, we have a comprehensive and affordable solution for you. We have a pan-India presence that enables us to serve the clients across the country.

Our services mainly include –
Payroll Processing

  • Assistance in statutory compliances in relation to payroll services.
  • Assistance in tax issues related to payroll of individuals.
  • Personal employee support services concerning their payroll matters.
  • We can customize our services to meet your particular requirements and can address your queries related to payroll matters. Our dedicated team of experienced professionals with extensive knowledge of methods relating to payroll processing can provide you with a full-fledged payroll services for all your employees and your top management.
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Import – Export Code Registration Services


  • No export or import shall be made by any person without an Importer Exporter Code (IEC) Number unless specifically exempted. An Importer/Exporter Code (IEC) number shall be granted on application to the competent authority.
  • An application for grant of IEC number shall be made by the Registered/Head Office of the applicant to the licensing authority concerned in the form specified and shall be accompanied by documents prescribed therein.
  • An Import Export Code No allotted to an applicant shall be valid for all its branches/divisions/units/factories as indicated on the IEC number.
  • Where an IEC Code/ Import Export Code No is lost or misplaced, the issuing authority may consider requests for grant of a duplicate copy of IEC number, if accompanies by an affidavit.
  • If an IEC holder does not wish to operate the allotted IEC number, he may surrender the same by informing the issuing authority. On receipt of such intimation, the issuing authority shall immediately inform all the RBI/Customs/Licensing authorities that the said IEC number has become inoperative.
  • If there is any change in the name/address or constitution of IEC holder/licensee/Actual User eligible for import without a licence/recognised status holders, as the case may be, shall cease to be eligible to import or export against the licence/IEC Number or any other facility permitted under the Policy and Handbook, after expiry of 60 days from the date of such change in his name or constitution, unless in the meantime, the IEC holder/licensee/status holders has got the consequential changes effected in the IEC number/licence or the recognition certificate, as the case may be, by the concerned licensing authority. the Actual User has got the consequential changes effected from the concerned authority in the Industrial Licence issued by the Secretariat for Industrial Assistance (Ministry of Commerce and Industry) or Certificate of Registration as an Actual User issued by Director of Industries of the State Government or has received an acknowledgement for filing of a memorandum with the Secretariat for Industrial Assistance. Provided, however, the licensing authority issuing the IE Code may, condone the delay on payment of a penalty of Rs.5000/-.
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MSME Udyog Aadhar Registration Services

UdyogAadhar is to simplify the process for the business owners to register their business under Micro Small Medium Enterprise or MSME.


UdyogAadhar Registration Benefits :

  • Easily Open Current Account
  • Tax Benefits
  • Tax Apply Govt. Tenders Easily
  • Easy to get bank loan
  • Tax Protection Against delayed payment
  • Concession in Electricity Bills
  • Octroi benefits
  • Reduced rate of interest from banks
  • Eligible for IPS subsidy
  • 50% subsidy for patent registration
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DSC Services

Digital signature certificate aka DSC is a secure digital key that certified the identity of the holder. It is issued by a certifying authority with one year validity and two year validity. If you are seeking professional assistance for acquiring any class of DSC without hassles, then come directly to SJ&A. We are based in Baghpat (Uttar Pradesh, India) and can be your trusted partner for acquiring DSC in less time.


What is Digital Signature !

  • A Digital Signature Certificate, like hand written signature, establishes the identity of the sender filing the documents through internet which sender can not revoke or deny. Accordingly, Digital Signature Certificate is a digital equivalent of a hand written signature which has an extra data attached electronically to any message or a document.
  • Digital Signature also ensures that no alterations are made to the data once the document has been digitally signed. A DSC is normally valid for 1 or 2 years, after which it can be renewed
  • A Digital Signature is a method of verifying the authenticity of an electronic document.
  • Digital signatures are going to play an important role in our lives with the gradual electronization of records and documents.
  • The IT Act has given legal recognition to digital signature meaning, thereby, that legally it has the same value as handwritten or signed signatures affixed to a document for its verification.
  • The Information Technology Act, 2000 provides the required legal sanctity to the digital signatures based on asymmetric cryptosystems. The digital signatures are now accepted at par with handwritten signatures and the electronic documents that have been digitally signed are treated at par with paper documents.


There are following types of Digital Signatures :-

Class 2 Digital Signature Certificates for Income Tax Return e-filing, ROC / MCA 21

  • Class 2  Digital signature certificates are issued to Individual or organization for various purposes. Class 2 A digital signatures for individuals is personal certificate that provides second highest level of assurance within the RCAI hierarchy setup by CCA ( Controller of Certifying Authorities) in India which is mainly used for MCA21, ROC, Income Tax e-filing, sign a word or excel file, sign e-mail sent through Outlook and many more !!
  • Class 2 Digital Signature are used by Chartered Accountants or Company Secretary for their clients, for himself, for existing directors, for new company incorporation, for practicing CA or CS or ICWA.


Class 3 Digital Signature Certificates for e-Tendering / e-Procurement/e-Bidding/e-Ticketing/e-Auction/e-Bidding

  • Class 3 a/b digital signature certificates are issued to Individual or organization for various purposes. Class 3 A/B digital signatures for individuals/Organization is certificate that provides highest level of assurance within the RCAI hierarchy setup by CCA ( Controller of Certifying Authorities) in India which is mainly used for e-tendering or e-procurement or e-bidding.
  • To participate in the e-tendering process, every vendor is required to use a Class 3B Digital Signature Certificate. Class 3 Digital Signatures are issued to individuals, organizations and devices and applicable for personal and commercial use. Typically, they are used for Electronic Data Exchange ( EDI ) , internet banking/broking-tendering and other web-based transactions where confidentiality and authenticity are critical.     


What is the difference between Class 3 Digital Signature issued to Individuals or Organizations ?

  • Individual ( Class 3 a Digital Signature Certificates) : Class 3a Individual certificates issued to individuals or devices and encompass primarily high end security-sensitive online activity.
  • Organization ( Class 3b Digital Signature certificates) : Class 3b Organization certificates those are used for signing, encryption, electronic access control, e-commerce, and online financial transactions that require a strong  assertion of the customer's identity. The validation procedures for class 3 Organization  certificates includes confirmation that the org. does in fact exist, authorization from the org. for the certificate applicant.


DGFT Digital Signature Certificates for Importers-Exporters

DGFT Digital Signature is one of the many types of Digital Signature Certificates which is only provided by two certifying authorities ( CA) in India i.e. (n)Code Solutions & Safe Scrypt. Safe Scrypt launch this product with name Safe EXIM or Safeexim or Safe-Exim where as (n)Code Solutions launch this with name (n)exim  or (n)Exim or (n) Exim.

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Computerised Accounting And Book Keeping

We provide Computerised Accounting and Book keeping services through Quickbooks, Tally software etc.
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