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We offer a complete product range of Roller encoder units, SKF Handbooks, sowing machine, hydraulic nuts and Sensor bearing units

Shaft Alignment Tool TKSA 11

New technology makes shaft alignment easier and more affordableThe SKF TKSA 11 is an innovative shaft alignment tool that uses smartphones and tablets and intuitively guides the user through the shaft alignment process. With a focus on the core alignment tasks, the TKSA 11 is designed to be a very easy-to-use instrument is especially suitable for alignment learners and compact applications. The SKF TKSA 11 is the first instrument on the market that uses inductive proximity sensors, enabling accurate and reliable shaft alignment to be affordable for every budget.
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Shaft Alignment Tool TKSA 51

The intuitive and affordable laser shaft alignment systemThe TKSA 31 is SKFs most affordable solution for easy laser shaft alignment. The ergonomic display unit with touch screen makes the instrument very easy to use and the built-in machine library helps storing alignment reports for multiple machines. Large sized laser detectors in the measuring heads reduce the need for pre-alignments and the embedded soft foot tool helps establish the foundation for a successful alignment. Additional functions such as live view and automatic measurement support fast and effective alignment tasks and make the TKSA 31 an innovative laser shaft alignment tool that is affordable for almost every budget. Easy measurements can be performed by using the well-known three position measurement (9-12-3 oclock) with additional positioning flexibility of 40 around each measurement position.High affordability is achieved by focussing on the standard shaft alignment process and essential functions to allow quick and effective shaft alignments."Automatic measurement enables hands-free measurements by detecting the position of the heads and only taking a measurement when the heads are in the right position.Automatic reports are generated after each alignment and can be customised with notes about the application. All reports can be exported as pdf files.Live view supports intuitive measurements and facilitates horizontal and vertical machine position corrections.The machine library gives an overview of all machines and alignment reports. It simplifies the machine identification and improves the alignment workflow.
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Thermal Cameras

Detect hot spots before they cause troubleUsing an SKF Thermal Camera is a proactive way to help you detect problems before they occur, increasing uptime and improving safety. They allow you to be able to visualise potential problems, invisible to the naked eye, by presenting a picture of the heat distribution of an asset. The thermal image, presented on a large LCD screen, shows you where the temperature is either too hot or too cold allowing you to pinpoint potential problems fast.
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Detect hot spots before they cause troubleSince the dawn of the industrial age, temperature has been used to give an indication of machine condition. Technicians know that abnormal temperatures often indicate a potential problem. Depending on the situation, sometimes just feeling the machine with the back of your hand can help you determine if the temperature is within acceptable limits; of course this method has severe safety limitations especially with rotating machinery and electrical equipment! To obtain a more quantifiable indication of temperature, direct contact thermometers are often used; a safer method than using the back of your hand, but with some similar safety concerns. Infrared thermometers are often used for hazardous and difficult to access applications. However, infrared thermometers measure the average temperature of an area and, for accurate measurements, the user often has to be close to the application. Thermography allows you to visualise heat. The applications infrared radiation is converted by a thermal camera to a visual image.
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Hydraulic Pump With Large Oil Container 100 MPa

Large oil container 100 MPa - (14 500 psi)The TMJL 100 pump is suitable for use with hydraulic nuts (smaller than or equal to HMV 92E) and for mounting and dismounting bearings or components where a maximum pressure of 100 MPa (14 500 psi) is required. The pump is supplied with 3 000 mm (118 in) pressure hose, quick connect coupling and mating nipple, and pressure gauge. The pump is filled with SKF mounting fluid LHMF 300 and is supplied with an extra litre of fluid. Oil container capacity 800 cm (48 in.)Fitted with a pressure gauge Packed in a sturdy protective case
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Roller Encoder Units

SKF roller encoder units are plug-and-play sensor bearing units designed for applications with outer ring rotation. The encoder units incorporate a sealed 6201 SKF Explorer deep groove ball bearing. They can be easily integrated into pulleys, cams, rollers or wheels to provide a compact outer ring rotation encoder assembly (fig. 1). The sealed bearing is lubricated for the life of the bearing. On request, SKF can supply roller encoder units complete with customized gears, wheels or pulleys. Basic data for the SKF roller encoder unit are listed in table 1. For detailed specifications, contact the SKF application engineering service.
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SKF Engineering Calculator

FactsLanguage: EnglishFormat: Web applicationProduct platform: Bearing, units and housings
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SKF Handbooks

This section of the bookstore offers a selection of handbooks published by SKF Group, covering a range of product areas and subject matters.
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Sowing Machine

ollowing long periods of inactivity, seeding planters are pressed into intensive service in harsh conditions. The bearings that enable them to sow effectively are subject to the ingress of dirt, dust, detergents and moisture. All of these contaminants can lead to bearing failures and costly, unplanned downtime. To ensure the highest profit margins, seeding planters must also perform as precisely as possible. Computer-assisted actuation systems can enable such precision, but these components must resist the toughest field
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Oil Injectors

The 226400 E series is suitable for many applications using the SKF oil injection method. The injector is supplied with an oil reservoir in a compact carrying case. The injector can be mounted directly onto the work piece or connected to an adapter block to make a floor standing model, making it easy to connect pressure gauges and high pressure pipes. For applications where 400 MPa (58 000 psi) is required, the SKF 226400 E400 is available.
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Hydraulic Nuts

  • Size diameters from 50 to 1 000 mm
  • Brand Name SKF
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Electro-mechanical Single Point Automatic Lubricant Dispenser

Automatic lubricant dispenser TLMR seriesSKF Automatic Lubicant Dispenser TLMR series - Electro-mechenical single point automatic lubricators A special bracket makes TLMR easy to mount onto a surfaceA special bracket makes TLMR easy to mount onto a surfaceThe cartridges are easily replaceableThe cartridges are easily replaceableThe SKF Automatic Lubricant Dispenser is a single point automatic lubricator designed to supply grease to a single lubrication point. With a relatively high pressure of 30 bars, this lubricator can operate at long distances providing optimum results with difficult-to-reach and unsafe lubrication locations. With a wide temperature range and robust design, the TLMR lubricator is suitable for operating conditions with various levels of temperature and vibration.
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Sensor Bearing Units

SKF sensor bearing units are used to accurately monitor the status of rotating or linear components. These units are:compact robust and reliable simple and ready to mount
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New Machine Development

Design problems are usually difficult to find but easy to fix. After a product launch they are easy to find but expensive to fix. SKF Engineering Constancy Services can help to reduce total costs by shortening the development time and getting the machine design right from the start.
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Thermal Camera TKTI 31

High-resolution thermal camera for plant and building inspectionsInfrared thermal imaging from SKF Thermal imager TKTI 31 Thermal camera TKTI 31 Thermal camera TKTI 31 - IP54IP54: Water splash and dust protectedPlant and building inspectors can quickly and easily detect troublesome hot and cold spots with the user-friendly SKF Thermal Camera TKTI 31. Equipped with a high-resolution thermal detector of 380 x 280 pixels and a visual camera, the TKTI 31 caters to a wide range of applications. A high thermal sensitivity of just 0.06 C allows small temperature differences to be clearly displayed. A wide temperature measurement range of 20 to +600 C (212 to 1 112 F) makes the TKTI 31 suitable for many proactive maintenance programmes and high temperature applications.High thermal sensitivity enables applications, such as air ingress and building moisture, to be easily visualised where small temperature variations matter.Visual and audible temperature limit alarm function alerts the user to abnormal conditions.
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High value information direct from the expert!Webinar attendee These live, on-line events allow SKF subject specialists to deliver their valuable knowledge and experience, at first-hand, directly to your desktop. You have the choice to participate using VoIP, or by telephone connection. For VoIP a computer headset is recommended. For telephone connection a wide range of national telephone numbers is offered.
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Track Rollers

Track rollers are designed to run on all types of tracks and to be used in cam drives, conveyor systems, etc. The outer ring running surface is crowned as standard. With the exception of single row cam rollers, track rollers are also available with a cylindrical (flat) outer ring running surface. SKF supplies track rollers greased, sealed and ready-to-mount. They are available in many different types and designs and for a wide variety of operating conditions and applications. The assortment includes: cam rollers (yoke-type track rollers based on ball bearings, fig. 1, fig. 2)support rollers (yoke-type track rollers based on roller bearings, fig. 3)cam followers (stud-type track rollers based on roller bearings, fig. 4)
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Disc Harrows

A tough row to hoeWhether cultivating soil or chopping weeds, disc harrows have to slice through a punishing mix of soil, dust and more. While in operation, disc harrow bearings must withstand exposure to these materials as well as heavy loads and shock loads. During washdowns, bearing seals need to keep water and detergents out, and lubricants in. Easier with SKFRobust seal designs and relubrication-free bearing units from SKF can help make disc harrows more reliable and easier to maintain, benefiting farmers and manufacturers alike. Integrated seals and bearing designs help streamline assembly in the factory as well as installation times in the field.
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Bearing Units

SKF bearing units typically consist of a housing, bearing, seal, lubricant and shaft locking mechanism. The units are preassembled and adjusted at the factory. These ready-to-mount units are available with either ball or roller bearings.In addition to standard all-steel units, SKF has a selection of products that target particular industries, such as the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries where, for example, special materials, lubricants, seals and housings are needed to meet application performance and environment needs.
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Bearing Accessories

To complement our bearings, SKF supplies a wide assortment of bearing accessories, such as adapter sleeves, withdrawal sleeves and lock nuts. Seals and bearing housings are covered in their own sections. The accessories covered in this section include sleeves and lock nuts, used for locating and locking bearings in position on a shaft. You can find the products you need by
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Engineered Products

Based on our standard bearings and bearing units, these products incorporate special features for use in specific applications. Properly applied, these make costly customized bearingsunits unnecessary and, because they are generally available from stock, they can also greatly reduce lead times.
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