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  • 3 Phase Test and Production Separators

    Products > 2 Phase & 3 Phase Test & Production Separators We offer top quality 2 Phase & 3 Phase Separators for high and low ...

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  • High Pressure Reactors

    Our High Performance Agitator Reactors are designed using Magnetic drive couplings or Conventional Single / Double Mechanical Seals depending on the application. We have designed and manufactured Reactor Systems with External / Internal coils for ...

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  • TEG Dehydration Unit

    Triofab's Gas Dehydration units successfully removes water vapor from natural gas stream to an outlet water content meeting stringent pipeline specifications, using the absorption technique of water vapor in Triethylene Glycol [TEG]. We have the ...

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  • Heat Exchangers

    Shell and Tube heat exchangers are the most common type of heat exchanger used in oil refineries and other large chemical processes, and is suited for higherpressure applications. We manufacture different types of heat exchangers as per TEMA class R, C, & B.

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  • Pressure Vessels And Reactor Vessels

    We supply pressure vessels of varying capacity as per International codes like ASME, DIN and BS Standards for leading industries. We have manufactured pressure vessels with wall thickness up to 80 mm. Different categories of vessels manufactured by us are

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  • Distillation Columns

    Columns are mass transfer units generally used for the following applications Distillation Gas Absorption Solvent Extraction Packed Column etc. Different types of ...

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  • exhaust frames

    Exhaust Frames for Steam / Gas Turbines Triofab has had the unique opportunity of manufacturing these critical equipment for the ever green power sector. We are one of the few suppliers to be approved by GE-USA for the supply of 6FA, 9FA frames and ...

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  • surface condensers

    We have supplied several surface condensers to our valuable clients on a regular basis. The largest condenser manufactured by us to date is for Jindal Steel Works (Captive Power Plant) which comprised of 14000 tubes.

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  • Agitated Neutsche Filter

    We manufacture these equipments of varying capacity, for chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, or ganic chemical, and other allied industries. With electromechanical drive. Hydraulic lift with mechanical drive. Hydraulic lift with ...

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  • air drying plants

    We offer a complete range of desiccant dryers with capacities ranging from 125 Normal m3/hr to 5000 Normal m3/hr The design engineering and manufacturing is based on extensive field experience.   Different types of dryers manufactured by us ...

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  • rotary vacuum dryers

      RVD's have a wide range of application in pharmaceutical, dyes/dye intermediates, inorganic chemicals, agrochemicals, organic chemicals, and other allied industries.   We manufacture agitated RVD with or without internally heated ...

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  • Ribbon Blender

    We have manufactured and supplied these equipments having various capacities to various industries like cheimcal, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, fertilizer etc

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  • Rotary Leaf Filters

    These filters are used for solids separation processes having applications in the mining industry. We are regularly manufacturing and supplying these equipments along with horizontal belt filters, vacuum boxes, primary/secondary receivers, manifolds etc., to various industries having ...

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  • Pulleys

    We have supplied Vaccum Belt Filter Systems used in mining industries to companies like Hindustan Zinc, Binani etc. under the collaboration of Austin Phillipe (France).

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