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We offer a complete product range of Coaxial Cable, Thermocouple Cable, fibre glass flexible cable, Thermocouple Extension Cables and Compensating Cables

Coaxial Cable

We offer a massive range of premium quality Flexible Coaxial Cables, which are used for mainly transmitting High Frequency signals and data ensuring low loss and without Phase & Amplitude disturbance of signals. The Insulated Coaxial Cables are insulated by premium quality insulating materials with High Dielectric constant wrapped at different levels. Consequently, we are a well-known Coaxial Cables Manufacturer based in India. We are also among the prominent Exporters of superior quality Flexible Insulated Coaxial Cables from India. Coaxial cables consist of an inner conductor surrounded by insulating material with High Dielectric constant, all of which is again covered by another conductive material (Braiding of Conductive Metal or Wrapping of thin metallic film) and then finally covered with insulating material. Coaxial cables are used to transmit various High Frequency signals and data with low loss and without Phase & Amplitude disturbance of signals. Coaxial cable provides protection of signals and data from External electromagnetic interference and effectively moves signals and data with low emission along the length of cable, therefore, Coaxial cables are best solution to minimize the losses of signals in High Frequency Transmission. We make coaxial cables consisting a Core Conductor ( Solid or Multi-strand ) surrounded by best dielectric constant material PTFE ( Poly Tetra Fluoro Ethylene ) and over the insulated core Single or Double Braiding of Metal ( Normally, Silver Plated Copper) and finally overall PTFE dielectric. We follow MIL-C-17 and JSS-51100 Specification to make coaxial cables. We offer RF cables like RG 187, RG 188, RG 195, RG 196, RG 393, RG 400 etc. as well as cables as per customer specification and requirement.

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Thermocouple Cable

In 1821 Thomas Seeback discovered that if a circuit is formed using two dissimilar metal conductors with one junction at a higher temperature than the other then a difference in temperature creates a small current (EMF) within the circuit. The resultant EMF (Electro Motive Force) is proportional to the temperature difference between the junction and is measured in millivolt.There are several different recognized thermocouple types available. Each type has different temperature ranges as well as different recommended applications. For connecting the thermocouples to the temperature indicators Extension and Compensating cables are used. Extension Cables  are manufactured from conductors having the same nominal composition as well as the same emf output as those of the corresponding thermocouple. Letter ‘X’ following the designation of the thermocouple, e.g. KX, denotes these cables. Compensating Cables  are manufactured from conductors having different composition from the corresponding thermocouple but have similar emf output over a limited temperature range (generally 200°C). Letter ‘C’ following the designation of the thermocouple, e.g. ‘KC’, denotes these cables. We manufacture RTD, Thermocouple Extension and Compensating cables with the PTFE (Teflon®) and Fibre Glass Insulation. We make following constructions commonly with parallel as well as twisted form. PTFE/ PTFE PTFE/ PTFE/ SS Braided PTFE/ (SPC/ NPC/ BC) Braided/ PTFE PTFE/ PTFE/ Fibre Glass Fibre Glass/ Fibre Glass Fibre Glass/ Fibre Glass/ SS Fibre Glass/ Fibre Glass/ PTFE We manufacture the above Insulated cables as per the requirement or specifications of the customer with insulating material PTFE and Fibre Glass. We manufacture 2 Core, 3 Core, 4 Core and 6 Core  RTD cables  with above mentioned constructions using best quality Bare Copper, Silver Plated Copper and Nickel Plated Copper Conductors

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