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Leading Manufacturer, Supplier & Retailer of Sodium Silicate Powder, Precipitated Silica, Colloidal Silica and Phosphates.

Sodium Silicate Powder

We are a renowned Manufacturer and Supplier of high quality Sodium Silicate Powder, which is highly glassy, colorless and soluble in water. This Sodium Silicate Powder is formed with a combination of alkali metal oxide, silica and water. Sodium Silicate Powder finds application in various chemical industries due to its qualitative features. Attributes : Easy dissolvable Act as anti-oil agent filling agent Act as high temperature filling agent High strength Optimum quality Applications : Soap industry Detergent industry Refractory Chemical industry Light industry

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Precipitated Silica

We are engaged in offering complete range of Precipitated Silica, which is manufactured as per set industrial standards. Precipitated Silica is widely used in the various applications such as dye & pigments, cosmetic and others due to its excellent chemical and physical properties. Our experts check the range on different parameters such as purity, freshness and accurate composition. Applications : Filler for Tire Rubber industry Paint industry PVC manufacturing Thermal Insulation products Liquor industry Packaging Available In : 10 kg HDPE Bag

  • Specifications (Coated) :
    Properties Unit Specified Limit
    Appearance - White Free Flow Powder
    Moisture Content (105oC, 2 hrs) % 6 max
    Bulk Density (Tapped 50) gm/lit 80-120
    pH Value (5% aq. Slurry) - 5-7
    Oil Absorption Value % 200-250
    Si2O2 Content (Anhydrous Basis) % 98.5 min
    Carbon Content % 7 ± 0.5
    Surface Treatment - Organic
    Average Particle Size Micron 8-12
  • Specifications (Treated) :
    Properties Unit Specified Limit
    Appearance - White Free Flow Powder
    Moisture Content (105oC, 2 hrs) % 0.5 max
    Loss on Ignition (100oC, hrs.)(Anhydrous Basis) % 1.5 max
    Bulk Density (Tapped 50) gm/lit 80-120
    pH Value (4% 1:1 Methanol : Water) - 3.5-4.5
    Si2O2 Content (Anhydrous Basis) % 99 min
    Soluble Salts (Sulflates + Chlorides) % 0.50 max
    Iron Content (As FE+3) ppm 200 max
    Average Particle Size (Malvern) D50 Micron 8-12
    Behaviour with Water - Hydrophobic
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Colloidal Silica

We are a reliable Manufacturer and Exporter of Colloidal Silica, which is well-acclaimed among the clients due to its purity and high performance. The Colloidal Silica is manufactured using finest quality materials and conforms to high industrial standards. We offer Colloidal Silica at affordable prices. Appreciated For : Longevity High strength Optimum quality Purity Application : Foundry and Casting Chemicals/Products Packing Available In : 250 kg HDPE Barrels IBC Tanks ISO Bulk Tanker

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Tirupati Industries is a reputed Manufacturer, Exporter, and Supplier of Phosphates . We deal in a wide range of Phosphates that includes : Ammonium Dihydrogen Orthophosphate (Ammonium Phosphate Monobasic) OR Mono Ammonium Phosphate (MAP)...... Di-Ammonium Hydrogen Orthophosphate (Ammonium Phosphate Dibasic) OR Di-Ammonium Phosphate (DAP)....... Potassium Di-hydrogen Orthophosphate (Potassium Phosphate Monobasic) OR Mono Potassium Phosphate (MPP)....... Di-Potassium Hydrogen Orthophosphate anhydrous (Potassium Phosphate Dibasic) OR Di-Potassium Phosphate (DPP)........ Sodium Di-hydrogen Orthophosphate, Anhydrous OR Sodium Phosphate Monobasic Anhydrous OR Sodium Acid Phosphate OR Mono Sodium Phosphate, Anhydrous (MSP)....... Di-sodium Hydrogen Orthophosphate, Anhydrous OR Sodium Phosphate Dibasic OR Di-sodium Phosphate, Anhydrous (DSP)....... Tri-sodium Hydrogen Orthophosphate (Anhydrous) Sodium Phosphate Tribasic OR Tri-sodium Phosphate, Anhydrous (TSP) Tetra Sodium Pyrophosphates, Anhydrous (TSPP) Sodium Tri polyphosphate, Anhydrous (STPP) Sodium Hexameta Phosphate, Anhydrous (SHMP) Super Phos (SP) Silica phosphate Silica nitrobenzene Silica potash Silica antifungal Aluminium phosphate Trialuminium Phosphate Uses of Phosphates DI-SODIUM PHOSPHATE : Sequestrant, emulsifier & buffer in foods. As mordant in dying, for weighing silk, in tanning, in manufacturing of enamels, ceramics, detergents, boiler compounds, as fire proofing agent, in soldering & brazing instead of borax, as reagent & buffer in analytical chemistry. MONO SODIUM PHOSPHATE : In baking powders, in boiler water treatment, as dry acidulate & sequestrant for foods, Tidridge Pals. TRI SODIUM PHOSPHATE : In photographic developers, clarifying sugar, removing boiler scale, softening water, manufacturing paper, laundering tanning leather, in detergent mixture. MONO POTASSIUM PHOSPHATE : In buffers for determination of PH DI POTASSIUM PHOSPHATE : Buffering agent in antifreeze solution, nutrient in culturing of antibiotics, Ingredient of instant fertilizers, as sequestrant in the preparation of non-dairy powdered coffee creams. MONO AMMONIUM PHOSPHATE : As baking powder with sodium bicarbonate, in fermentations (yeast cultures, etc ); fireproofing of paper, wood, fiberboard etc. DI-AMMONIUM PHOSPHATE : Fireproofing textiles, paper, wood & vegetable fibers; impregnating lamp wicks; preventing after glow in matches; flux for soldering tin, copper, brass & zinc; purifying sugar; in yeast cultures; in dentifrices; in corrosion inhibitors; in fertilizers. SODIUM HEXAMETA PHOSPHATE : In water softeners & detergents; leather tanning, dyeing, laundry work, textile processing, "threshold treatment" of softening industrial water supplies.

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